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September 3, 2001

METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich and guitarist Kirk Hammett got up on stage to jam with METALLICA cover band CREEPING DEATH at Metallibash 2001, a METALLICA fan gathering which was held at San Francisco's Maritime Hall on Saturday, September 1st. According to reports, Ulrich and Hammett appeared at the event about 1 ½ hours into the aforementioned cover band's set and accepted the group's invitation to join them for a jam, which included renditions of 'Die, Die My Darling', “No Remorse', 'Helpless', '...And Justice For All', 'Ride the Lightning', and the finale of 'Am I Evil'. Photos of Kirk playing guitar and Lars sitting behind the kit, taken at the above event, can be found in the members-only area at the official METALLICA fan club site,

SLAYER guitarist Kerry King spoke to Australia's Rolling Stone magazine last week about the problems the group has encountered with the original cover artwork for their forthcoming God Hates Us All release, which is due to be released in the US on September 11th through American Recordings (via distribution from Universal). According to King, “We had to compromise on the cover art. The real cover is a blood-soaked bible, with nails through it, but apparently that was going to offend a few hardcore Christians. So we developed a white sleeve to go over the top in the shops. I think it looks pretty good still – just white with four gold crosses… The whole thing is a bit ambiguous, and I really like that. People can bring what they want into understanding the look and meaning of this album. And the title is funny, like a lot of people have been asking me, 'So, if God hates us all, does that mean you believe in God?' And I'm sort of like, 'Well, no, it doesn't mean anything, but it's sure got you thinking about some weird sh.t hasn't it?''

According to OZZY OSBOURNE guitarist Zakk Wylde's official web site, the upcoming Black Christmas tour, which is due to be headlined by OZZY and will feature ROB ZOMBIE in the 'special guest' slot, will also include British black metallers CRADLE OF FILTH on the bill, in what will mark the first US arena tour for the acclaimed UK act. The same message goes on to list SYSTEM OF A DOWN as the fourth band to be involved with the package, but those plans now appear to have been shelved, following pressure from promoters behind SOAD's upcoming Pledge Of Allegiance tour with SLIPKNOT for the group to pass on the aforementioned Black Christmas opportunity (seeing as it was taking place too soon after the Pledge Of Allegiance dates). Industry reports indicate that SYSTEM OF A DOWN manager David 'Beno' Benveniste turned the Black Christmas tour down via a faxed message to the office of Sharon Osbourne (OZZY's wife/manager) last week—a fax that was copied to various business associates of both parties, much to Osbourne's chagrin—upon the receipt of which Sharon reportedly proceeded to send back to Benveniste a faxed response that indicated that he could, in effect, kiss her ass (in actuality, it was a bit more graphic than this, but we'll leave all the details to your imagination). To cap it off, Osbourne copied the fax to a number of industry sources, many of whom were not directly involved in the initial correspondence, in what appeared to be a conscious attempt at getting back at SOAD for the manner in which they communicated their non-involvement in the tour.


In related news, OZZY OSBOURNE's 13th solo album, entitled Down To Earth, was officially mastered on Wednesday, August 29th, and is on schedule to make the October 16th street date. Produced by Tim Palmer, Down To Earth will include the following track listing:


01. Gets Me Through

02. Something That I Never Had

03. Dreamer

04. Easy Way Out

05. Facing Hell

06. You Know...

07. Junkie

08. Running Out of Time

09. Black Illusion

10. Alive

11. Can You Hear Them?


Two B-sides have also been recorded and will be issued as overseas bonus tracks. Meanwhile, MTV will air a half-hour special on OZZY on September 16th, followed by the world premiere of the clip for the album's first single, 'Gets Me Through', which was directed by acclaimed Swedish director (and former CANDLEMASS roadie!) Jonas Akerlund (i.e. METALLICA, MADONNA, THE PRODIGY, U2). Last week, amidst his hectic schedule of photo shoots, interviews, and recording sessions, OZZY also sat down with VH-1 to tape more interview footage for his Behind the Music episode to be used to complement the original 1998 Behind the Music, which was reportedly one of the bio-program's top-rated episodes.


In more OZZY-related news, Zakk Wylde's BLACK LABEL SOCIETY reportedly began recording their as-yet-untitled new album this past weekend for an early 2002 release through Spitfire Records.

Former OZZY OSBOURNE/BADLANDS guitarist Jake E. Lee has covered the JOE SATRIANI track “Surfing With The Alien” for the upcoming SATRIANI/STEVE VAI tribute album entitled Little Guitars: A Tribute to Joe Satriani and Steve Vai, which is due through Versailles Records in January 2002.

MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine spoke to METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich and guitarist/vocalist James Hetfield on the phone last week, according to Mustaine's most recent posting on MEGADETH's official web site. No further details were divulged about the contents of either conversation.

SLIPKNOT will be supported by Sweden's IN FLAMES and San Francisco's AMERICAN HEAD CHARGE on their upcoming headlining UK tour, which is set to take place during November. Here are the complete dates for the trek:


Nov. 02 - Cardiff, UK @ International Arena

Nov. 04 - Brighton, UK @ Centre

Nov. 06 - Glasgow, UK @ SECC

Nov. 08 - Manchester, UK @ MEN Arena

Nov. 09 - Birmingham, UK @ NEC

Nov. 10 - London, UK @ Docklands Arena


In related news, GODSMACK frontman Sully Erna recently voiced his feelings towards SLIPKNOT's music and image during an interview that aired on FM 100.3 WHEB, which broadcasts out of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Here is Erna's quote: 'I cant stand SLIPKNOT. I'm sorry I just hate them. The jumpsuits are pointless and the masks are gay. I cant stand the speed metal, thrash metal crap they play. I just don't like them at all.'


Finally, SLIPKNOT's just-issued Iowa opus has entered the Australian charts at position #2, right behind the Bridget Jones' Diary soundtrack. SLAYER's God Hates Us All debuted at #13 in the same chart.

SEPULTURA will be performing the following South American gigs at the end of September/early October:


Sept. 27 - Buenos Aires, ARG @ Estadio Obras

Sept. 29 - Sao Paulo, BRA @ CrediCard Hall

Sept. 30 - Rio De Janeiro, BRA @ ATL Hall

Oct. 02 - Santiago, CHL @ Estadio Chile

SAVATAGE guitarist Chris Caffery has announced plans to form a side project with OVERKILL frontman Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth. According to Caffery, a mutual friend approached him with the idea, which led to a meeting between him and Blitz last week during which the possibility of a musical collaboration was discussed. Although no further details have yet been divulged, Caffery stated that he is planning on asking one of his “favorites from another well-known classic metal band” to get involved in the project, the musical direction of which will allegedly be “violent...yet classy... I assure it would have elements of things we have both done before, but be very different. [We want to do] something that excites us both. Kinda like two kids that want to start a new band. I feel it is a great way for me to use my spare time and abundance of spare riffs.”

Veteran Canadian metallers ANVIL will be performing at Lee's Palace in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on September 22nd.

BLIND GUARDIAN have completed the mixing sessions for their long-awaited new single, which will contain a 14-minute track entitled “And Then There Was Silence” and an accompanying cut by the name of “Harvest of Sorrow”. Scheduled for release in Germany through Virgin Records in November, the single will contain “a special gimmick”, the details of which have not yet been divulged. BLIND GUARDIAN are due to begin finishing up the rest of their upcoming studio album this week, with only vocals and lead guitars left to be recorded at this point. As yet untitled, the full-length CD will be released around February 2002.

Swedish high-energy thrashers THE HAUNTED are presently composing the material for the follow-up to their critically-acclaimed The Haunted Made Me Do It CD. No album title has yet been revealed, but it is expected that the CD will surface sometime during the summer of 2002.

Finland's THE BLACK LEAGUE, featuring former SENTENCED frontman Taneli Jarva, have completed work on their second full-length CD, entitled Utopia A.D., at Tico Tico (Helsinki) and Sound Mix Studios in Oulu, Finland, and will begin the mixing process in the next couple of weeks at Finnvox Studios in Helsinki with Mikko Karmila at the helm. According to Jarva, Utopia A.D. is “less metal, yet heavier” than the group's previous efforts, and “if the rest of the process goes according to plan, (i.e., we don't manage to it up in the mixing or mastering),Utopia A.D. should blow the hell away out of Ichor and Doomsday Sun—which is not to say that we aren't satisfied with [the older CDs], but simply that this time we feel to have captured something really special that will probably make the previous releases sound like demos in comparison to this. Most definitely with this record we've made it very difficult for ourselves to surpass it in the future, or at least we've raised our standards high enough. Hence, I'm quite sure that if you liked our debut and if you could even digest our mini-LP, you'll love the new one!” Scheduled for release through Spinefarm Records in October/November, the 60-minute long Utopia A.D. will include the following track listing:


01. Transit Gloria Mundi

02. Empiria

03. Voice of God

04. Day One

05. To Suffer and to Smile

06. Tedium Vitae

07. Harbour of Hatred

08. The Everlasting – Pt. I

09. Rex Talionis (a.k.a. 'The Foe')

10. BlueSkyMagic

11. Citizen Cain

12. Alfa/Omega, the Desert Song

13. Utopia Anno Zero

THE BEASTIE BOYS have shut down their record label Grand Royal, the home of NULLSET and AT THE DRIVE-IN, among others. According to co-founder of the label, Mike Diamond (aka Mike D.),shutting down the business he created was one of the hardest decisions he has ever had to make. Here is the official statement on the matter:


'Mounting debts, decreasing assets and exceedingly harsh industry conditions have forced the venerable Grand Royal label to close its doors. The announcement came today that the label could no longer operate at its current loss.

'This is one of the most difficult decisions we've ever had to make,' said co-founder Mike Diamond a/k/a Mike D of BEASTIE BOYS. 'Over the years the Grand Royal family had grown to include some of the most talented musicians and staff in the business. It's tragic that the same growth has also produced an overhead and infrastructure that can no longer viable.'


'Grand Royal was founded by BEASTIE BOYS in 1993, the first release on the label being LUSCIOUS JACKSON's now classic In Search Of Manny. Within a few years, the label had gone from a public hobby to a full service operation, with a roster featuring ATARI TEENAGE RIOT, BEN LEE, SEAN LENNON, BS2000 and others, and LUSCIOUS JACKSON's Fever In, Fever Out being certified gold. More recently, Grand Royal released AT THE DRIVE-IN's critically lauded Relationship Of Command, which went on to sell nearly 1 million copies worldwide.


' 'Our intentions were always simply to create a home for exciting music and the people who were passionate about it,' Diamond said. 'It really sucks that we can't continue to do that.' '

SIX, the new Los Angeles-based act featuring frontman Lauren (i.e. DROWN, FAMOUS),guitarist Alfunction (i.e. CYPRESS HILL, OPM, MALFUNCTION),producer/ bassist/programmer Bob K (ROND.CORE, ALTERD STATE, DREAD ZEPPELIN),and drummer Rob Woods, will be issuing a five-song CD, entitled When the Beauty's Gone, in early September. Among the tracks making an appearance will be SIX's cover/remix of DROWN's 'Stranger, Killer, King' from the latter band's Throwing Away The Demos CD.

Sweden's PAIN, the brainchild of HYPOCRISY mainman Peter Tagtgren, have finally completed work on their third full-length CD, which is tentatively scheduled to be released at the end of the year through Stockholm Records. Entitled Nothing Remains The Same, the follow-up to 1999's excellent Rebirth effort will include the following track listing:


01. It's Only Them

02. Shut Your Mouth

03. Save Me

04. Injected Paradise

05. The Game

06. Can You See Me?

07. Fade Away

08. Eleanor Rigby (BEATLES cover)

09. The Deep Sea

10. Pull Me Under

11. Give It Up (bonus/B-side)

EDGUY drummer Felix Bohnke has refuted recent rumors linking him with the vacant drummer position in HELLOWEEN, following the latter band's split with skinsman Uli Kusch and guitarist Roland Grapow. According to Bohnke, 'I can assure you that I do not intend to leave EDGUY at all!! Why should I? These rumors are only rumors! Or don't you want me in EDGUY anymore?”

The UK act KILL II THIS have issued an official statement denying reports of an imminent split following the group's recent parting-of-the-ways with label Visible Noise Records and frontman Matt Pollock. According to bassist Pete Stone, “whilst we were unfortunate to lose Matt Pollock as our vocalist, we cannot stress stongly enough that KILL II THIS ARE NOT SPLITTING!! We took time out to review the situation and it didn't take long before we all came to the same conclusion... The new material that we have ready for the next album is by far the strongest yet, and we all felt that we couldn't just walk away and let these songs go unheard. Plans are already underway to replace Matt and we WILL be back with a new album.....very soon'.

In an interview that aired this past week on the Saturday Night Rocks show, hosted by Eddie Trunk, on 102.7 WNEW in New York City, former JUDAS PRIEST frontman Rob Halford revealed that he had recently spent time hanging out with JUDAS PRIEST guitarist K.K. Downing and he indicated that he would be attending PRIEST's show at Universal City, California's Universal Amphitheatre on Friday, September 14th.

According to Rolling Stone, both VERUCA SALT frontwoman Louise Post and former NASHVILLE PUSSY bassist Corey Parks have left Courtney Love's new “punk rock” band BASTARD. BASTARD have reportedly been recording a CD for Epitaph Records, while Love's primary band, HOLE, remains on hiatus due to a label dispute. According to the article, Post quit after one day of recording with the band and an intensive period of writing and practicing because of a personality clash with Love. 'It was sad to leave, but I felt I had no choice,' Post told Rolling Stone. 'I felt Courtney was becoming a friend, and I was very close to [drummer] Patty Schemel — it was so great getting to play with her. But things just went in a different direction… I wish [Love] well. Courtney is a powerful force, and she'll do whatever she wants to do. It's a shame we couldn't get along.' Meanwhile, Parks, who joined BASTARD after being courted by Courtney for several months, reportedly left after just a week or so for unspecified reasons.

The confirmed dates for FLOTSAM AND JETSAM's upcoming US tour—the group's first with HELSTAR/DESTINY'S END vocalist James Rivera taking the place of the departed Eric A.K.—are as follows:


Sept. 28 - Dallas, TX - Canyon Club

Sept. 29 - Austin, TX - The Metro

Sept. 30 - Houston, TX - Fitzgerald's

Oct. 02 - Tampa, FL - Brass Mug

Oct. 03 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Culture Room

Oct. 06 - Richmond, VA - Canal Club

Oct. 07 - W. Springfield, VA - Jaxx

Oct. 08 - Randolph, NJ - Obsessions

Oct. 10 - Philadelphia, PA - The Balcony

Oct. 12 - Poughkeepsie, NY - The Chance

Oct. 13 - Cleveland, OH - Agora Theatre

Oct. 14 - Aurora, IL - Riley's

Oct. 15 - Lansing, IL - J.J. Kelly's

Oct. 16 - Clinton, IA - Pig Pen

Oct. 18 - Denver, CO - Bluebird Theater

Oct. 20 - Tucson, AZ - The Rock

Oct. 01 - Santa Ana, CA - Galaxy Theatre

Oct. 02 - Reseda, CA - Paladino's

Sweden's AMON AMARTH were forced to cancel their scheduled appearance at the Summer Breeze Festival last weekend after drummer Fredrik broke his collarbone the week prior at a soccer tournament called Beer Cup, “where the players have to be drunk and where a sh.tload of beer was to win,” according to the group's web site.

Former SUNDOWN mainman Mathias Lodmalm has decided to rethink the musical approach behind his latest venture, SP3(TRA, an electronic act that is said to feature no guitars, no live drums, and no growling death metal vocals. In his most recent newsletter, Lodmalm states that “a few weeks back I had 15 songs on the finish line and a number of labels that would happily put these out. 'Digital Neon' was finished, [SP3(TRA] was ready to go out and smash up the ebm / synth scene into pieces. Now I have about eight tracks and no labels and I couldn't be happier. During the negotiations and summer downtime I had some time to breathe and seriously look into what I was doing. Thank the lord of darkness for this. Rushing through the motions and very excited to leave my musical past behind, I had put myself in a corner once again. SP3(TRA was now an ebm / synth band and I was getting claustrophobic. I could see how it all was gonna pan out and that was not my original vision. No way was I gonna limit my music to some sort of 'genre'. I'm not a trend jockey and I never was, nor do I aspire to become one. We're talking digital rebellion here and not getting in line with the current flow of COVENANT / VNV wannabees. How sad it would be if [SP3(TRA] got wrapped up in that, just like CEMETARY sorta got caught up in the PARADISE LOST movement of sorts in the beginning. Sorry folks but [SP3(TRA] just isn't ready to go just yet, but quite soon. I'm on the plane, we have lift-off but I'm just a bit to messed up to read the destination on the ticket. While I put down the final code of digital neon you can enjoy an exclusive mix of a new track 'Ground Zero'. This track is one of many to go through a 2nd revision but I'm quite fond of this mix and I thought it was time for a new tune for you to see how [SP3(TRA] has developed. Though this might not be the no.1 example, I still rank it as a smashing tune to take on any dance floor.” To download SP3(TRA's “Ground Zero”, click here.

Former TWISTED SISTER frontman Dee Snider is selling his 1999 Dodge vehicle via Coallier Entertainment's second Stars Cars Auction on eBay. Here are the details:


Limited production 1999 Shelby SP360 Durango #058

4X4 non-supercharged version

ram air

dual exhaust


bench middle seat

47,000+ miles

Purchased new by Dee Snider (a Dad with Dignity thanks to this vehicle)


Auction begins September 1st. A photo of Dee with the vehicle can be viewed here. Go to Coallier Entertainment at this location for further details.

New York death metal veterans IMMOLATION have parted ways with Metal Blade Records after three albums and six years together.

Veteran Canadian thrashers EXCITER have cancelled their gig at El Macambo in Toronto. No reason was given for the cancellation.

North Carolina's LEADFOOT, who feature in their ranks former C.O.C. vocalist Karl Agell and bassist Phil Swisher, will be recording their second album, tentatively entitled Saturday Knight, after they return from their upcoming European tour. An early 2002 release is planned through an as-yet-unspecified label.

The reunited San Francisco Bay Area old-school metallers MERCENARY have announced the set list for their upcoming debut reunion gig on Tuesday, November 13th at the Covered Wagon Saloon (Lucifer's Hammer) in San Francisco (5th and Folsom St.). According to guitarist/mainman Sven Soderlund, MERCENARY will be performing the following tracks during their first live outing in over 14 years:


01. Trembling Delirium

02. Retinal Burns

03. Doors To The Deep

04. Window Prisoners

05. From Napalm To Cinders

06. Perils

07. Blades Of Steel (SATAN cover)

08. Self-Destruct

09. [Surprise Song] (TBA)


MERCENARY have also announced plans to sell T-shirts and a CD version of their legendary 1986 demo at the show. Although as yet unconfirmed, plans exist for the newly reunited HIRAX to join MERCENARY at the aforementioned gig.

VICIOUS RUMORS will be appearing at the Ultrasound 2001 festival, which is scheduled to take place September 7-9 at the Hilton Burbank Airport &amp Convention Center (aka The Burbank Hilton) in Burbank, CA. VR will be performing on the 9th.

Former IMPELLITERRI vocalist Rob Rock's new band has been nominated for the Best Metal Act award in The People's Music Awards for Central Florida. Fans can vote for Rob Rock in the Best Metal category at: Rob and the band will return to the Green Parrot in Largo, Florida on September 29th, 2001 to perform a full 90-minute concert featuring songs from the Rage of Creation album and selections from all of Rock's previous recordings.

For those that care: CORPORATE AVENGER, the Los Angeles-based act that recently issued a CD entitled Freedom Is A State Of Mind through Koch Records, features in its ranks former MIND OVER FOUR frontman Spike Xavier and ex-MINDFUNK singer Pat Dubar. Neither is listed by his real name in the album's credits.

THE SILHOUETTE, featuring vocalist Chity Somapala (AVALON/IVANHOE) and guitarist Lou St. Paul (WINTERS BANE),has made available for download three demo MP3s from the DCA Recordings web site at this location. THE SILHOUETTE's debut release will be a concept album entitled, Divinity Of Wraiths, the story for which has already been written by guitarist Lou St. Paul, with Lou and vocalist Chity Somapala still in the process of writing the music and creating the vocal melodies for the upcoming CD.

The reunited ABATTOIR are three-quarters of the way through recording their comeback release, entitled Evil Incarnate, which is due to be issued through an as-yet-undetermined label in early 2002. According to vocalist Steve Gaines, the new material “has all of the strength and memorability of [ABATTOIR's 1985 debut album] Vicious Attack, yet with a whole lot more rage.” Currently talking to three different labels, according to the frontman, ABATTOIR expect to sign a record deal once the recording of the new album has been fully completed. In other news, ABATTOIR are currently accepting orders on a limited-edition CD recorded at the group's Classic Metal Festival appearance in Kalamazoo, Michigan last June, entitled No Sleep 'Till Kalamazoo, which is tentatively scheduled to be released around Christmas. Only 500 or so copies will be pressed up.

The reunited hard rockers ROUGH CUTT (a band that once featured ORGY guitarist Amir Derakh in its ranks) have decided to change their name to THE CUTT after the group's newly written material was deemed too much of a departure from the band's previous output to fit comfortably alongside it. Featuring full-time members Paul Shortino (vocals ex-QUIET RIOT),John Homan (drums) and JT Garrett (keyboards),THE CUTT have received a great deal of assistance from various guitarists and bass players during the recording of their upcoming album, among them Brad Gillis (NIGHT RANGER, OZZY),Carlos Cavazo (QUIET RIOT),Howard Leese (HEART),Dave Whiston (RICK SPRINGFIELD),Lanny Cordola (HOUSE OF LORDS, GIUFFRIA),Jimmy Crespo (AEROSMITH, ROD STEWART),Chuck Wright (HOUSE OF LORDS, QUIET RIOT) and Sean McNabb (GREAT WHITE, QUIET RIOT). As yet untitled, THE CUTT's upcoming CD is tentatively scheduled to be released in early 2002 through an as-yet-unspecified label.

KING'S X frontman Doug Pinnick will reportedly record a 'piano-oriented' album with Jeff Ament of PEARL JAM at some point in the not-too-distant future. No further details are available at this time.



To commemorate a decade of success in the metal business, Century Media Records will hold a tenth anniversary concert at the Roxy in Hollywood, California on Friday, September 28. The show will feature performances from some of Century Media's most celebrated North American artists, including DEVIN TOWNSEND featuring STRAPPING YOUNG LAD, NEVERMORE, SKINLAB, SHADOWS FALL and SCAR CULTURE (more bands to be announced shortly). Tickets to the show will be available through Ticketmaster.


The concert will coincide with the release of the Tenth Anniversary Box Set Collection, a limited edition label retrospective set featuring two discs of released material (divided into Western Hemisphere and Eastern Hemisphere discs),a disc of rare and unreleased tracks and a full-color 90 page booklet containing essays, photos, interviews and a full label discography.


In 1991, Century Media Records opened an office in Los Angeles, California with the goal of becoming the largest independent metal label in the world. Over the past ten years, the label has enjoyed success in the numerous and perpetually evolving genres of extreme music — from black metal to power metal to death metal to hardcore — from the goth-metal of MOONSPELL, to the pioneering grooves of STUCK MOJO, to the straight-up, no-holds-barred metallic onslaught of ICED EARTH and beyond.


It is this diversity in extremes that has distinguished the label since its creation, and drives it full-speed-ahead into the new millennium. Recently, Century Media opened an office in Sweden, bringing its worldwide total to nine offices (Germany, America, England, Italy, France, Australia, Brazil, Sweden, Holland).

Contrary to recent rumors, vocalist Graham Bonnet has NOT left IMPELLITERRI and has so far completed six songs for the band's forthcoming album, which is due in early 2002. In other news, Bonnet and keyboardist Don Airey (i.e. BLACK SABBATH, RAINBOW) are planning to tour Europe this autumn, with dates scheduled to begin in late October. More information as it becomes available.

Belfast-based metalcore band SPINDRIFT have parted ways with guitarist Marty Robinson. Speaking about the sudden departure, Robinson remarked 'It was time to ask myself where my passion and song writing was going and SPINDRIFT wasn't the answer.' Reflecting on the last few years he spent with the band he said 'It has been such a great experience for me and I've met a lot of good friends. I'm still good mates with the band and hope this to continue with many more nights of drink and debauchery!'. Probed about his future plans, Marty teased with a wry smile: 'That's a good question, I don't exactly know the direction it's going to take but I've got a lot of ideas and material ready to be developed. Expect something before the year's out.' The remaining members (singer Micky Higgins, drummer Steve McCartney and bassist Anthony McKee) have vowed to take their current position and make it a positive one. 'Marty helped us grow to where we are today, and we will miss him, but this is just the close of a chapter. Our next step will prove to be just as exiting and fun, whilst continuing to improve and develop the SPINDRIFT sound'. Marty appears on the forthcoming SPINDRIFT EP, View My World, to be released in Autumn 2001 by Distortion Project Records. Interested guitarists can mail the band at [email protected]. Marty's final gig with SPINDRIFT will be at Belfast's Limelight on the 27th September.

Here is the official word from former Man's Ruin Records labelhead/founder Frank Kozik about the recent dissolution of the company and his future plans:


“Hello Everyone,


“As you all know by now, Man's Ruin is officially belly-up. The bankruptcy goes through next week and I'm moving off back into the world of art and design. 5 years and half a million dollars of my life savings down the tubes is enough for me. I do feel, however that we got quite a few great records and bands out there and that the scene continues to grow and flourish. It has been an honor and a privilege to work with you all.


“Blame it on a combination of mistakes, bad luck, the false real estate boom in San Francisco, high taxes or the current dismal state of distribution...take your pick. Our web site sales people going out of business after writing us 20 thousand dollars in hot checks didn't help much either. Anyone who placed an order after July the first, well, Whyldweb basically ripped you off. I recommend that you try to get your credit card companies to pursue the matter with them. We never got your money.


“There are over 150,000 Man's Ruin records and CDs still in warehouses around the world, hopefully someone will be able to make them available again someday. My hope is that the stuff gets back to the bands, where it belongs.


“I hope all the bands are more successful elsewhere, we tried our best.


“I have officially left Man's Ruin, and it is currently in the hands of the lawyer, receiver and courts.


“I will not answer any correspondence pertaining to the business matters of Man's Ruin, as I am no longer legally entitled to. Those inquiries should be directed to: [email protected] as they are the legal firm handling the bankruptcy.


“Thanks, Frank Kozik

SUPERZERO, the New England-based act featuring Markus Cherone (the brother of former VAN HALEN/EXTREME vocalist Gary Cherone) on guitar, has been asked by their Japanese record label, Big MF/Zain Records, to perform in a concert in Tokyo on October 4th. The band will reportedly perform at the Tokyo Shibuya AX and will open for TALAS (featuring former MR. BIG bassist Billy Sheehan). This will be SUPERZERO's first appearance in Japan, where the group's debut CD, Attack Of The Air Monkeys, was released a couple of years ago. SUPERZERO's follow-up effort, Hogwash, has just been issued in Japan through the same label.


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