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November 1, 2001

Correction: ANTHRAX will now appear on the Late Night With Jay Leno show on Friday, November 2nd. Although details are sketchy at the moment, ANTHRAX's appearance is said to involve a previously-taped skit that will be aired via video. In related news, former ANTHRAX vocalist Neil Turbin has just signed to Metal Mayhem Music and will release his first solo record, entitled Threat Con Delta, in early 2002. Neil is currently in the studio recording vocal tracks for this release.

According to Wolvie's Metal News, which is run by Shawn “Wolvie” Thompson (aka Wolverinekills),a message board moderator, DOWN's forthcoming sophomore effort will NOT be titled The Backwood Heavies, contrary to a report posted at the official site of SOUTHERN ISOLATION, which features in its ranks PANTERA vocalist Philip Anselmo and his girlfriend Stephanie Opal. Moreover, DOWN will not be recording the upcoming CD at former UGLY KID JOE guitarist Dave Fortman's Balance Studios in New Orleans (where CROWBAR laid down their most recent effort, Sonic Excess In Its Purest Form) and the band have not yet settled on a new location for the sessions, which are due to begin shortly. Wolvie has also informed us that SharonOsbourne, wife/manager of OZZY OSBOURNE and Ozzfest organizer, has told Anselmo personally that DOWN “could headline the second stage” of next year's installment of the Ozzfest festival and that “Anselmo could pick three or four of the second stage bands. Anselmo took her up on the offer, but no contracts have been signed.”

Former POWERMAN 5000 bassist Dorian Heartsong has issued a statement confirming his split from the group's ranks via the band's official web site at Heartsong's statement is as follows: “I would like to give formal notice to friends and fans concerning my resignation from POWERMAN 5000. This is an amicable split. I wish PM3K the best. Let's Call it personal and creative differences. It's time for new music with new people, and I am very excited about the future. Let me also thank everyone who has participated and helped me and the band along this 11 year journey. It was a great run. I look forward to seeing many of you on the road again soon. Dorian (Longtime Member and Co-founder)” In related news, former OZZY OSBOURNE and current BILLY IDOL drummer Brian Tichy, who is rumored in some circles (apparently falsely) to be the most likely candidate to replace recently-departed PM5K skinsman Al Pahanish and who was recently jamming with Heartsong in his BALL project, will be playing the final show of 2001 with BALL on Friday, November 9th at the Key Club in West Hollywood, California. Tichy has also reportedly been demoing new BILLY IDOL material with producer Don Was, although it is presently unclear if these recordings will appear on the singer's forthcoming studio album.

Swedish death metal legends UNLEASHED have re-signed with Century Media Records and are currently recording their long-awaited comeback album at a Stockholm studio for an early 2002 release.

According to a posting from former JUDAS PRIEST singer Rob Halford, HALFORD have “finalized our writing and pre-production work and recording is underway [for the second HALFORD studio CD]. By Saturday, November 3rd, Bobby [Jarzombek] will have completed all his drum work. Pat, Mike and Ray will record their work through November and a bit of December before breaking for the holidays. I'll update you again as we get closer to the holidays. Rob


Meanwhile, recent subtle and not-so-subtle changes over at seem to suggest that all is not well at Metal God HQ, stirring up speculation on the site's message board and beyond. The HALFORD band picture, which graced the web site's opening page for the past months has been replaced with the cover shot of the Live Insurrection album, a photo of Rob kissing the Chilean flag. In addition, the most recent Update From The Pit, announcing the band's return to the studio with producer Roy Z, has been altered and all individual band members' names inexplicably removed and replaced with simply HALFORD.


Add to that ROB HALFORD's various “read-between-the-lines” and less obvious hints at a possible return to the JUDAS PRIEST ranks since the release of Resurrection, his on-again friendship with both former brother-in-law/bassist Ian Hill and guitarist KK Downing, and his admission on Eddie Trunk's WNEW Saturday night metal show that he had in fact plans to attend the cancelled and since re-scheduled JUDAS PRIEST show at the Universal Amphitheatre in L.A. — the latter in stark contrast to Halford's repeated earlier statements that he could or would not listen to his former band's music with Tim 'Ripper' Owens on vocals — all seem to indicate that the winds of change are blowing once again, with a full-fledged PRIEST reunion in the not-too-distant future all but a forgone conclusion.


JUDAS PRIEST, although publicly adamant about carrying on with Rock Star movie subject Tim Owens, find themselves at the lowest point in their quarter century-plus career, with their latest output, Demolition, earning less than stellar reviews and shifting a paltry 30,000 copies in the US since its August release — a far cry from the band's gold and platinum days with their long-estranged former vocalist, whose new album is tentatively scheduled for a late spring 2002 release through Sanctuary/Metal-Is.

MARILYN MANSON will be filming a video clip for the group's cover of SOFT CELL's 'Tainted Love' (which appears on the soundtrack to the film Not Another Teen Movie, due in stores on December 4th) this weekend in Los Angeles, California. According to MANSON, “I expect some interesting cameos from some of my friends. I won't ruin the surprise though.”

RAMMSTEIN have issued a statement explaining the decision behind their recent cancellation of the remainder of the Pledge Of Allegiance trek (also featuring SLIPKNOT and SYSTEM OF A DOWN, among others). The statement reads as follows: “Despite weeks of overwhelmingly positive popular and critical response to their performances on the Pledge of Allegiance tour, RAMMSTEIN has been forced to return to its native Germany by a serious illness in guitarist Paul Landers' family. The other five band members considered completing the tour as a five-piece but ultimately decided otherwise and have now returned to Germany. RAMMSTEIN collectively conveys its regrets to its fans, the artists and organizers of the Pledge of Allegiance tour, and anyone else disappointed by this unavoidable turn of events. The band hopes to return to the States at some point in the not too distant future.”

Video files capturing two of the tracks performed by the reunited San Francisco Bay Area thrash band VIO-LENCE at the recent Thrash Of The Titans benefit concert for TESTAMENT vocalist Chuck Billy (which took place on August 11th in San Francisco) are back online an can be downloaded via the following locations:


“Serial Killer”

“Officer Nice”

Former LIMP BIZKIT guitarist Wes Borland has reportedly decided on a name for this new project, but has yet to reveal it, according to an update on BIG DUMB FACE's official web site at An official announcement is due in the next few days. Borland's new outfit features in its ranks his BIG DUMB FACE bandmates Scott Borland (guitar),Kyle Weeks (guitar),and Greg Isabelle (drums),and will reportedly have its debut album produced by acclaimed knob-twiddler Ross Robinson, who had previously worked with Wes on LIMP BIZKIT's debut release, Three Dollar Bill Y'All. The report goes on to state that “Wes, Scott, and Kyle have completed a handful of songs. Greg Isabella will be joining them at the end of November to lay down drum and percussion tracks. Details you ask? Wes and Scott will be pleasing you with their lovely voices and guitar licks. Greg on drums, and Mastermind Kyle Weeks will be doing live sample/vocal effect/computer work. During live shows, he will be like that guy behind the curtain on the Wizard Of Oz.”

Further to IRON MAIDEN drummer Nicko McBrain's appearance at the Fan Club Convention in Stockholm, Premier drums have announced they have organized a few more events where fans can catch up with the acclaimed skinsman. The dates are as follows:


Nov. 06 - Karlstad, SWE @ Slagverks Kompaniet

Nov. 07 - Gothenburg, SWE @ Buller And Bång (3 PM)

Nov. 07 - Helsingborg, The Tivoli

AEROSMITH's special live performance, taped on October 21st at RFK Stadium in Washington, D.C., can be viewed via ABC tonight, November 1st as part of a broadcast titled United We Stand. For more details, check your local listings or go to this location.

Despite recent rumors to the contrary, MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine does NOT “hate” KISS' Gene Simmons. Here's Dave's statement on the matter as posted on the group's official web site at


“I would like to address something that I think may be necessary for me to clear up. This is the rumor that I hate Gene Simmons.


Gene Simmons is a terrific showman, a brilliant businessman, a sex symbol, and a really talented songwriter, singer, and bass player. I also loved when he played the villain in whatever the movie was called that he was in as a terrorist.


“Having said that, there was once an incident that took place that hurt me very, very deeply regarding something Gene said. I will never forget it, but I have come to forgive him for it. You see Gene is always “on” no matter where he goes, that is why KISS are one of the biggest bands in the world.


“Once, when we won an award for Metal album and Metal song of the year from the Concrete Foundation with Rust In Peace, we were moving from room to room appearing in front of the press that was assembled in each room, and we were lucky enough to meet up with Paul and Gene in one room. After all of the stupid questions that get asked, someone asked a question that I actually wanted to know the answer to also.


“They said, 'Gene, how about a KISS reunion?' and I leaned over and said, 'Yeah, Gene. How about a KISS reunion?'


“To which he said, 'How about a METALLICA reunion?'


“I was furious, because our beloved Cliff Burton had passed away, and it was in extremely bad taste.


“I carried this resentment for a long time until I watched KISS on TV the other day and still realized how much I loved Gene and his band.


“So I have decided to let this go. The comment in Metal Sludge about the KISSKasket was not about Gene being dead inside of it it was to have him come to your house to party along with it. I know that he doesn't do drugs or drink, so there would probably be an orgy instead.


“To all of you that have heard I was pissed at him, that was why, I am not anymore, and I can't hide the fact that they are still 'the hottest band in the land, KISS!' '

Due to “other commitments” by producer Hiili Hiilesmaa (i.e. THEATRE OF TRAGEDY, SENTENCED),the mixing of the third BABYLON WHORES album has been postponed until late February 2002. An April release is expected.

The reunited NWOBHM legends DIAMOND HEAD will play an acoustic show at the Limelight Club in Hightown, Crewe, UK on Wednesday, November 21st. The band will be on stage at 9.30 PM.

Correction: IMPALED NAZARENE will now release their latest studio effort, entitled Absence Of War Does Not Mean Peace, in the US on November 13th.

Sweden's DEBASE will be the opening act at the following shows on JUDAS PRIEST's upcoming Scandinavian tour:


Nov. 08 – Kaaren - Gothenberg, SWE

Nov. 09 – Varmekyrkan - Norrkoeping, SWE

Nov. 10 – Brewery - Stockholm, SWE

Nov. 15 – Estraden - Gävle, SWE

Nov. 16 – Kulturhuset - Jönköping, SWE


DEBASE will embark on a German tour during late December.

After six months of songwriting and negotiating with various overseas record labels, Australia's CRYOGENIC have decided to make a move and take their music to a new level. As a result, the band have made a decision to part ways (on good terms) with long time singer Darren 'Sloane' Maloney. “We are really excited about the new progressive direction that the band has taken. The new songs are outstanding and are better than anything we have done in the past” says guitarist 'Essa'. “To be honest, I just can't wait to start touring again and show off the new material and band to all our fans, I think they will like it. We can't tell you who the new singer is yet but we will let everyone know very soon. On behalf of the band I would like to wish 'Sloane' all the best and good luck with any future endeavors.' CRYOGENIC's upcoming album is scheduled for a 2002 release.

Seppo Vesterinen, the manager of Finnish rock sensation H.I.M. and one of the nicest people in the business that we have ever met, received the honor of being the “manager of the year” by Musiikki&ampMedia, the music industry awards in Finland. He also received the award last year.



Atlantic recording group STONE TEMPLE PILOTS have recorded their acclaimed version of THE BEATLES' classic 'Revolution' for a special benefit single. The band will be donating all of their record royalties and Atlantic Records will be donating all of its profits from the sale of the single to the Twin Towers Fund, which provides assistance to or on behalf of the victims and families of victims of the World Trade Center disaster. The Enhanced CD Single will arrive in stores on November 27th.


STONE TEMPLE PILOTS first performed 'Revolution' on October 2nd as part of the TNT television special, Come Together: A Night For John Lennon's Words and Music, Dedicated To New York City and Its People. On October 6th, the band entered New York City's Avatar Studios to record their electrifying rendition of Lennon's still-provocative anthem. The 'Revolution' Enhanced CD Single will include the self-produced new recording, as well as exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of the recording session.


'Revolution' is scheduled to impact at Rock and Alternative radio outlets nationwide this week. In addition, a video of STP's performance at Come Together has been made available to all video outlets, including MTV, MTV2, and VH1.


STONE TEMPLE PILOTS' most recent Atlantic album, the RIAA gold-certified Shangri-LA DEE DA, was released on June 19th, 2001. The band is currently on the road headlining the Family Values Tour 2001, alongside STAIND, LINKIN PARK, and STATIC-X.


Shangri-LA DEE DA follows STP's four previous Atlantic releases: the RIAA platinum-certified No. 4 (1999),the double-platinum Tiny Music… Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop (1996),the 6x-platinum Purple (1994),and the 7x-platinum debut, Core (1992). The band has sold more than 20 million records worldwide.

Here's an interesting message that recently appeared on the official web site of Holland's THE GATHERING: “As you might have read on the phorum, some people have made recordings (ignoring 'prohibited' signs!) of the new songs during the Dutch club tour. The band has shown MUCH PREOCCUPATION for this. Spreading these songs around in any form, on the web or on tapes/videos can - and probably will - HARM the band (but also you) GREATLY! Since these songs have not even been finished, and therefore haven't been registered either, it can cause serious legal problems with Century Media for the band, but ALSO for you. This goes for the ones that made the illegal recordings, but also for you - 'legal' fans. Just imagine it, the band getting in serious problems, and not being able to release their new album. Would you want to have that on your conscience?!!!!!”


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