Archive News Nov 19, 2001 - update 2

November 19, 2001

Kip Winger, he of WINGER fame, has placed “original and authentic WINGER/Kip Winger memorabilia” for sale via eBay. According to Winger's official web site, “this garage sale features clothing used in performances and photo shoots, and equipment used in the studio on his recent albums.” For more info, go to this location.

Finland's IMPALED NAZARENE will start shooting a video for the song 'Hardboiled And Still Hellbound', off the group's upcoming Absence Of War Does Not Mean Peace CD, on November 24th with director Jarno Anttila. The clip will feature an appearance by Finnish pornstar Rakel Liekki.

A brand new single, entitled “Wings Of Freedom”, has been issued in Germany featuring a line-up of performers that includes PRIMAL FEAR guitarist Mat Sinner, vocalist Ralf Scheepers, KINGDOM COME mainman Lenny Wolf, HELLOWEEN frontman Andy Deris, singer Doro Pesch and others, all appearing under the banner of “German Rock Stars Against Terrorism”. In related news, PRIMAL FEAR have almost completed the pre-production work on their forthcoming CD, Black Sun, which will be recorded at House Of Music Studio in Winterbach, Germany in early 2002. So far the following tracks have been completed for the album:


01. Veiled Control

02. Magic Eye

03. We Go Down

04. Lightyears From Home

05. Merciless

06. Armageddon

07. Cold Day In Hell

08. Revolution

09. Black Sun

VICIOUS RUMORS have been confirmed for the support slot with SAVATAGE on the latter band's entire headlining European tour, which is scheduled to begin on January 15th. When the horrific events of September 11th caused the cancellation of the SAVATAGE, SYMPHONY X, and&nbsp VICIOUS RUMORS tour of October 2001, VICIOUS RUMORS decided that it was time to go back into the studio and begin writing material for their next CD, tentatively scheduled for release around May 2002. With over half of the new album completed, VR is planning a special preview of a few of these new songs along with all the VR classics during their set on this upcoming tour.

THE HAUNTED will be issuing a limited edition version the acclaimed The Haunted Made Me Do It opus, complete with a free bonus live album, sub-titled Live Rounds in Tokyo, on November 27 in the US, and December 10 in Europe. As previously reported, the live album was recorded in front of hordes of fanatical Japanese fans at the Akasaka Blitz Club in Tokyo on November 16th, 2000, and it features 17 tracks, taken from both of the bands albums, including “Undead”, “Bullethole” and “Bury Your Dead”. As a special bonus, an extra studio track, taken from the The Haunted Made Me Do It sessions, called 'Eclipse', will also be included.

Check out the cover to DREAM THEATER's upcoming CD, entitled Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence, at this location. In other news, DREAM THEATER vocalist James LaBrie and keyboardist Jordan Rudess will be partaking in an AOL chat on November 29th at 9 PM. According to LaBrie, “we will be answering and talking about our solo discs, DT and whatever else we find interesting”. Also on the DREAM THEATER front, the Norwegian DREAM THEATER fan club, DTNorway, is putting together a party prior to DREAM THEATER's concert at Spektrum in Oslo on January 29th. The party will be held in the hours just before the show and will take place at a pub/bar called Brasseriet, located in the same venue as the show. For more information, use this e-mail adress: [email protected]

MANOWAR have been confirmed as the headliners of the Gods Of Metal Festival 2002, which is scheduled to be held in Milan, Italy on Sunday June 9th, 2002.

Polish death metal legends VADER have replaced recently-departed bassist Shambo with ex-HUNTER four-stringer Simon. As previously reported, VADER have set Epitaph as the title for their upcoming studio album, which is scheduled to be recorded during January/February at Red Studio (the same studio where Litany and Reign Forever World were recorded) for a May 26th release.

New Orleans sludge-meisters EYEHATEGOD are due to issue a split 7” with SOILENT GREEN early next year through Incision Records. The single features one song from each band (with the EYEHATEGOD contribution bearing the title 'The Age Of Boot Camp') and it is scheduled to coincide with a Japanese tour with SOILENT GREEN in January.

Swedish melodic deathsters SOILWORK have nearly completed the recordings for their as-yet-untitled new studio effort with producers Devin Townsend (of STRAPPING YOUNG LAD fame) and Fredrik Nordstrom at Studio Fredman in Gothenburg, Sweden. According to vocalist Björn 'Speed' Strid, “everything's recorded, except some melodic vocals. Devin REALLY pushed me to the limit and my voice has been @#%$ up for a few days now. It was fantastic to work with Devin and he inspired me very much. Unfortunately our studio time is running out tomorrow but I will work it out some way… Of course, Devin has done a guest appearance on the album. On the song 'Black Star Deceiver', me and Devin are doing a 'trade-off' type of thing, like a metallized duet or something. Everything has worked out very well and we're looking forward to mix the album in the beginning of December. It seems like the album will turn out into a voyage of atmosphere and sheer intensity, I guess the album will shock you but in a good way, cause all of the elements that SOILWORK stands for, will be there.” Guitarist Peter Wichers added that “[the SOILWORK fans are] in for a surprise. On this album, Björn has really done a major effort. The songs are heavy as hell, but MAJOR MAJOR choruses. The vocals has been dubbed beyond eternity, and it sounds killer. The mix of the album, will take place in a month's time, and it will be mixed by Devin and Fredrik in ten days. It's a good thing that we have 10 days to mix, because there is so much @#%$ going on all the time, as far as guitar melodies, Keyboards, vocals are concerned. What we decided to this album, is basically to write pretty basic heavy songs, and then leave space for the vocals and keyboards. We can hardly wait to release it!”

Toronto's EIDOLON have confirmed that talks are underway for a possible pairing with ANVIL on a Canadian tour, but “right now, nothing is set in stone at all, as we are both getting ready to record new records and such…”, according to a statement posted at the EIDOLON web site. “When and where we are playing these shows are not set in stone either - probably east coast shows, as this is where we are located. We will be looking into this matter to see what our best choices and markets are to play. Both bands want to do this, but in the right way, as we don't want to play some po-dunk-piece-of-sh.t-rat-hole with 6 people in attendance because the promoter (for lack of a better word, really) didn't do his job!!!”

The official US release date for the debut album by Swedish stoner rock masters GRAND MAGUS—featuring current SPIRITUAL BEGGARS vocalist Janne Christoffersson—has been pushed back to January. Produced by DISMEMBER's Fred Estby, the self-titled album will feature the following track listing:


01. Gauntlet

02. Legion

03. Never Learned

04. Black Hound Of Vengeance

05. Coat Of Arms

06. Generator

07. Wheel Of Time

08. Lodbrock

09. Black Hole

10. Mountain Of Power

PITCHSHIFTER have confirmed that they have entered The Shop Studios in Hoboken, New Jersey to begin recording the as-yet-untitled follow-up to Deviant, which is tentatively due to be issued through Sanctuary Records on April 9th, 2002. Longtime “favorite producer” Machine, who worked closely with the band on their opus is once again at the helm for the recording and mixing of the new record, which officially began on October 8th. When asked why the band waited until rumors of the record leaked out in the press before admitting that they were in fact recording, guitarist Jim Davies had this to say: “Last time around we felt that there we too many people trying to have some influence over us and our music. Too many cooks. This time we recorded the demo totally isolated from anyone in our own studio in Nottingham, and got as far into the finished record as possible before letting anyone know about it. This way we make our record, totally our way, and before anybody realizes it, the record's done. This is the purest, most intense PITCHSHIFTER record [vocalist] JS [Clayden] and I have written, and being isolated from all outside influence has just made it more intense.”


As of this writing, PITCHSHIFTER have already completed all pre-production, live drums, bass and all guitars. They are currently stuck into two weeks of programming finishing touches and editing before JS cuts his vocals and then they hit the final mixes, which are due to be completed by December 24th. Clayden commented: “First off, I wanna say sorry to our fans for keeping them in the dark. We just wanted this record to be totally raw and pure. Writing and recording it under wraps seemed to be the best way to do that. What I can tell you is that this record is going to be amazing. Machine is doing such dope work with recording Jim's guitars, and Jim has detuned his guitars to make them heavier. All the guitars just sound awesome. Heavy as hell but with all Jim's trademark lead work. The guitars have never sounded better. This is the first record where we've had new drummer Jason Bowld in the studio and he didn't disappoint us. Jason nailed all his drum parts in a week and they sound so punchy and tight, it's unbelievable. He's such a hard hitter we actually had to turn his volume down. The man's an animal. As for the tunes themselves, I genuinely feel that Jim and I have hit a high with our songwriting. The songs are more concise and hit home so much more. That's the one thing we really learnt from Deviant. The overall feel of this record is pure PITCHSHIFTER. We detuned the guitars another step to make them heavier (like the old days),we upped the level of programming so the beats are fat (like the years),and we went further on with the cool new vocal range and style (like Deviant). So you get all the best elements of PITCHSHIFTER fused into an energetic, heavy, fat record that is right now. Any PITCHSHIFTER fan is gonna love this record. I am so excited about it and I just can't wait to get on the road and play it for our fans.”

According to MOTLEY CRUE bassist Nikki Sixx, talks are currently underway for the group's best-selling autobiography The Dirt to be turned into a major film production for the big screen. Says Sixx: “The book is doing so well that were now having meetings with major movie companies and directors about making the book into a movie. Pretty wild going to these huge meetings with the companies and finding out they're all CRUEheads.


“How [the movie] will not have an X rating ill never know....but I've seen enough R-rated movies to know they can sneak some real life grime in there and not lose the balls... That's the one thing we insist on… This movie has to have balls… Big f.cking nasty hairy hanging low heavy metal balls...


“We're also doing paperback deals with foreign countries… Amazing how much is going on with the band. I really thought we could disappear for a few years… At least we're not touring or recording…”


Sixx also revealed that he has been very proficient in the recent months on the songwriting front, with some of his most recent efforts including “a lot of killer up-tempo heavy metal and rock n roll. Writing with James Michael a lot, too. I really click with him. He asked me to write a few tunes on his next album. That will be fun.”


Also on the Sixx front, the bassist has confirmed that he and wife Donna “have chosen to not be involved in Outlaw clothing anymore. We wish the company all the best, but we feel its time for us to move on.” Similarly, he has “decided to put Americoma [Records] on the back burner 'till I can only do a record label. I feel there is still too much MOTLEY in my life to give Americoma the honest 100% attention like it needs… More to come on that subject, 'cause I'm not a quitter....”

According to the most recent post by Don Dokken, the upcoming DOKKEN studio album will not suffer due to the absence of the recently-departed bassist Jeff Pilson, particularly as it pertains to the record's backing vocals, which Pilson had heavily contributed to in the recent years. Says Dokken: “[Drummer] Mick [Brown] has always been a big part of the DOKKEN background sound. Remember, Breakin' The Chains was done before Jeff joined, and those backgrounds are CLASSIC DOKKEN. Am I right? Not to worry, everything about this new LP is 'PURE' DOKKEN AND MORE.” Meanwhile, Pilson recently conducted a chat via his official web site and he addressed some of the comments made by Dokken regarding his departure from the group. According to Jeff, he did not “quit” DOKKEN, as Don had indicated, and he was in fact replaced and was never even told or asked to come in and record with the band. Pilson also refuted Dokken's assertion that they had only spoken “once” in the last year, and denied that he had told Brown that he was going to quit while on the road, indicating instead that he told the drummer he “wanted” to quit because of the whole 'situation' during the tour (presumably having to do with internal friction in the band).

Former DEEP PURPLE/BLACK SABBATH singer Glenn Hughes will appear with the The Voices of Classic Rock at the House Of Blues in Las Vegas on December 3rd.

The MARDUK box set, entitled Blackcrowned, is due to be released on Janaury 21st, and it's limited to 10,000 copies worldwide, according to the group's official web site. As previously reported, Blackcrowned will contain two CDs with unreleased and hard-to-find material and a video cassette with over an hour of live clips and a booklet with all unpublished lyrics and full biography. The two CDs will be released as limited-edition vinyl versions, 500 copies each on black vinyl and picture disc. To check out the CD and the video covers, go to this location.

Repulse America Records has officially ceased to exist. After nearly three years of collaboration, things didn't really work out, so now Spain's Repulse Records is licensing some of their latest titles and new ones to newly-formed World War III Records, which is run by Enrique Chavez and Jerry Battle, who had previously worked for Dwell Records.

LAMB OF GOD have lined up the following live appearances during December:


Dec. 05 - New York, NY @ CBGB (w/ZAO)

Dec. 06 - Baltimore, MD @ Otto Bar (w/ZAO)

Dec. 07 - Bensalem, PA @ Polanka Park (w/DIECAST)

Dec. 08 - Syracuse, NY @ Planet 505 (w/DIECAST, NORA)

Dec. 21 - South Amboy, NJ @ Club Krome (w/CONVERGE)

Ultra-brutal Colombian death metallers GORETRADE recently signed to Repulse Records and are expecting to enter the studio shortly to record their debut for the label, due out in 2002. To check out some of the group's previous demo recordings, go to the band's page at this location.

YNGWIE MALMSTEEN's The Concerto Suite Live DVD will likely have its release date pushed back into January 2002 to allow the producers to add more special features and Photo Gallery items, according to the guitarist's official web site.

STABBING WESTWARD will be playing a New Year's Eve show in San Antonio, TX at the Sunset Station Entertainment District.

According to the BLAZEFans web site, this was the full set list for the group's November 16th performance at JB's in Dudley, UK:


01. Ghost In The Machine

02. Evolution

03. Steel

04. The Launch

05. Futureal

06. Kathy Wilson

07. Silicon Messiah

08. Identity

09. Stranger To The Light (new)

10. Virus

11. The Brave

12. When Two Worlds Collide

13. Stare At The Sun

14. Man On The Edge

15. Kill &amp Destroy (new)

16. Land Of The Blind (new)

17. Speed Of Light (new)

18. Manhunt

19. Born As A Stranger


As previously reported, BLAZE—led by former IRON MAIDEN/WOLFSBANE frontman Blaze Bayley—is due to issue the follow-up to 2000's Silicon Messiah, entitled Tenth Dimension, through SPV/Steamhammer Records in January.


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