Archive News Jun 28, 2001

June 28, 2001

QUEENSRYCHE have now officially confirmed that they will be performing at the Moore Theatre in Seattle on July 27th and 28th. Both shows will be recorded in audio and video for an upcoming double live album and DVD.

SYSTEM OF A DOWN's upcoming Toxicity effort, which is due for release on August 14th through the American/Columbia label, will include the following tracks:


01. Psycho

02. Forest

03. Bounce

04. Prison Song

05. Version 7.0

06. ATWA

07. Shimmy

08. X

09. Suicide

10. Aerials

11. Deer Dance

12. Science

13. Jet Pilot

14. Needles


According to guitarist Daron Malakian, the follow-up the group's platinum 1998 self-titled debut “has the erratic time changes, and it's still quirky, but there are touches of PINK FLOYD in it. I think that our new songs touch emotions in a way that we've never done before."

In a recent interview with Crosstown Traffic, C.O.C. guitarist/vocalist Pepper Keenan spoke out about the circumstances surrounding former drummer Reed Mullin's departure from the group. When asked about Mullin's reasons for leaving a band that he'd co-founded and spent most of his adult life in, Keenan stated that “well, basically, in a nutshell, I don't really know. I mean, he kept saying that his back was hurting, he had to get back surgery and all this sh.t...and then [we] found out he had another band, a little side band called BROWN, which is supposed to be this big, heavy, monolithic, f.cking thing, and it sounds like CREED. I mean, whatever he wants to do. The only thing that made everybody in C.O.C. mad is that he lied to everybody—he lied to the fans, he lied to us. You know.... But, I mean, whatever....” To read the whole interview, click here. As previously reported, Mullin is heavily rumored to be joining forces in a new, as-yet-unnamed project with former C.O.C. and current LEADFOOT members Karl Agell (vocals) and Phil Swisher (bass),which may or may not also include C.O.C. guitarist Woody Weatherman.

GRAVITY KILLS are set to leave their home base of St. Louis, Missouri in the next few days and head out to Chicago, where they will be co-producing and mixing down their new album, tentatively titled Superstarved, with acclaimed producer Martin Atkins. It is unclear if SNAKE RIVER CONSPIRACY's Jason Slater, who was originally set to produce Superstarved, will have any involvement with the upcoming CD, which is due to be issued through the Sanctuary label later in the year.

JUDAS PRIEST's July 4th performance in Vitoria, Italy has been moved to the Pabellon de Mendizorroza.

In response to the continuing rumors surrounding former METAL CHURCH vocalist Dave Wayne's departure from the group and the singer's upcoming “solo” record (which will appear under the WAYNE moniker and will be entitled Metal Church),METAL CHURCH associate Lewy has posted the following message via the band's official web site:


“From MC Roadgod Lewy:


“Having been a 'fly on the wall' of the inner workings of METAL CHURCH for nearly 18 years, I am the ONLY person other than the members of the band that really knows the true story of our episode of 'Behind The Music'. There have been quite a few squabbles on the Discussion Board over the last few years that I have very much wanted to respond to, but I haven't, for two reasons. First, many of them have been those of a personal nature of the band and in my opinion those should remain personal.


“Second, I believe that the main purpose of the Discussion Board is to let you, the fans, thrash out the subjects both pro and con. However, after reading the posts regarding the 'WAYNE' solo project, I can no longer hold my tongue. I have been in contact with all the members of the band, both past and present (except for Craig) and we all share the feelings that Kurdt expressed here in the News section this last week. [as reported here three days ago—ed.]


“The fact that Dave would stoop to such a level as to name the album Metal Church (last time I checked that album was released 16 years ago!),use the same church (albeit at a different angle),the unmistakable MC guitar cross and fashioning the WAYNE logo as an absolute duplicate of the METAL CHURCH logo, shows Dave's 'originality' as well as his true devotion to METAL CHURCH.


“But, for those of us that have dealt closely with Dave over the years, that he would pull a stunt like this is not at all surprising. It is, as Kurdt stated, a slap in our collective faces!!! We do not have enough time or space to list all of the disputes we have had with Dave, nor would they shed any light on the current situation. I think that I can say for the band as a whole, quoting David St. Hubbins, 'We shan't be working together again'.


METAL CHURCH will carry on and be heard from again, but with a new singer at the pulpit!!”


As reported here yesterday, strong rumors indicate that METAL CHURCH have approached former vocalist Mike Howe about rejoining the band for an upcoming album and subsequent tour, but no official announcement has yet been made. More news as it develops.

DARKTHRONE have reportedly completed all the recordings for their upcoming Plaguewielder CD, and have begun mixing the effort, which is tentatively due to be issued on September 3rd. DODHEIMSGARD's Apollyon reportedly appears on an as-yet-undisclosed cut.

Here is how the metal/hard rock genre has fared in the German Media Control (Top 100) charts for the week ending June 25th:

04. LINKIN PARK - Hybrid Theory

07. BON JOVI - One Wild Night - Live

13. RAMMSTEIN - Mutter

21. WEEZER - Weezer

25. LIMP BIZKIT - Chocolate Starfish...

37. TOOL - Lateralus

44. THE CULT - Beyond Good And Evil

52. SCORPIONS - Acoustica

55. AC/DC - Stiff Upper Lip

56. CRAZY TOWN - The Gift Of Game

62. WHEATUS - Wheatus

67. GODSMACK - Awake

73. EMIL BULLS - Angel Delivery Service

81. BÖHSE ONKELZ - Gestern War Heute Noch Morgen


95. JETHRO TULL - The Very Best Of…

THERAPY? have been added to the line-up of artists performing at the Forestglade Festival, to be held in Austria on July 6th. THERAPY? will play second from top, replacing the QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE, who pulled out out of the festival for undisclosed reasons. Other bands scheduled to perform include PLACEBO, GOLDFINGER, FANTOMAS, MASSIVE TONE, DENYO 77, SUB7EVEN, CORTIZONE, and SHYNE 11. In other THERAPY? news, the group have just recorded six songs to be used as B-sides to their Gimme Back My Brain EP. These include a brand new song entitled "Gimme Therapy?" and five covers continuing the “Gimme” theme:


01. BLACK FLAG - "GimmieGimmieGimmie"

02. IGGY AND THE STOOGES - "Gimme Danger"

03. EC8OR - "Gimme Nyquil"

04. RAMONES - "Gimme Shock Treatment"

05. ABBA - "Gimme A Man After Midnight"


All the EP B-side recordings were reportedly made in London this past weekend, and according to the band, they sound “ripping”. The Gimme Back My Brain EP will be out on July 16th, and both the 7" and CD will have the lead track plus at least 3 or 4 of the above-mentioned covers.

As previously reported, Roadrunner Records have signed the Joliet, IL-based six-piece band FIVE POINTE O. RR A&R man Paul Conroy, who signed the group to the label, had the following to say about the latest addition to the company's roster: " I am extremely excited about the signing of FIVE POINTE O. I signed FIVE POINTE O because I believe they represent the future of true heavy metal. This band has nothing in common with the glut of pimp rock/nu-metal bands that are over-saturating the market place. Their music uniquely combines brutal heaviness with melody. I am planning for the band to record their debut release for Roadrunner this summer."


FIVE POINTE O's as–yet-untitled debut is set to be produced by Colin Richardson (i.e. MACHINE HEAD, FEAR FACTORY, NAPALM DEATH). In the meantime, the group will be performing this Friday, June 29th at the Metro in Chicago alongside GOD FORBID, FACTORY 81, and TUB RING.

LIFER (formerly STRANGERS WITH CANDY),whose self-titled debut was produced by RUSH guitarist Alex Lifeson, will be playing select dates with SALIVA beginning August 2nd. Lifer is scheduled to be issued through Republic/Universal Records on August 14th.

LULLACRY's track “Without The Dreamer”, off the Finnish group's current Be My God release, has been added to heavy rotation on the country's Radio Mafia, virtually insuring that the band will receive massive daily exposure via the Finnish airwaves.

Australia's BLOOD DUSTER have had to cancel their scheduled appearance at the Milwaukee Metalfest after their US label pulled the plug on their American tour.

Australia's BLACK STEEL will be entering the studio shortly to begin recording their debut full-length CD, entitled Destructor.

PITCHSHIFTER vocalist JS Clayden will be playing a DJ set along with live acts and other guests and Nottingham's local scene support gig called “Cityjam”. Here's the official “Cityjam” press release:




PITCHSHIFTER's frontman J.S.Clayden has confirmed a guest DJ set at Rock City's Cityjam 2001 festival.


The festival, in support of the local music scene, is to be held at Rock City on Saturday 11th August, and is set to feature numerous local acts. Says Clayden, “Local festivals are important. It's easy to forget in these times of mass production and bands being huge over night that a lot of great quality acts start off small and work their way up. Where do these acts come from? Just regular places like Nottingham, your backyard. The local scene needs our support. Music seems to be looking at America for all it's leads at this time and forgetting that there are many talented and unique bands right here under our noses.”


Cityjam 2001 is set to feature the best of the local signed and unsigned acts. There will be up to 12 bands playing throughout the day, stalls and games, a listening area for bands to have their CDs heard, industry guests holding music seminars and workshops as well as local filmmakers screening short films, displays from local artists and photographers, performances by local comedians and entertainers, and sets by local DJs.


BLACK ROCK, SHORTWAVE, LORNA and SKINNY SUMO are just four of the bands set to play over Rock City's two stages. BLACK ROCK were voted top ten best unsigned band in the 1999 Kerrang! Magazine Readers poll and have an album due for release next year on Man's Ruin. SHORTWAVE have recently returned from a UK tour that saw them play with GRAND THEFT AUDIO, LAPTOP, THE PECADILOES and REMOTE CONTROL. Their debut single released on Intromit Recordings gained them “Single Of The Year” on and a four out of five review in Kerrang! just getting beaten for single of the week by AT THE DRIVE-IN. LORNA are in the process of signing a publishing deal with EMI, and SKINNY SUMO having won Rock City's Talent 2000 competition earlier this year have just won the National Student Music Award. They were selected from over 400 entries.


“Cityjam seems like a really cool idea,” says Clayden. “It's cheap, you might find something you like out of the 12 new acts, you get into a night club for free and you also get to support the local scene for a fiver. When PITCHSHIFTER were starting out there wasn't much help and we had to do most of it ourselves, through playing at cool local venues like Rock City we were able to build our own fan base and get going. It's a great place to play and it's nice to see a local club giving something back and getting involved with the local scene.”


Rock City are no strangers to the summer festival calendar. This year they are holding three festivals, City In The Park, The Longest Day and Extreme 2001 at Nottingham's Wollaton Park over the August Bank Holiday weekend. Says festival organizer Claire Dyer, “Rock City have always tried to support up and coming new talent, having showcased many bands over our 20 year history. If there's one day a year where a&r head north of the Watford Gap it should be for Cityjam.”


Local DJs, artists, photographers, stall holders, filmmakers, comedians and entertainers are all wanted, along with bands who would like their CDs played in the listening area. All enquiries should be made to Claire Dyer [email protected] or (0115) 941 2544.


Tickets cost £5 and are on sale now from the Rock City Box Office 0115 9412544. Entry includes admission to the club night, which is open until 2:00am.

PRIMER 55's show from Lupo's in Providence, RI on Saturday June 30th will be available via a webcast. More details will be announce shortly.

The support act for H.I.M.'s upcoming tour of Germany will be TIMO RAUTIAINEN & TRIO NISKALAUKAUS, a Finnish band whose repertoire consists of both Finnish and German songs. More information on the group can be obtained via their official web site.

CLAWFINGER's brand new single, “Out To Get Me”, which comes off the group's forthcoming A Whole Lot Of Nothing CD, has reportedly entered the German Single charts at position #68.

Finland's CHARON have entered the studio to record an as-yet-untitled new album, which is due at the end of the year. Among the song titles set to appear on the upcoming release are: “Little Angel”, “Come Tonight” and “Erase Me”. According to the band, the new songs are “heavier, more sweaty and more from ourselves” than their previous output.

DIESEL MACHINE, who feature in their ranks HALFORD guitarist Patrick Lachman, will be performing at the Troubadour club in Hollywood, California on July 10th.

Chicago's DITCHWATER will be recording a three-song demo at Studio One in Racine, Wisconsin on August 25th and 26th. This session will mark the recording debut with the band of new vocalist Eric Chez, who replaced Bill Matthews a few weeks ago.

For Immediate Release:




Pittsburgh June 25 2001 -- Four members of the fan club of the rock band METALLICA have taken the words of frontman James Hetfield to heart: There will be a fan convention when there are dolls.


The dolls, a set of action figures created by noted toy manufacturer McFarlane Toys, will be released in October, but these METALLICA Club members are wasting no time.


The four: a technical recruiter from San Jose, California a senior technical recruiter from Southern California a medical transcriptionist from Houston, Texas and a writer/editor from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania have never met in person, yet their love of the band and its music has inspired them to create the first-ever MetalliBash for members of the METALLICA Fan Club.


MetalliBash 2001 will be held September 1, 2001 in San Francisco's Maritime Hall. Such acts as the ROLLINS BAND and DIO, among many others, have played the Maritime. Although this event is NOT sanctioned by the METALLICA Club, event organizers are hopeful of a cameo appearance by the band members.


Six hundred tickets are available ONLY to METALLICA Club members and their guests, and will be sold only until August 1. A waiting list will be drawn up once ticket sales exceed 600. Any profit from the event will be donated to a charity to be determined at a later date.


The 18-and-over show will feature such standbys of any METALLICA gathering as bootleg trading, a chance for local chapters of the METALLICA Club to strut their stuff, and a commemorative t-shirt designed by two Club members. The standouts of the night will be the raffle of METALLICA goodies -- including the new action figures and original art by artist Mark DeVito -- and a night-capping performance, including a special musical set, by Southern California's premiere METALLICA tribute band, CREEPING DEATH.


Tampa Bay rock radio station WXTB has also joined forces for MetalliBash-related promotions, and more sponsors and companies are lining up quickly.


Hotel information, airline links, and up-to-the-minute updates are available at

... or


Inquiries to [email protected]

ANATHEMA have been added to the bill at Belgium's Eurorock Festival, where they will appear on the main stage on August 3rd. The band's recent support slot with PORCUPINE TREE at London's Shepherd's Bush Empire was the group's first live date in seven months and it gave ANATHEMA an opportunity to preview two brand new tracks—"Pressure" and the upcoming album's projected title track "A Fine Day to Exit". A Fine Day to Exit is due for release through Music For Nations Records this September.

(HED)P.E. look set to release a new single to coincide with their appearance at the UK's Reading Festival, a three-day event taking place between August 24th and 26th. The CD is likely to contain "Killing Time/The Meadow", both tracks having been taken from the band's critically and commercially successful album Broke.

Contrary to previous reports, GARDEN OF SHADOWS will NOT be on the upcoming tour of the US with VADER. According to the band, “we were originally scheduled to be a part of the Summertime Slaughter tour with VADER. The Wicked World [Records'] site listed us as being on the tour and several clubs still have us listed as well. We were told that we were confirmed as being on the tour, but shortly afterwards we discovered that the organizers had kicked us off the tour without even telling us. We would like to apologize to everyone who was hoping to see us on tour this summer. It is a disappointment for all of us."


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