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August 9, 2001

According to the UK web site of Roadrunner Records, the European release date of the forthcoming MACHINE HEAD CD, entitled Supercharger, has been set for Monday October 1st. The US release will presumably follow on Tuesday, October 2nd (as is customary with most of the label's high-profile releases),although this has yet to be officially confirmed by the label's American representatives. As previously reported, MACHINE HEAD will be filming a video for the first single off Supercharger, entitled “Crashing Around You”, this Friday, August 10th in Los Angeles with director Nathan Cox (i.e. COAL CHAMBER, DISTURBED, LINKIN PARK). In other MACHINE HEAD news, frontman Robert Flynn and guitarist Ahrue Luster will be heading off to Europe for a promo trip on Sunday, August 12th, and they will meet up again with the rest of the band in Japan for a couple more days of rehearsals before playing two Beast Feast shows, in Korea and Japan, with SLAYER, PANTERA, SEPULTURA and many others, at the end of August. Several Australian dates with SLAYER and a US tour with POWERMAN 5000 and SALIVA will follow in early September.

Finland's SENTENCED have selected producer Hiili Hiilesmaa, the man behind the group's last studio effort, Crimson, to helm the recording sessions for SENTENCED's next album, which is scheduled to be recorded at Tico-Tico Studios in Kemi, Finland in December for an early 2002 release through Century Media Records. Tentative song titles set to appear on the as-yet-untitled effort are as follows:


01. Guilt And Regret

02. As Hard As I Try

03. At Your Grave

04. You Are The One

05. Neverlasting

06. Aika Multaa Muistot (Everything Is Nothing)

07. Excuse Me While I Kill Myself

08. Losing My Faith

09. Wither

10. Blood &amp Tears

11. Man In The Bottle

Producer Ross Robinson has signed Seattle's THE BLOOD BROTHERS to his I Am label imprint through Virgin Records. Reportedly “discovered” by AMEN frontman Casey Chaos, THE BLOOD BROTHERS is a five-piece band consisting of Johnny Whitney (voice),Cody Votolato (guitar),Mark Gajadhar (drums),Jordan Blilie (voice),and Morgan Henderson (bass). The band has thus far released one full-length CD, This Adultery Is Ripe, through Second Nature Records, and are due to enter the studio shortly with Robinson to begin work on their sophomore release, which is due to be issued in early 2002.

The UK's KILL II THIS have enlisted original bassist Pete Stone as the permanent replacement for Caroline Campbell, who left the group under acrimonious circumstances earlier in the year. Stone, who filled in on bass during the band's recent supporting dates with FEAR FACTORY and festival/headline appearances in mainland Europe, is now actively involved in the writing process for KILL II THIS' fourth album, which is tentatively entitled Mass.Down.Sin.Drone and is scheduled to be recorded before the end of the year for an early 2002 release. Tentative song titles set to appear on Mass.Down.Sin.Drone include the following:


01. The Universe in a Nutshell

02. Plan B

03. Spineglass

04. Frames of Mind

05. Perspectives (From A Hierarchy Of Insecurities' Needs)

ENTOMBED have added four more dates to their upcoming UK tour. The newly added shows are as follows:


Oct. 02 – University - Manchester, UK

Oct. 03 - JB's - Dudley, UK

Oct. 04 - Woughton Ctr, - Milton Keynes, UK

Oct. 06 – Rio - Bradford, UK

Oct. 07 – Bierkeller - Bristol, UK

EMPEROR's new album, Prometheus: The Discipline of Fire &amp Demise, is now completed and is confirmed for worldwide release in October via Candlelight Records. The full track listing for the album is as follows:


01. The Eruption

02. Depraved

03. Empty

04. The Prophet

05. The Tongue of Fire

06. In the Wordless Chamber

07. Grey

08. He Who Sought the Fire

09. Thorns on my Grave


The album will be released on CD, LP and Picture Disc format. It can already be pre-ordered via the Candlelight website at:

METALLICA have reportedly filed a lawsuit against MHT Luxury Alloys, a manufacturer of wheels, over the latter company's 'Metallica' wheel, the sales of which were discontinued last year. Despite the fact that the wheel is no longer being sold, METALLICA is 'suing the company for trademark infringement because they have used the band name for automotive products in the past'.

Check out this interesting posting from MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine on the group's official web site,


“Droogies! The following is a story that you may not want to read. But if so, press on.


“Many years ago, a young kid approached me through the Internet and then at a concert or vice-versa, and we became 'kinda' friends. He had a disabled family member, if I recall, and told me that on top of this, his brother who was a civil servant used to beat him up.


“Being a soft-hearted a..hole, I took him under my wing. I started tutoring him by suggesting books for him to read to help him mature, giving him endless advice over email, helping him through the numerous boneheaded situations that he would ALWAYS get in, and never, not once, did I turn my back on him.


“He met some girl and since he had terrible problems with girls would ask me for advice here, too. I tried helping him until the one wacko girl that came along and said she would kill herself if he left, dug her claws into him.


“Now, I was no longer his mentor, I was just some guy and was wasting my time. His disrespect for the hours I spent with him helping him was shown by his never listening to what I told him, and the relentless e-mails saying how right I was, and that he should have listened.


“I even got this guy a job with a financial company in Phoenix, arranged for him to stay with a friend in San Diego, which I have lost as a friend now due to his moving in and then out, and the stupidest thing I have ever done was I let him come live me with and my family. [ I know—very stupid]


“He was supposed to only stay for a VERY short time, but naturally he did not. I tried to be good to him and understand what was happening, but I could not get a straight answer from him. A few weeks later, and after receiving numerous complaints about his work ethics from my friends at the financial company, and hearing many grumblings from my wife asking when I was going to get rid of this squatter, I asked him to go. He had the audacity to talk bad about my family and friends and it was all I could do from sending him to the hospital.


“And he had the f.cking indignation to get pissed at me.


“Now, after letting hear the record before anyone else in the world outside of the inner circle, getting him a job, letting him live with my family, turning him on to a lot of my connections in Phoenix--most notably Lance Dean, one of the engineers for The World Needs A Hero, and endless hours of mentoring, he is slagging me and saying that 'it is not worth it, delete my registration, I have been a fan for 14 years and I don't blah, blah,blah, etc.'


“You have no f.cking idea how not worth it, it was.


“Like a mindless, splotchy twit, he blamed the admins here for deleting his posts, and said no one returned his e-mail. He sent it to [email protected], or something like that and there is no such address.


“No one would go out of their way to this guy, except himself.


“To Digital01, this bridge is burned. I will save you the embarrassment by mentioning your name. One of us has to have some dignity, and since you don't, it leaves it up to me.


“I don't know how many people would have kicked your ass just to get in the front of the line to have me mentor them, let alone get them a job, AND let them live in my house.


“You really f.cked up, and if you leave, you leave. If you stay and you keep posting whining, sh.tty little things about someone (me) who treated you like family, you may just get your ass kicked on top of being asked to leave.


“I am absolutely disgusted with you and I now know why your brother kicks your ass.


“Sorry for the vent, Droogies! But the 'Dave turned his back on us'—'Dave betrayed us' crap has made me sick.


“Anyone looking for a mentor?


'Mustaine sez,

GOODBYE Digital01

San Francisco Bay Area's UNJUST are preparing to shoot the video for the track 'Come Feel Me', off the group's forthcoming Makeshift Grey CD, in late August with director Robert Poswell (i.e. THE DONNAS). Makeshift Grey is due to be released in Europe in late September through Mascot Records. A U.S. release date for the effort has not yet been set.

MULLMUZZLER, the acclaimed project featuring DREAM THEATER vocalist James LaBrie, has launched its official web site at:

The brand new MSG (MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP) CD will be titled Be Aware Of Scorpions and NOT Beware Of Scorpions, as we erroneously reported here a couple of days ago. The album, the group's first with new singer Chris Logan (ex-OUTLAW CIRCUS),is due to be released in Europe through SPV/Steamhammer Records on October 29th, and in the US on November 13th. A Japanese release date has not yet been set. Meanwhile, MSG is scheduled to head over to Japan for a handful of live dates in December. The confirmed shows are as follows:


Dec. 13 - Osaka, JAP @ On-Air

Dec. 14 - Nagoya, JAP @ Club Quattro

Dec. 16 - Yokohama, JAP @ Bay Hall

Dec. 17 - Tokyo, JAP @ Shibuya Kokaido

STAIND's scheduled show at London's Mean Fiddler on August 28th has reportedly been moved to the larger London Astoria venue as a result of a huge demand for tickets. Support at the gig will come from MY VITRIOL.

THE CULT vocalist Ian Astbury reportedly sprained his leg during the encore performance of “War” at San Francisco's Warfield Theatre on Monday, August 6th.

Defunct Swedish black metallers DISSECTION will be issuing a live video, DVD and album, entitled Live Legacy, in January 2002. In other news, DISSECTION guitarist/vocalist/leader Jon Nodtveidt is currently working on new songs in his Swedish prison cell (where he's serving a sentence for a murder conviction),with the possibility of a new DISSECTION CD surfacing sometime next year.

Photos taken at the July 27th gig of New Orleans' BLACK EARTH—a BLACK SABBATH tribute band featuring EXHORDER/FLOODGATE vocalist Kyle Thomas, FLOODGATE/SOUL IGNITION bassist Kevin Thomas and LILLIAN AXE/NEAR LIFE EXPERIENCE guitarist Steve Blaze—at Zeppelin's in Metairie, Louisiana can be viewed at this location.





AMERICAN HEAD CHARGE has just completed the music video for 'All Wrapped Up' from the band¹s debut album, The War of Art, due out August 28th on American Recordings.


Directed by Thomas Mignone (MUDVAYNE, SLIPKNOT),the 'All Wrapped Up' video blends the band's brutal and intense live performance with a disturbing story line that stars Michael Rooker of Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer fame.


According to AHC's bass player Chad Hanks, 'After seeing that movie, I walked out of the theatre feeling sick, it made such a huge impact on me. So much of that was because of Michael — he's got this great expressive face. I knew he'd be perfect for our video.'


The opening of the video sees Rooker, who is driving a van, pick up a young girl hitchhiking. The result of the encounter is frightening and unsettling.


AMERICAN HEAD CHARGE shot their performance part in a sound stage near the corner of Hollywood and Vine. 'It stunk so badly in there,' said Hanks. 'We had a pig's head, a cow's head, and a goat's head, under hot lights, from 9AM until 11PM. Plus we were covered in blood. The smell just got worse and worse.'


Whether the 'All Wrapped Up' music video gets air time on MTV remains to be seen. 'We wanted our first video to say this is what we're about,' explained vocalist Martin Cock, who wrote the lyrics to the song. 'We made it for the fans.'


A 60-second teaser clip of 'All Wrapped Up' has just launched on AMERICAN HEAD CHARGE's web site —


AMERICAN HEAD CHARGE is currently on the road causing quite a ruckus on this summer¹s Ozzfest — both with their brazen and relentlessly intense music, as well as with their extreme onstage behavior, burning the American flag and shooting off shotguns.

The first single off OZZY OSBOURNE's forthcoming Down To Earth CD, entitled 'Gets Me Through', is set to hit radio on September 4th. Down To Earth, the BLACK SABBATH singer's first solo CD in six years, will be issued on October 16th through the Epic label.

STONE TEMPLE PILOTS drummer Eric Kretz is reportedly being sued by his estranged wife, Shari W. Kretz, for allegedly breaking a promise to financially take care of her for the rest of her life. According to the suit, Shari claims she gave up her career as a fine art and commercial artist and her educational pursuits to take care of Eric, who, she claims, had promised to 'provide for all of Shari's financial support and needs for the rest of her life in the same manner that was established during the parties' relationship consistent with Eric's annual earnings and accumulations.' In addition, Shari claims to have aided Eric with everything from writing songs for STP, to helping with the artwork, music videos, and business decisions of the band, as well as serving as Eric's 'fashion consultant, confidante, business advisor, and secretary,' and having designed Eric's 'rock-n-roll look.'

BAD RELIGION mainman/vocalist Greg Graffin recently commented on the addition of drummer Brooks Wackerman to the group's line-up as a replacement for longtime skinsman Bobby Schayer, who was forced to quit the group after a career-ending shoulder injury a few months ago. According to Graffin, “we had booked a few weeks of rehearsal studio time and we were all in LA together, without a drummer. Instead of using that studio time for rehearsals, it became an audition session. The fifth person to try out for Bobby's position was Brooks Wackerman, who had been playing with SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, and THE VANDALS for a few years. His family is well-known in the percussion world, his brother Chad is one of only a few drummers to play with Frank Zappa's band. Brooks was so good, we only had to hear him play one or two songs before we knew that he was the best drummer we had ever heard! I asked him innocently: 'Do you WANT to be in BAD RELIGION, because we need a drummer for touring and recording and to be a part of this band, not just a temporary stand-in for Bobby?' When he answered YES!, we all knew we had filled Bobby's position with a mind-blowing punk drummer. With our tour postponed, and studio time booked, we were ready to start rehearsing for the new album.” BAD RELIGION's brand new CD, The Process Of Belief, the group's first to feature Wackerman and returning axeman/songwriter Brett Gurewitz will be released through Epitaph Records during the third week of October.

Australia's ASTRIAAL will be venturing south to Adelaide and Melbourne in December for two final shows until late Winter 2002. The confirmed dates and listings for ASTRIAAL performances for the remainder of 2001 are as follows:


Oct. 20 - Canberra University, AUST @ Metal For The Brain XI

Dec. 01 – Brisbane, AUST @ TBA

Dec. 07 – Adelaide, AUST @ Room 109, Raglands Hotel

Dec. 08 – Melbourne, AUST @ The Tote Hotel

Sweden's THE (INTERNATIONAL) NOISE CONSPIRACY, who are fronted by former REFUSED screamer Dennis Lyxzen, will release their new album, entitled A New Morning, Changing Weather, on October 15th in Europe through Burning Heart Records and on October 23rd in the US via the Epitaph label. Recorded over the summer with producer Jari Haapalainen, A New Morning, Changing Weather will include the following track listing:


01. A North-West Passage

02. Up For Sale

03. Bigger Cages, Longer Chains

04. Breakout 2001

05. A Body Treatise

06. Born Into A Mess

07. New Empire Blues

08. Capitalism Stole My Virginity

09. Last Century Promised

10. Dead Language Of Love

10. A New Morning, Changing Weather


In other news, THE (INTERNATIONAL) NOISE CONSPIRACY will support MANIC STREET PREACHERS on the latter act's upcoming Scandinavian tour. The dates are as follows:


Oct. 01 – Helsingfors, FIN @ Old Ice Hall

Oct. 03 – Stockholm, SWE @ Cirkus

Oct. 04 – Göteborg, SWE @ Trädgårn

Oct. 05 – Köpenhamn, DEN @ Grey Hall

Swedish pop-punkers MILLENCOLIN will collaborate with American producer Lou Giordano on the band's as-yet-untitled follow-up to the successful Pennybridge Pioneers album, which has gone gold in Australia, sold over 80,000 copies in the US (according to Soundscan) and shifted more than 300,000 copies worldwide. Lou Giordano, who hails from Boston, is known for his previous work with artists such as GOO GOO DOLLS (A Boy Named Goo),SUGAR (Cooper Blue),LIVE (Throwing Copper),SAMIAM (Clumsey),JEWEL, etc., and has a producing/recording history that dates back to the early days of the Boston hardcore/punk scene (SS DECONTROL, PROLETARIAT, LEMONHEADS, MISSION OF BURMA, etc.). He was also once the soundman for the legendary HUSKER DU. The recordings will start in mid-September at Little Big Room Studios in Stockholm Sweden, with the album scheduled for a March 2002 release through Epitaph Records in the US/continental Europe and Burning Heart Records in Sweden.

THE REIGN OF TERROR guitarist Joe Stump is putting the finishing touches to his new, all-instrumental CD, entitled 2001: A Shred Odyssey, which is scheduled to be released through Leviathan Records in October. According to an official press release from the label, the album's title track is a guitar solo that is “the 'Eruption' of shred solos.”

California stoner rock act NEBULA have expanded their line-up with the addition of guitarist Ian Ross, who was previously with ROADSAW.

THERAPY?'s upcoming single, “I Am The Money”, taken from the group's forthcoming Shameless CD, will be released in all European terriories on September 3rd. The single will contain extra tracks, including a live version of “Bad Karma”, recorded exclusively for Japanese Television during November 2000, and a four-track demo version of “Tango Romeo”, the finished version of which will appear on Shameless. Initial copies of Shameless will also contain a CD-Rom live performance of “Gimme Back My Brain”, taken from a recent party thrown by Visions magazine in Germany. Shameless is due to be released in USA/Canada on September 18th.

The reunited THE WILDHEARTS are playing the tiny Barfly club in Camden, London on Sunday, September 2nd. The show, sponsored by Kerrang! magazine, will be acoustic, and may or may not feature bassist Danny McCormack, who left the band's recent reunion tour as a result of his ongoing battle against heroin addiction.

Swedish sleaze rockers HARDCORE SUPERSTAR have reportedly completed work on their brand new studio album, due to be released before the end of the year.

NIGHTWISH's From Wishes To Eternity DVD has reportedly entered the German Music DVD Chart at position #1. It is also at position #4 in the overall DVD Chart.

THE PROJECT HATE MCMXCIX, the side project of ENTOMBED bassist Jorgen Sandstrom, have had the European release date of their forthcoming When We Are Done...Your Flesh Will Be Ours CD pushed back to August 27th through Massacre Records. A US release will likely follow a month later.

SUPERZERO, the New England-based act featuring Markus Cherone (the brother of former VAN HALEN/EXTREME vocalist Gary Cherone) on guitar, will be playing at Harpers Ferry in Allston, MA on Friday, August 17th.

Fires At Midnight, the latest CD from BLACKMORE'S NIGHT, featuring former DEEP PURPLE guitarist Ritchie Blackmore and his “companion” Candice Night, has held on to the #35 slot in the German Album charts in its fourth week of release.

GOD FORBID will launch a two-week long tour with POISON THE WELL, MARTYR AD and UNEARTH on August 24th in Quebec City. The complete list of dates is as follows:


Aug. 24 - Quebec City, QUE @ City Center

Aug. 25 – Montreal, QUE @ Salle'x

Aug. 26 – Ottawa. ONT @ Babylon Night Club

Aug. 27 – Toronto, ONT @ Kathedral

Aug. 28 - Amboy, NJ @- Krome

Aug. 29 - Wilkesbarre, PA @- Homebase

Aug. 30 - New London, CT @ El N Gee

Aug. 31 - Portland, ME @ Asylum

Sept. 01 - Worcester, MA @ Palladium

Sept. 02 - Philadelphia, PA @ Killtime

Sept. 03 - New York City, NY @ Cbgb's

Sept. 04 – Albany, NY @ Valentines

Sept. 05 - Cleveland, OH @ Blindlemon

German black metallers AGATHODAIMON are completing work on their brand new CD, entitled Chapter Three, for a November 12th release. The full track listing for the effort is as follows:


01. An Angel's Funeral

02. Spirit Soldier

03. Paradise Beyond

04. The Ending Of Our Yesterday

05. Past Shadows

06. Yesterday's Reprise

07. Departure

08. Sacred Divinity

09. Burden Of Time


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