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June 25, 2001

According to Roadrunner Records, SLIPKNOT's forthcoming Iowa CD, which is presently scheduled for an August release, will include the track “I Am Hated”, which was previously due to make an exclusive appearance on the soundtrack to the Rollerball movie remake. Moreover, the Japanese version of the CD will include a live version of “Liberate” as a bonus cut—a recording that will NOT appear on the American and European versions of the album. Therefore, the revised track listing for Iowa is as follows: ... 01. (515) 02. People = Sh.t 03. Disaster Piece 04. My Plague 05. Everything Ends 06. The Heretic Anthem 07. Gently 08. Left Behind 09. The Shape 10. I Am Hated 11. Skin Ticket 12. New Abortion 13. Metabolic 14. Iowa 15. Liberate (live) (Japan-only bonus track)

During a June 20th appearance in the studios of the Seattle station KNDD (where he was a guest alongside SPYS4DARWIN bandmate/guitarist Chris DeGarmo, formerly of QUEENSRYCHE),ALICE IN CHAINS drummer Sean Kinney rejected the persistent rumors of AIC vocalist Layne Staley's ailing health by insisting that the singer is “doing fine” and has cited the reasons for the band's self-imposed hiatus as the difficulties in “getting the guys together”. According to Kinney, “Layne really [has been] uninterested in the whole music business [going back] a few years ago. He was just like like, 'I've had enough.' He's more into camping around his house [nowadays]. His girlfriend had passed away [reportedly as a result of a heroin overdose—ed.], and I think he's not interested at this time. But at the same time, I don't think he and [ALICE IN CHAINS guitarist] Jerry [Cantrell] are willing to close the door in case we ever wanted to do anything, so everybody just goes and does their own thing.” During the same interview, the drummer reaffirmed his long-term commitment to the SPYSDARWIN project (which also features ALICE IN CHAINS bassist Mike Inez and ex-SPONGE vocalist Vin Dombroski),and indicated that the band is currently in the process of recording a full-length album, which the group is hoping to release at the end of the year.

SEPULTURA bassist Paulo Jr., guitarist Andreas Kisser and drummer Igor Cavalera have completed recording their songwriting collaboration with the Brazilian 'carioca band' O RAPPA at a Rio De Janeiro studio and are currently home in Sao Paulo preparing for the lensing of a video clip for the track “One Man Army” off the group's Nation CD, which is scheduled to take place during the coming weeks.

QUEENSRYCHE have officially signed with Sanctuary Records following their recent split with the Atlantic label. A new studio album is due to be recorded at the end of the year for an early 2002 release. Sanctuary is also rumored to be in talks with QUEENSRYCHE vocalist Geoff Tate for the release of the singer's solo product, the material for which was debuted during the eponymously-named band's debut gig at Seattle's Catwalk venue on Friday, June 1st.

Former METALLICA bassist Jason Newsted on his latest project, ECHOBRAIN, during last week's appearance on 'It's a musical record, not a heavy metal record.' Regarding the group's live show, Newsted commented: 'We have to be able to switch instruments and just let it rip. So, it's not such a formulated thing, and it can be really free. We'll let jams happen a lot.' In addition to Newsted, ECHOBRAIN includes drummer BrainSagrafina and guitarist/singer Dylan Dawkin. The group's forthcoming album, which was produced by Brian Dobbs (i.e. MANMADEGOD),features guest appearances by METALLICA guitarist Kirk Hammett, former FAITH NO MORE guitarist Jim Martin, and members of the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, with whom METALLICA collaborated for its S&ampM album and subsequent live concerts.

CROWBAR's forthcoming studio album, Sonic Excess In Its Purest Form, is due to be released through Spitfire Records in late August. As previously reported, the CD was produced by former UGLY KID JOE guitarist Dave Fortnam at his North Shore Recording Studio and it marks the debut recorded appearance with the group of former MACHINE HEAD/CRISIS drummer Tony Costanza.

GODFLESH have officially signed with Music For Nations Records after having fulfilled their obligations for the Earache label with the release of the recent retrospective CD and upcoming DVD entitled In All Languages. In a recent interview with Terrorizer magazine, GODFLESH frontman Justin Broadrick stated of the new label: “[Signing with] Music For Nations makes total sense [for a band like GODFLESH]. I think they'll do everything to let us do what we want, but expose our music to the biggest audience they can—which is all we can ask for.” GODFLESH will reportedly spend the next two months in a Welsh recording studio laying down the tracks for their forthcoming effort, the follow-up to 1999's Us And Them and the group's first with former PRONG/SWANS drummer Ted Parsons, who is now a full-time member of the band. Described by Broadrick as going “back to riffs”, the provisionally-titled Disconnect is tentatively scheduled to include the following tracks, among others: ... 01. Beyond Good &amp Evil 02. Anthem 03. Birthdeath 04. Voidhead 05. Vampire 06. For Life

Here is JUDAS PRIEST's full set list from their June 23rd 88-minute headlining appearance at Dessel, Belgium's Graspop Festival, where they performed before 15,000 (more than likely drunk) European metal maniacs: ... 01. Metal Gods 02. Heading Out To The Highway 03. A Touch Of Evil 04. Blood Stained 05. Victim Of Changes 06. One On One 07. The Ripper 08. Diamonds And Rust 09. Green Manalishi And The Two-Pronged Crown 10. Breaking The Law 11. You've Got Another Thing Comin' 12. Painkiller Encore #1 13. The Hellion / Electric Eye 14. United 15. Living After Midnight Encore #2 16. Hell Bent For Leather ... According to reports posted on the Exciter page, JUDAS PRIEST vocalist Tim “Ripper” Owens changed his stage outfit several times during the show and appeared on a bike, Halford-style, just before the last song of the regular set, “Painkiller”. ... In other JUDAS PRIEST news, the band have posted a live video of the track “One On One”, recorded during the group's live show at London's Astoria on Friday, June 15th, on their official web site for viewing in streaming video and/or free download. To see the video, click here.

After many months of contract negotiations, KILLSWITCHENGAGE have officially signed with Roadrunner Records. The band's Roadrunner debut, provisionally titled Alive Or Just Breathing, is tentatively scheduled for a February 2002 release, and it will feature between 10 and 14 songs, which are due to be recorded and mixed at Zing Studio with produced Adam D during September/October. Tentative song titles include the following: ... 01. Numbered Days 02. Transfiguration 03. Just Barely Breathing 04. Temple From The Within (a re-recorded version of the track that appeared on the group's Ferret Records debut)

LIMP BIZKIT frontman Fred Durst has posted another update on the group's activities via LB's official web site—the first time he has directly addressed the fans since the cancellation of the last five dates of the band's European tour due to his back ailments. Here is his statement in its entirety: ... “What the hell is going on? I'm now in Florida taking a little breaky break. While I was in Europe, my lower back was bugging the sh.t out of me for a few weeks. I ignored it as long as I could, but it kept getting more and more intense. I saw a back specialist in Finland and he said I had a stress fracture from bouncing and going off so hard on stage. I told the docs when I get on that stage and feel the energy from our fans I get so f.cking carried away that I have no control over what my body does. So that's when they said you have to rest for a couple weeks or risk permanent damage. So I'm here chillin' in Jacksonville getting ready to shoot [Flawless Records recording artists] PUDDLE OF MUDD's first video. I'm gonna do it here in Florida. I want to say thank you to everyone who's been giving unconditional support through all of this, and I want to say I'm sorry to the people in Europe who were let down from the cancellations. I'll make it up to you, I promise. Looks like the movie thing will be happening very soon. I'll make a website linked to this one to keep you in the loop on every little inch of progress happening throughout the filming (daily clips, behind the scenes, script dialogue, etc.). Also, LIMP BIZKIT will start pre-production for our 4th album in august. We are so f.cking ready to take you, and ourselves, on a journey that has yet to be taken. We know you're ready and so are we. You're going to be seeing a video by [Flawless Records recording artist] KENNA probably now. It's an amazing, emotional, and powerful taste of how deep and sensitive KENNA can be. He's the real deal. I would turn you on to nothing less. I miss everybody in the chat. As soon as i get somewhere with a connection I'll be in just like before. For now once a day must do. By the way, the guys who won the trip were cool as ice. I think they had a good time. We had them in our dressing room with LINKIN PARK. It was a great show too. Alright, I'll quit rambling on here. Just know that I admire the dedication you've given to us and I will deliver on every expectation. Fred.”

ENEMY, who feature in their ranks Alan Cage (ex-QUICKSAND),Eddie Nappa (ex-HANDSOME),and Troy Van Leeuwan (A PERFECT CIRCLE),have uploaded a video clip of their song 'Locust Sky' to their official web site.

TOOL will be sharing the stage with KING CRIMSON at five upcoming shows, the exact dates for which have yet to be confirmed. The cities that the pair will hit are as follows: Denver, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco (Berkeley),Los Angeles and San Diego.

SKINLAB, who are finishing up the recordings for their upcoming third full-length effort, entitled tHE reVOLTINGROOM&gt&gtdISTURBING tHE aRT oF eXPRESSION&lt&lt, at Trident Studios in San Francisco with producers Steve Evetts (i.e SEPULTURA, EARTH CRISIS) and Juan Ortega (i.e. 40 GRIT),have set up a hotline dubbed the 'reVOLTLINE' for fans to call and leave messages of anger and frustration, all of which will be used towards a bonus track that will be included on the aforementioned CD. The number to call is: 1-888-294-1342. Leave all messages after the tone. tHE reVOLTINGROOM&gt&gtdISTURBING tHE aRT oF eXPRESSION&lt&lt is tentatively due to be released on October 16th through Century Media Records.

Sweden's ARCH ENEMY will play the first live shows with new vocalist Angela Gossow when they hit Japan to perform three gigs during late August. The dates are as follows: ... Aug. 29 – Tokyo, JAP @ Akasaka Blitz Aug. 30 – Nagoya, JAP @ Bottom Line Aug. 31 – Osaka, JAP @ On Air West Osaka ... Despite the overwhelmingly positive response to the band's Wages Of Sin CD, ARCH ENEMY have yet to announce a European or American release date for the effort—a delay that is reportedly due to the efforts of the group's representatives, Sanctuary Management, to get the band out of their present deal with Century Media Records or substantially renegotiate the existing agreement with the label. However, the group's American and European fans are reassured that, when the CD does eventually surface in those territories, it will include as-yet-undisclosed bonus material not found on the Japanese release.

The UK's BBC Radio has produced a documentary on the rise of the so-called “nu-metal” scene that can be heard in its entirety via this location. According to an advertisement for the program, the show deals with the question of “whether metal has already gone full circle, and become too safe.” Included are contributions from DEFTONES, PAPA ROACH, KID ROCK, LINKIN PARK and SLIPKNOT, among others.

Former TWISTED SISTER frontman Dee Snider has posted the following update on the much-anticipated and –rumored reunion of the band's original line-up: “Even though we've had no concrete plans for a TWISTED SISTER reunion, all five members of the band have been meeting every month or so and rehearsing. At the last rehearsal, things got ugly, [bassist] Mark [Mendoza] and I were going at each other, some members of the band threw their hands up and were like, 'I've f.cking had it, this is ridiculous,' and walked out. That's where things stood when I described it on the radio show a week or two ago: it looked like that was the last time all five members of TWISTED would ever play on stage together. Afterwards my wife said, 'This is the first time, after some fifteen years, that this issue has ever come up. Maybe things could get better from now on.' Some things have happened since then. The lines of communication have reopened. One of the conditions of our discussion is that I don't talk about it anymore, so that's all I can say about that specifically. I called [guitarist] Jay Jay [French] the day after our last rehearsal and asked him, 'Did I do anything to make that happen?' and he said, 'Not yesterday, but fifteen years ago you did.' The conflict was really a reaction to my behavior and how I acted back in the day. I really feel to blame. I know I was less than perfect back in those days, far less than perfect. I obviously hurt my best friend to the point where he hated my guts, and that saddens me because we were really close. It really made me sad to see just how much I had hurt my friend. Not intentionally, of course. But we are responsible for our actions whether intentional or not. The only thing that has changed from my original discussion on the radio is that it turns out that the door is not completely shut.” ... In related news, Dee has revealed that no progress has been made on the sequel to the Strangeland movie, and that the proposed The Sniders sit-com, which was supposed to be produced in conjunction with VH1, will likely not happen now, since the person at VH1 that was most supportive of the project has since left the company. And as far as TWISTED SISTER's much talked-about Behind The Music special is concerned, it looks like it will finally air on VH1 in mid-August.

SINISSTAR, one of the first signings to LIMP BIZKIT frontman Fred Durst's Flawless Records, are finishing up the mixing sessions for their debut album, tentatively entitled Futureshock. Among the tracks that will appear on the CD is a “groundbreaking” song entitled “Stop The Party”, which is being mixed in New York City by Andy Wallace and which was co-written/co-produced by Swizz Beatz, the production team that has previously worked with the likes of DMX, EVE and JAY-Z, among many others.

FU MANCHU have completed tracking the music for their forthcoming studio album, entitled California Crossing, and are presently recording the vocals for the effort, which is tentatively due to emerge at the end of September. Among the guests that are scheduled to appear on the album is THE CIRCLE JERKS/BLACK FLAG/MIDGET HANDJOB frontman Keith Morris, who contributes lead vocals to one as-yet-undisclosed track.

Rumors indicate that DROWN and FAMOUS have both called it a day, with frontman Lauren presently fronting a brand new band called SIX, who are shopping recently completed demos to interested labels. More information on the new group, including soundclips, can be obtained via the band's official web site.


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