Archive News Oct 04, 2001

October 4, 2001

A minor riot erupted at the conclusion of YNGWIE MALMSTEEN's headlining show in Porto Alegre, Brazil on Tuesday, October 2nd, causing the band to storm off the stage and leaving the group's equipment vulnerable to damage as a result of the angry crowd throwing objects in protest over the way the concert ended. Here is a letter from YNGWIE MALMSTEEN touring keyboardist Derek Sherinian (ex-DREAM THEATER) explaining the events leading up to the riot and his feelings on the matter:


'First of all, I would like to preface this letter by saying that I am not a fan of one using their musical status to promote religious or political beliefs. I am also not one to post on message boards, but something happened to me on stage last night that I feel compelled to write this letter.


“I am currently the only American in YNGWIE MALMSTEEN's touring band.


“What happened at last night's gig in Porte Allegre, Brazil was shocking.


“Midway through the set, YNGWIE finished his guitar solo spot with the 'Star Spangled Banner'. The crowd of about 1,500 people started immediately booing very loudly, and throwing sh.t on stage.


“To see the Anti-American rallies on CNN is bad enough, but to be in the middle of one is scary beyond words.


“So after YNGWIE's solo we had about 5 more songs to play. All of my spirit was gone. I finished the set disgusted, and without looking at the crowd for the rest of the show.

“After the final song, the band went to the dressing room. I told YNGWIE, 'I refuse to go out for the encore under any circumstances, F.CK THESE PEOPLE.'


YNGWIE went back on stage by himself and played the 'Star Spangled Banner' again to a choir of loud boos. He then said on the microphone, 'God Bless America, and F.CK YOU ALL' and walked off stage.


“The crowd went into a riot and started throwing sh.t on stage. We immediately were rushed back to our hotel. I have no idea of the status of our gear.


“I want to thank YNGWIE for taking my back, and for standing up for the USA.


“To the people in Porte Allegre, you should be ashamed of yourselves. I don't give a fuck if I ever play your peasant infested third world city again.


'God bless America, Derek Sherinian

Despite reports to the contrary, former ALICE IN CHAINS guitarist Jerry Cantrell has yet to secure a deal for the release of his long-completed sophomore solo offering, Degradation Trip, Vol. 1 and 2, making it unlikely that the recordings will see the light of day until March at the earliest. Produced by Toby Wright and featuring performances by former FAITH NO MORE/KORN drummer Mike Bordin and OZZY/ex-SUICIDAL TENDENCIES bassist Robert Trujillo, the follow-up to 1998's Boggy Depot will tentatively contain the following track listing:


Disc One

01. Psychotic Break

02. Bargain Basement Howard Hughes

03. Owned

04. Angel Eyes

05. Solitude

06. Mother Spinning In Her Grave

07. Hellbound

08. Spiderbite

09. Profalse Idol

10. Feel The Void

11. Locked On

12. Gone


Disc Two

01. Castaway

02. Chemical Tribe

03. What It Takes

04. Dying Inside

05. Siddhartha

06. Instrumental

07. She Was My Girl

08. Pig Charmer

09. Anger Rising

10. SOS

11. Give It A Name

12. Thanks Anyway

13. B1/32


In other Cantrell news, the guitarist has agreed to perform with Atlanta's COMES WITH THE FALL (who toured with Cantrell earlier in the year) at the latter group's appearance at the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles on Tuesday, October 9th to benefit the victims of the recent tragedy in New York City. According to an official statement from CWTF, Cantrell has “expressed a strong desire to learn some of the new songs from the forthcoming CWTF album, so, in what may prove to be a once-in-a-lifetime event, we will be performing material off of both The Year Is One and Degradation Trip in one continuous set as one band!! Should be a memorable evening indeed. We hope all of you on this end of the country will be able to join us in the names of all who died, all who are missing, and all of us who are still here, lucky enough to be able to enjoy all the pleasures and possibilities life has to offer…'.

Zakk Wylde's BLACK LABEL SOCIETY will be issuing its next studio effort, entitled Deathcore War Machine Eternal, through Spitfire Records in February 2002. Along with re-joining OZZY OSBOURNE for the recording of OZZY's new Down To Earth album (due on October 16th),Zakk will be the guitarist for OZZY's upcoming A Night Of Merry Mayhem tour which runs from October 31st through December 31st (also featuring ROB ZOMBIE, MUDVAYNE and SOIL). OZZY OSBOURNE will be appearing on The Tonight Show on October 12th and the Late Night With Conan O'Brien show on October 19th.

Brazil's ANGRA have unveiled the track listing for their upcoming Rebirth CD, which is due to be released through SPV/Steamhammer Records on October 19th. The song titles are as follows:


01. In Excelsis

02. Nova Era

03. Millennium Sun

04. Acid Rain

05. Heroes of Sand

06. Unholy Wars

&nbsp&nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Part I - Imperial Crown

&nbsp&nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Part II - The Forgiven Return

07. Rebirth

08. Judgement Day

09. Running Alone

10. Visions Prelude (Adapted from Chopin, Opus 24 in C minor)

KONKHRA mainman Anders Lundemark has commented on the recent reports of former KONKHRA guitarist James Murphy having had a massive pituitary tumor from his head via a posting on the Danish death metal act's official web site. According to Lundemark, “I hadn't heard anything about this, and yesterday I called [ex-MACHINE HEAD/KONKHRA drummer] Chris [Kontos] to find out what happened to James. And sadly the rumors are true. James has/had three connected golfball sized tumors in his brain, we dont know yet whether he's already been through surgery or is scheduled to do so soon. James is back in Florida with his family and I haven't had a phone call from him since he was offered the audition for MEGADETH, which is some time ago now. I'll track down his number in Florida and keep you posted on his recovery. Anders”

According to an article posted at icNewcastle, AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson was contacted by the White House to arrange a Live Aid-style concert for victims of the recent terrorist attacks in America. 'This guy called and said he was from the White House — he had seen us at a gig and had taken us around the White House,' Johnson is quoted as saying. 'He said he was with the secret service and I thought he was joking — but he wasn't. And he wanted me to put on a fund raiser. I don't have the skills to put it all together myself, but I know people who do, and I said yes to it straight away. I've already been in touch with the likes of Alice Cooper and Willie Nelson and sound guys, and we're hoping to be ready by November.'


Johnson told icNewcastle that he was deeply affected by the attacks two weeks ago. 'Our office is in New York,' the singer said. 'One of the carpenters who was on the world tour with us was on the second plane that hit the towers — he was flying home to see his wife who had just had a baby. It was awful. I've never seen Americans so affected by something.'

Here's the track listing for DEATH's Live In Eindhoven CD, which is due to be released through Nuclear Blast Records mail order on October 29th:


01. The Philosopher

02. Trapped In A Corner

03. Crystal Mountain

04. Suicide Machine

05. Together As One

06. Zero Tolerance

07. Lack Of Comprehension

08. Flesh And The Power It Holds

09. Flattening Of Emotions

10. Spirit Crusher

11. Pull The Plug


As previously reported, Live In Eindhoven was recorded at the group's 1998 appearance at the Dynamo Festival, which marked the first live performance of the Sound Of Perseverance line-up. The CD will sell for $7, and $2.50 of each CD will go directly to the Chuck Schuldiner Medical Fund. There will also be a DVD for $12 of the same show. Both the CD and DVD will only be available in slip-sleeves (no jewel cases).

DEF LEPPARD drummer Rick Allen, who recently started his Raven Drum Foundation with Lauren Monroe (a full web site is coming soon),donated one of his shirts to put up for an auction that is currently being held via the group's official web site. The flannel shirt, worn by Rick during the Adrenalize tour in 1993, is sleeveless and has the left armhole patched with a piece of a DEF LEPPARD tour shirt. At this moment, Rick has not decided yet where the proceeds will go to, but “you can be sure that it will be a good cause”, according to a message posted on the site. To place your bid, please go to eBay at this location.&nbsp The auction ends on October 10th. The winner will also receive a personal, hand-written note from Rick.

BLIND GUARDIAN frontman Hansi Kursch has stated via a posting on the group's official web site that “with regard to the [recording/production of BLIND GUARDIAN's long-awaited new studio album], I don't see any further delays from our side, since we work on a really tough but very precisely and well planned schedule the last months. We approximately need 4 more weeks to finalize all recording sessions and then will focus on mixing for about 30 days. The lyrical topics for the songs I have sung already- just to give you a short idea - are:


“Mythology: The battle of Troy in 'And there Was Silence' and also what happened to Cassandra afterwards in another song.


“Epical stuff: Inspired by Das Hildebrandlied I have come up with a kind of anthem about the final, fatal confrontation between father and son reported in the older original without a happy ending and tried to add a more raw battlefield atmosphere to it. The topic of course implies a link to the Mordred/Arthur dilemma.


“Bible: Becoming Aware of oneself


“Dragonlance: The Soulforged


“History: Gallileo Galilei and the Sanctum Officium


“I am almost done with the 7th song and have to face three more, afterwards. The one I am working one has a good chance to become the opener and its working title is 'The Answer', which I probably will keep, as it fits well to the new lyrics. Lyrically I partly follow the 'Bright Eyes' and 'And the Story ends ...' direction on that one, but in a more escalative manner. André has to work on two and a half songs lead guitar-wise and should be done short before me. There is the 3rd choir session scheduled for next week. The session will take place outside the Twilight Hall in a smaller studio in Hamburg. This definitely will help us keeping the schedule and would also be a good insider question for another contest:-).”

TOMAHAWK, the 'all star' band featuring former FAITH NO MORE vocalist Mike Patton, ex-HELMET drummer Jon Stainer, former JESUS LIZARD guitarist Duane Denison, and ex-THE COWS/current MELVINS bassist Kevin Rutmanis, have unveiled the track listing for their long-awaited debut CD. It is as follows:


01. Flashback

02. 101 North

03. Point &amp Click

04. God Hates A Coward

05. POP1

06. Sweet Smell Of Success

07. Sir, Yes Sir

08. Jockstrap

09. Cul De Sac

10. Malocchio

11. Honeymoon

12. Laredo

13. Narcosis

JACOBS DREAM have recruited drummer Steve Vaughan (who had previously played with the group when they were known as IRON ANGEL) and have rejoined forced with the guitarist duo of Jon Noble and Gary Holtzman after parting ways with their replacement Derek Eddleblute.

LEATHERWOLF have posted demo versions of two new tracks, recorded with singer Chris Adams (who replaced Michael Olivieri),on the group's official web site. The two songs, “Save Me” and “” can be downloaded from here and here.

Illinois serial killer metallers MACABRE will perform at the Holiday Of Horror 4 show with special guests YAKUZA in Chicago on December 26th.

A WITCHERY interview with bassist Sharlee D'Angelo and and guitarist Patrik Jensen is to be aired on national Swedish radio channel P3 on the show P3 Rock at 22:10 (10:10 PM CET) today, Thursday, October 4th at this location. This interview will be in Swedish. If you don't speak Swedish, the interview would probably be worth checking out anyway, for songs off the new album Symphony For the Devil also will be played. You will need Real Player to be able to check the show out.

MARDUK vocalist Legion has commented on the recent cancellation of the band's US tour due to visa problems. According to the singer, “the first reason [for our inability to enter the country] is, let's just say that we are not god's most beloved children. Some of us have a history of being villains and a wild bunch and have got criminal records which makes it a bit harder for us to get into the United States. Normally this is not a big deal though and we got our request approved by the US authorities for coming over there to make the tour. The real hassle started when New York was attacked by terrorists and all of a sudden everybody was being checked so much more carefully.


“Our passports is still laying around at the US embassy in Stockholm, and they are gonna stay there until they receive the final documents for our entering, the so-called waiver documents. Normally this takes 24 hours but because of what happened on the 11th of September I was told that CIA and the FBI wanna take a look at all convicted people who wants to go to the states. That can delay everything with a month. It's ironic though how different authorities can counteract each other. Normally the approval is strictly formal but this time I received a personal letter from the US immigration authorities thanking MARDUK for coming over there to play instead of getting scared and staying on this side of the Atlantic. You can guess how surprised I was when we were told at the embassy that we were not gonna be let into the states in time for the tour.


“One thing is f.cking certain we refuse to let ourselves get beat just because of a temporary setback. We are already working hard on new material for the next album, which means that we will be able to come back to America a bit later to catch up without delaying the next MARDUK album. I have began talking to our label and promoters over there to see what we can do about the situation and as soon as we have all the documents we will go for a major US tour to make up for the one we were robbed of now. Trust me, we will not fail.”

According to MESHUGGAH's official web site, “there was an error with many of the European versions of the Rare Trax album, something that became an issue due to an error from Nuclear Blast [Germany], also these CDs did not contain the full versions of the videos. What happened, and why NB printed and distributed these CD's are undisclosed so far, and up until now, the material has been unavailable.” As a result the group have posted the full unedited versions of the videos for download from this location.

Former ANTHRAX vocalist Neil Turbin is scheduled to perform with Mike Warren on Saturday, October 6th to benefit the WTC victims' families at Baja Cantina in Marina Del Rey. Wesley Snipes and other celebrities are scheduled to attend. The address is: Baja Cantina, 311 Washington Blvd, Marina Del Rey CA 90292. In other news, Neil has been writing songs with guitar phenomenon Mitch Perry (MSG, HEAVEN, TALAS, EDGAR WINTER GROUP). Neil and Mitch met back on December 6th, 1983 at a gig that ANTHRAX was opening up for EXCITER and TALAS, in New Jersey, at of all places a Skating Rink, called Skateway 9. Neil recalls, 'What was cool was that it was an all ages show and the whole place was filled mostly with headbanger friends of Johnny Z called the Old Bridge Metal Militia, a name they had been given by METALLICA. It was like this big extended metal family with METALLICA and ANTHRAX being part of it, since we were close at the time. It was 'full metal thrashing mayhem' at its finest with headbangers 'Metal Joe', 'Jethro', 'Metal Maria' and company all on hand to support the old school. They were like a heavy metal gang with hundreds of 'em. The owners of the place just about sh.t. I never heard of any more metal shows there since.”

German progresive metallers VANDEN PLAS have completed the instrumental recordings for their new album, entitled Beyond Daylight. Due to be released in early 2002, the album will include the following cuts, among others:


01. Phoenix Rising

02. Nightwalker

03. Free The Fire

04. Beyond Daylight


In other news, vocalist Andy Kuntz and guitarist Andreas Lill are involved in an as-yet-unnamed prog rock project of producer Stefan Glass. Also on the VANDEN PLAS front, the group will play the Bang Your Head Festival on June 28th/29th 2002, in Balingen, Germany. Other confirmed bands so far: NEVERMORE, OVERKILL, MAGNUM, IRON SAVIOR, TANKARD, PARADOX, SYMPHONY X, RAWHEAD REXX, SA ADAMS.

WITHIN TEMPTATION will play the Auw Mök Festival in Sittard, Holland on December 1st.

Australia's SILVERCHAIR won the Channel VArtist Of The Year award at last night's ARIAAwards in Sydney. This prize is the only one decided by a public vote and it's the fifth consecutive year that SILVERCHAIR has won it. The group was unable to attend the awards as they are still busy recording their new album elsewhere in Australia. However, in a televised cross to the studio the trio seemed completely overwhelmed to have won the gong yet again. 'There are lots of other bands who deserve this more than us this year', said Daniel Johns before adding with a laugh, 'we'll take it though!'. 'We'd like to thank everybody who voted for us, we really appreciate it', added Ben Gillies. It is understood that while Channel V was in the studio with SILVERCHAIR, they taped the band's first TV interview since January. This will be aired, along with some Rock In Rio footage as part of a Channel V special to be aired in the future. SILVERCHAIR are expected to complete recording their as yet untitled album in two weeks. They will then venture to America to mix it.

EIDOLON have recruited vocalist Pat Mulock and have completed writing the material for their upcoming studio album, which is due to be recorded in November for an April 2002 release, according to the group's official web site. Tentative song titles include the following:


01. Hunt You Down

02. Coma Nation

03. The Will To Remain

04. Refuse, Resist

Swedish black metallers MISTELTEIN, described as being 'in the same vein as DIMMU BORGIR and CRADLE OF FILTH”, will be supporting GOD DETHRONED and NIGHT IN GALES on European tour which is scheduled to begin later this month. Due to “other obligations”, guitarist Mishrack will not be able to go on this tour and will be temporarily replaced by ISHTAR's Ahldrathan. MISTELTEIN's new album, Divine, Desecrate, Complete is due to be released through No Fashion Records shortly.


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