Archive News Oct 30, 2001

October 30, 2001

ANTHRAX are rumored to be making an appearance on the Late Night With Jay Leno show this Wednesday, October 31st. In other ANTHRAX-related news, check out this humorous article from Lincoln Journal Star about an ANTHRAX fan whose “ANTHRAX” license plates have gotten him a heap of negative reactions from irate motorists who have (wrongly) assumed that he was making light of a gravely serious and life-threatening situation.

Chicago death/thrash lords USURPER have reportedly signed a three-album deal with Earache Records and are due to enter Nomad Studios in Texas with producer Kol Marshall (i.e. MERCYFUL FATE, KING DIAMOND, ABSU) in late winter/early spring to record their sixth, as-yet-untitled CD for a mid-2002 release. USURPER were previously signed to Fremont, California's Necropolis Records, which issued the group's last four efforts: 1997's Threshold Of The Usurper, 1999's Skeletal Season, 2000's Visions From The Gods and Necronemesis.

Following internal band disagreements over the title of the group's next studio offering, as indicated here last week, COAL CHAMBER appear to have once again opted to change the title of their forthcoming third release, this time to Dark Salvation. Tentatively due to be released in February through Roadrunner Records, Dark Salvation's mixing sessions with producer Ross Hogarth were officially completed this past Saturday, October 27th at 6 AM.

Norway's THEATRE OF TRAGEDY have set Assembly as the title of their forthcoming album, which was recently recorded at Helsinki's Finnvox Studios with producer Hiili Hiilesmaa (i.e. SENTENCED, H.I.M., APOCALYPTICA, MOONSPELL, BUSH, THE 69 EYES, etc.). Tentatively scheduled to be released on March 4th, 2002, Assembly will feature the following track listing (in no particular order):


01. Automatic Lover

02. Universal Race

03. Superdrive

04. Starlit

05. Play

06. Motion

07. Liquid Man

08. Flickerlight

09. Episode

10. Envision

11. Vicious

Here's a MEGADETH/ICED EARTH tour update from ICED EARTH guitarist Jon Schaffer as posted at the group's official web site at


“So far the tour has been going very well, the response from the ever loyal ICED EARTH fans has made us all proud. We really enjoy talking with the fans whenever possible and the noise that our 'army' is making every night is proof that we will prevail and metal will regain the respect in this country that it deserves.


“I thank you all for the warm welcome every night, it makes all the years of sacrifice worth it. I also want to let everyone know that MEGADETH have been very kind to us and we are deeply grateful for the opportunity that [MEGADETH mainman] Dave [Mustaine] has given us by inviting us on this tour. The package is proving to be a success.


“I have one request of you guys, I want you to show your patriotism in a big way at the shows, we are doing 'Ghost of Freedom' because we know that a lot of Iced fans are soldiers. Let these guys know you are proud of them and appreciate the fact that they are putting their lives on the line for our freedom. Red, White and Blue runs through my veins and always has, so please, sing along and show your pride.


“Again, I can't thank you enough for coming out, I know some of you have traveled great distances to see us and we appreciate it deeply. If we miss you this time around don't worry because we are setting up our U.S. headline tour as I'm writing this. You guys rule!!!!!!!!! Jon Schaffer

FEAR FACTORY have issued the following statement reaffirming their intention of fulfilling their upcoming European touring commitments: “Nothing will be canceled or postponed. We are aware that some bands have declined their obligations, in the light of the world events. We respect their decisions, and understand their reasoning, however, it has not affected out decision. Please understand that their reasons are fully valid, safety of one's own well being is priority number 1. We feel that the areas we will be visiting will not be affected by the chaos going on around the world and it will be 'business as usual'. There are some feelings of uneasiness and wariness, but that is how we always feel, so nothing has really changed. We are amped and ready to tour with GODFLESH and DEVIN TOWNSEND, and are looking forward to seeing all of you very soon!'

SLIPKNOT have confirmed the details of their rescheduled UK tour, which will now take place during February, accompanied by IN FLAMES, AMERICAN HEAD CHARGE and DOWNTHESUN. The new dates are as follows:


Feb. 14 - Glasgow, UK @ S.E.C.C.

Feb. 15 - Manchester, UK @ Manchester Evening News Arena

Feb. 16 - London, UK @ London Arena

Feb. 18 - Brighton, UK @ Brighton Centre

Feb. 19 - Cardiff, UK @ International Arena

The full track listing for LIMP BIZKIT's upcoming New Old Song remix album is as follows:


01. Nookie For the Nookie - Neptunes Mix

02. Take a Look Around - Timbaland Mix

03. Break Stuff - DJ Lethal Mix

04. My Way - P. Diddy Remix

05. Crushed - Bosko

06. N 2 gether Now -All in Together Now Mix- Neptunes

07. Rearranged - Timbaland Mix

08. Getcha Groove On (Dirt Road Remix) - DJ Premier for works of Mart,inc.

09. Faith-Faith/Fame mix - Fred Durst and Josh Abraham

10. My Way - DJ lethal Mix

11. Nookie Androids vs. Las Putas Remix- Butch Vig

12. Counterfeit lethal dose Extreme guitar mix- Lethal

13. Rollin DJ monk -vs- the TRACK MONK

Here's yet another colorful posting from MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine, taken from the group's official web site at


“ 'Where the hell is/what happened to [former MEGADETH drummer] Nick [Menza]?'


“I don't know this is a really stupid question. You have maybe one or two shots if you are lucky to meet me in this lifetime. Please don't ask stupid sh.t like this. Nick was living in LA, he completely blew off the people from VH1 when we pleaded, I repeat, PLEADED with him to participate in the [Behind The Music] special [on MEGADETH]. He played hardball with them, and said he wanted to advertise his record, his site, and his music, and then never returned their call. They called him on a Wednesday to tell him that they would be in LA the next day and he never replied.


“We don't have any ill will for Nick. He has made his choices and will have to live with them like we all do. If you really are that concerned, go to his web site at


“ 'Why aren't we coming to . . . ?'


“I have been away from home since January. My children are growing up and I have completely missed almost a year in the first three years of my daughters young life, the first five years being the most important for development, because I am constantly touring, answering bitching fans like the guy in Portugal who slagged us for turning our backs and not coming. That will NEVER happen again. No amount of pressure from the label, the management, or anyone will ever make me give up my time with my children to damn near kill myself for people who are just perched, ready to slag us again at the first opportunity. Jesus, some of the things that some of you have said is just downright disgraceful.


“When the tour is booked, we will let you know. When we say that there are no more tour dates, save yourself the embarrassment begging for us to come. We can't and won't. Put yourself our position.


“ 'Why does Dave hate his foreign fans?'


“What kind of a dumb would write this? I have toured every country that would have us. And people who are still hanging on to the change of the location of the Live record/DVD are going to start getting warned and may soon be unwelcome here. This site is a privilege, not a right. We don't charge you to be here, and you don't pay to run this site. We have done everything that we can to make it good here for you. NAME ONE F.CKING SITE ANYWHERE WHO DOES WHAT WE DO FOR YOU HERE!


“If you feel the need to bring up this tired subject of us not doing the Live record/DVD in Argentina, just know that you will be setting the timer on your welcome here.


“I can't even tell how offensive it is to get posts from dumb little f.ckers who would be speaking German if it weren't for the US and the Allies saving their Country in World War II.


“We are on the brink of World War III. Have some common sense. We will return when we can. It is UNSAFE for us now.


“ 'Your other foreign fans are stupid'


“This really pisses me off that anyone here would be talking shit about our fans from other countries around the world. MEGADETH is an international success due to these 'foreign fans' and I love you all equally. If you are an American, or anyone who has participated in down talking the fans from outside of the USA, please stop it. It hurts me to see you talking to these people like this. Some really beautiful people of the world can be found 'outside' of the USA. And if I remember correctly, we or our ancestry all came over from Europe, the UK, Asia, or some other foreign place to found this great country.


“I love our fans, no matter where they are from. I imagine that there could even be some fans in Afghanistan, but this is a very touchy subject. As long as they were not involved with the terrorists, I would embrace them the same that I do all of my Droogies.


“ 'Is there any difference between the VHS and the DVD?'


“I actually approved the content for the DVD by watching it all on a VHS. Everything that is on the DVD is also on the VHS, it just is not as easy to access as it is on a DVD you only have FF and REV on a VHS, and with a DVD you have got all kinds of things control.


“I would like to encourage you all to put your pictures in your profiles so that when I meet you I will have a better chance of recognizing you. I also hope that you all are signed up for our Mailing list and our free email service.


“And lastly, if you have enjoyed the shows or the Extended Version VH1BTM DVD, please tell someone about it. Go to the newsgroups, or chat rooms that are out there and tell someone. Go on the radio, tell your friends and co-workers, or cellmates.


“Lastly, I will really miss you all as this tour winds down, but just know that there is going to be a very big springtime from MEGADETH, if the planet doesn't blow up before then.”

Former CRIMSON GLORY vocalist Midnight has changed the title of his upcoming solo EP from Songs From The Attic to simply M. Moreover, the previously reported two additional electric tracks with contributions from ex-ATHEIST guitarist Rand Burkey will not make it to the final track listing. Instead, Midnight decided to head back into the studio and cut two more acoustic tracks that will keep the album “even sounding”, according to the singer's official web site. The full track listing for M is as follows:


01. Pain

02. Boxes

03. Black Sheep

04. Seven Angels

05. Monkey Song

06. TV Queens

07. Hide and Seek


A second disc, which will be available to all who preorder M, will contain a CRIMSON GLORY - Lost Reflection LIVE video screen saver, over six Midnight Winamp Skins, and a Midnight screen saver


In other news, B&ampB Management, a side division of Sorcery Studios Media Group, has now assumed the management duties for Midnight's M project and beyond. Also on the Midnight front, another chat with the singer has been scheduled for Saturday, November 3rd at 7:00 PM EST via the vocalist's official web site.

According to a posting on the official NEUROTICA web site, “the [Florida-based] band [featuring former ATHEIST guitarist/vocalist Kelly Shaefer] has just returned from New York city and Connecticut and a meeting with Vince, Linda and Stephanie McMahon as well as the other folks who run the WWF, about the launching of NEUROTICA and Smackdown Records. It was a very cool experience for us being long time fans, they were very cool and down to earth, and easy to speak with. Got to tour the WWF offices and meet all of the people who run the television dept. and the Tough Enough producer 'Kevin Dunn' as well, all very cool people, we are looking forward to being a part of the WWF family for sure. We stayed in New York in Times Square that night and enjoyed a joyous night on the town. Flew home in time for the show @ Boomerz. Thanks to all who attended, it was a fun show! Also just got back from playing at Durty Harry's in Key West for Fantasy Fest, man what a Mad house, we have never played down there, and the our kind sponsors at Jagermeister invited us to come down and play, and we thank them for that, if you have never been to Fantasy Fest you must attend at some point in your life!!! Next up is a show in Pensacola, Florida on Nov 18th, stay tuned to the website for the location of that gig. We hope to be announcing the release date very soon for our debut on Smackdown Records, followed by a tour!”

SAVATAGE's rescheduled European tour will take place during January/February. The dates are as follows:


Jan. 17 - Malmo, SWE - KB

Jan. 18 - Ronneby, SWE - Club Ron

Jan. 19 - Oslo, NOR - Rockefeller

Jan. 20 - Copenhagen, DEN - Vega Small

Jan. 21 - Aarhus, DEN - Voxhall

Jan. 23 - Dortmund, GER - Soundgarden

Jan. 24 - Berlin, GER - Music Hall

Jan. 26 - Athens, GRE - Rodon Club

Jan. 27 - Athens, GRE - Rodon Club

Jan. 29 - Langen, GER - Stadhalle

Jan. 30 - Stuttgart, GER - Longhorn

Jan. 31 - Prattelin, SWI - Z7 Koncertfabrik

Feb. 01 - Woergl, AUS - Komma

Feb. 02 - Vienna, AUS - Planet Music

Feb. 03 - Graz, AUS - Orpheum

Feb. 05 - Florence, ITA - Tenax

Feb. 06 - Rome, ITA - Palacisalfa

Feb. 07 - Brescia, ITA - Palatenda

Feb. 09 - Antwerp, BEL - Hof Ter Lo

Feb. 10 - Paris, FRA - Elysee Montmatre

Feb. 11 - Tilburg, NETH - 013

Feb. 12 - Hardenburg, NETH - Podium

Feb. 13 - London, UK - Garage

MTV USA will be using tracks from THE HAUNTED's latest album, THE HAUNTED Made Me Do It, on the 5th Annual MTV Sports and Music Festival, scheduled to air on MTV USA on November 18, at 5 PM Eastern Standard Time.

IMPALED NAZARENE will release their latest effort, entitled Absence Of War Does Not Mean Peace, in the US on January 13th.

Osmose Productions recording artist ABSU is honored to announce the arrival of their fourth and newest member, Kashshaptu. With vast experience in guitar technique and arcane knowledge, ABSU have found the perfect member they have been searching for since 1993. Proscriptor told [the label], 'We thought we'd never find another guitarist that could fit our intricate style of fanatical, occult-style metal music until we met Mr. Kashshaptu himself. I must say we're quite fortunate to find someone that lives in our hometown of Dallas as well. Now, who would have thought of that?' ABSU is tentatively planning to tour in the early to mid portion of 2002 and are currently composing and arranging songs for their next, self-titled album, due early next year.

Canadian thrash metal veterans RAZOR are presently working on the material for the follow-up to Decibels, to be entitled Anger Management and set to be released in late 2002. Among the tracks that will appear on the effort are the following:


01. Anger Management

02. Served

03. Search My Sweat

04. Only Losers

05. Mr. Anti

06. My Undertaker

Veteran metallers DECEASED will appear on a D.R.I. tribute CD covering the track “Mad Man”. Look for a DECEASED DVD entitled Digital Underground out soon on Malt Soda Records as well as a 20-song history of covers from the band with a few new/unreleased tracks, due to be issued shortly through Crook'd Records.

The freshly reunited San Francisco Bay Area funk-thrashers MORDRED announced at their first reunion show this past Saturday, October 27th at The Pound in San Francisco that more shows are on horizon, possibly as soon as next month. Exact dates and venues will be announced shortly.

KITTIE's latest video, for the track 'What I Always Wanted' off the group's forthcoming Oracle release, can be viewed in Real Video streaming form at the following locations: Hi-speed Lo-speed

Apologies to everyone that tried to download the VIO-LENCE video files, the links to which were posted here yesterday, but was not able to do so—the files had to be removed from their original location after bandwidth was exceeded. Plans tentatively exist for the files to be uploaded elsewhere&nbsp and made available for download once again. More information will be available shortly.

M.O.D. are currently hard at work on a new studio album at frontman Billy Milano's Big Blue Meanie Studio in New Jersey. An April release through Nuclear Blast Records is expected.

German power metallers PRIMAL FEAR will soon be entering House Of Music studio in Winterbach, Germany to record their upcoming opus, entitled Black Sun. The CD will be mixed in at the Sonic Ranch in El Paso, Texas, under the supervision of producer Mat Sinner.

Reunited Norwegian power metallers ARTCH will perform at Folkets Hus in Sarpsborg, Norway on Saturday, January 12th, 2002.

According to Allstar, New York Post gossip guru Liz Smith almost got it right when she reported late last week that Universal Records offered Courtney Love the whopping sum of $18.5 million to sign her latest project, BASTARD, after hearing the band's demo. $18.5 is an accurate sum, but it didn't come from Universal — it came from another major label.


In other Love-related news, the following article appeared in the “Page Six” section of yesterday's The New York Post:


Courtney Love doesn't hide from the freaks who accuse her of killing her husband, Kurt Cobain. She duels with them on the Internet. Love, the lead singer of HOLE, posts rambling, esoteric messages on a web site called The Velvet Rope giving fans advice on how to succeed in the music business, warning them of getting on the wrong side of the major labels and threatening them with defamation lawsuits.


'My gentleman is not cheap . . . He is a private detective, very well respected who works in tandem with Jack Palladino, an old and dear friend of mine,' Love wrote recently.


'What my gentleman does is this . . . He comes here to this site . . . my gentleman friend prints out said defamatory posts and puts them in a little file. Well, actually it's a large file.'


Love warns: 'Remember, this is the Internet. Anonymity is a pretense.'


The singer/actress, who won raves in The People vs. Larry Flynt, mostly expounds on her lawsuit against Geffen Records, and its parent company, Universal Music.


Love, who wants to be released from her contract, skewers Geffen Records president Jordan Schur. She writes, 'Record collector guys who can really deal with and relate to artists seem to be seen as liabilities. It's more about how much blow can you chop on Jordan's desk.'


Making her feelings even more clear, Love calls Schur 'a pig who [bleeps] on women.'


Schur tried to smooth things over before Love filed suit by taking her out to dinner at L'Orangerie in Los Angeles,'s Roger Friedman reports. But, after ordering a $250 bottle of Petrus wine, the rocker ditched Schur in high dudgeon. Schur declined to comment.


Love also takes a cheap shot at music industry lawyer Allen Grubman, Lizzie Grubman's father, who represents artists as well as moguls like Sony Music boss Tommy Mottola. Love attributes to Grubman a bogus quote she apparently made up: 'They [the artists] are just the apples that fall and rot - we are the trees.'


Love, who is now an opening act for JANE'S ADDICTION, also attacks Gary Gersh, the former president of Geffen Records who now manages the FOO FIGHTERS, the successor to NIRVANA.


Courtney argues that Cobain, who killed himself in 1994, was the creative force behind NIRVANA, and that as his widow, she deserves more income from the band's legacy than other members of the group like Dave Grohl, who hates Love as much as she hates him.


But industry insiders believe Love is destroying her career by going public with her dirty laundry. 'She's having a meltdown,' said one.

An Atlantic Records spokesperson has denied the rumors that KID ROCK and girlfriend Pamela Anderson are expecting a child together.

DIESEL MACHINE, featuring HALFORD guitarist Patrick Lachman, will be playing the Troubadour in Hollywood, California on Wednesday, November 14th. KEELHAUL and CRISIS will support.

Veteran Japanese metallers LOUDNESS will release a new studio album, entitled The Pandemonium, on November 21st. Recorded entirely in English, the new album will include the following tracks:


01. Ya Stepped On A Mine

02. Bloody Doom

03. The Pandemonium

04. What's The Truth

05. Suicide Doll

06. Chaos

07. The Candidate

08. Real Man

09. Inflame

10. Snakevenom

Former DEEP PURPLE/BLACK SABBATH singer Glenn Hughes will play the following dates in Russia in November:


Nov. 23 - Moscow, RUS @ DK Gorbunova

Nov. 24 - St.Petersburg, RUS @ BKZ Oktyabrsky

ISENGARD will perform at Bryggeriet in Motala, Sweden on November 15th.


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