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September 14, 2001

SYSTEM OF A DOWN will officially top next week's Billboard Pop Album chart after having shifted over 222,000 copies of their Toxicity CD during the album's first week of release, according to Soundscan. This news comes one day after it was announced that SOAD would enter the chart at #2, behind ALICIA KEYS—with a first week total of 170,000—a reporting error that was allegedly the result of the existence of an alternate version of Toxicity that was not initially incorporated into the final tally.

PANTERA have officially pulled out of their scheduled participation in the Tattoo The Planet European tour (a trek that was scheduled to include SLAYER, STATIC-X, and CRADLE OF FILTH, among others) following the tragic events that transpired earlier in the week. Here is PANTERA's official statement on the matter as posted on the group's web site at “September 12, 2001. There are no words worthy to express the sorrow we feel for those who lost loved ones in yesterday's terrible tragedy. We have made the decision to cancel our participation in the upcoming 'Tattoo the Planet' tour of Europe that was scheduled to begin tomorrow, Thursday, September 13. We apologize to our international friends and fans that we planned on jamming and partying with, but there is absolutely nothing in the world worth compromising their safety or ours. PANTERA—Philip Anselmo, Rex Brown, Dimebag Darrell, Vinnie Paul” According to the festival organizers, the cancelled UK Tattoo The Planet shows have now been rescheduled for October. The confirmed new dates—which will **NOT** include PANTERA—are as follows:


Oct. 09 – Dublin, IRE @ Point

Oct. 11 – Glasgow, UK @ SECC

Oct. 13 – London, UK @ Wembley Arena

Oct. 14 – Birmingham, UK @ NEC

In light of the shocking chain of events that have occurred in the past 48 hours, JUDAS PRIEST have decided to postpone their US tour until January. At this point, the tour's designated support acts, ANTHRAX and ICED EARTH, do not have the option of proceeding with the tour on their own and are currently considering other possibilities before making an official announcement. Here is a posting on the matter from ANTHRAX guitarist Scott Ian: “Due to the tragic events in NYC the tour has been postponed until January. The decision came from the JUDAS PRIEST camp who are currently stuck in Mexico. Personally, on our end, we were hoping to go out and rock. Life goes on. We just wanted to go out and do what we do. These aforementioned events are far reaching and affect us all. Even a stupid rock tour has to suffer. We're gonna go home. Take a week off. We'll get back together in NY and continue working on the new record. We are still going to do the live record in Chicago. As soon as we've got the details we'll let you know. Stay tuned. Scott. PS: I can only hope that they find these humans responsible. And anyone they've ever been in contact with, and anyone that harbored them, anyone that made it possible for them to carry out their actions. Find them and cleanse the earth of their filth. My city has been raped. It's people murdered. Justice must be swift and uncompromising.”


Just prior to making the decision to cancel the tour, JUDAS PRIEST Management Co-Ordinator Jayne Andrews issued the following update on the trek via the group's official web site at “Wednesday, September 12, 2001 1:46:20 PM — Words cannot express how stunned and appalled we are at the terrible tragedies of yesterday - our heartfelt condolences go out to everyone. At the moment we cannot say how this will affect our US tour because the band cannot even get into the States at this time due to the airports being closed. They are all, band, crew and equipment, sitting in Mexico, just waiting for an all clear. As soon as we know anything at all we will let you all know and naturally if we have to cancel any shows we will of course do our very best to reschedule them as soon as possible.” Meanwhile, JUDAS PRIEST have announced the dates for the second leg of their European Tour, which will presumably remain unaffected by the above-mentioned cancellation. The details are as follows:


Oct. 31 - Tilburg, NETH @ O13

Nov. 01 - Antwerp, BEL @ Hof Ter Lo

Nov. 03 - Malmo, SWE @ KB

Nov. 04 - Copenhagen, DEN @ Amager Bio

Nov. 05 - Oslo, NOR @ Rockefeller

Nov. 06 - Aarhus/DEN @ Train

Nov. 08 - Gothenberg, SWE @ Kaaren

Nov. 09 - Norkoeping, SWE @ Varmekyrkan

Nov. 10 - Stockholm, SWE @ Brewery

Nov. 11 - Ronneby, SWE @ Club Ron


Another week's worth of dates will likely get added at the end of the tour. More information as it becomes available. Also on the JUDAS PRIEST front, the band have issued the following statement about the recent theatrical release of the movie Rock Star, starring Mark Wahlberg, which was widely reported to have been loosely based on the life story of current PRIEST frontman Tim “Ripper” Owens: “There appears to be a lot of confusion surrounding the movie Rock Star and JUDAS PRIEST. The film is NOT about JUDAS PRIEST or their story. We all know that the production company got the original idea from an interview we did with The New York Times when Ripper first joined the band — however what they have done is take various ideas from many bands and put it all together into a purely fictional film — we have communicated with Warner Bros on a few occasions regarding the JUDAS PRIEST name being used incorrectly and they have categorically informed us that this film is fiction and not based on any particular band's story. The story line is so far removed from JUDAS PRIEST (other than the initial background to the new vocalist) that we have had to disassociate ourselves from it — when we hear there are scenes where the band fire their old singer because he is gay ......!! Well needless to say this is not the kind of thing we want any contact with. So once and for all - this film is NOT the story of JUDAS PRIEST!”

KORN have finished recording all the music for the group's upcoming fifth studio album and are waiting for vocalist Jonathan Davis to complete the vocals tracks for the CD in a Vancouver studio, where the frontman has been holed up for the last few weeks. In an interview published at, Davis stated that “[the instrumental tracks for the new album] came out really good. I know we always say this about [our] albums, but this is the heaviest and the best thing we've ever done. I'm really excited about it.' Produced by Michael Beinhorn, the as-yet-untitled album marks a return to the group's ranks of drummer David Silveria, whose wrist injury in early 2000 forced the skinsman off the road and fueled persistent rumors that he was leaving the band. 'It's taken us a long time,” Davis told MTV. “We've gone through so many different ups and downs — waiting for David's arm to get better and hoping he could still be in the band, that was a scary ordeal,' Davis said. 'If the surgery didn't work, he couldn't play. The surgery was successful, and he's back in, so we had to give him time to recover and not play. So we had to sit on our hands.”

Los Angeles' MEDICATION, featuring former MACHINE HEAD / SOULFLY guitarist Logan Mader, ex-UGLY KID JOE / LIFE OF AGONY vocalist Whitfield Crane, ex-ADAYINTHELIFE guitarist Blunt, and ex-SOULFY drummer Roy Mayorga, are in the studio mixing a self-financed five-song EP, which they're planning on releasing through their own label and presumably making available at the group's upcoming European shows in October/November. According to Mayorga, '[we're] basically doing it ourselves since record labels cant seem to make up their mind if they want us or not...soooo D.I.Y.(do it yourself) all the way.”

THYRANE will soon embark on a European tour with ANCIENT and several other bands. Dates and venues will be announced shortly.

Sweden's TRANSPORT LEAGUE will now enter Studio Fredman on October 20th to record their new album, entitled Multiple Organ Harvest. Due to be produced by Fredrik Nordström (i.e. THE HAUNTED, IN FLAMES, AT THE GATES, SPIRITUAL BEGGARS, HAMMERFALL, etc.),the album will include the following tracks, among others:


01. Fold 'n Disgusted

02. Safe (Houdini)

03. Cop-Out

04. Disconnect Massconnect

05. Lobotomico

06. Slack, Wrist

07. Smack

Finland's SINERGY have completed work on their third full-length CD, entitled Suicide By My Side, at Gothenburg's Studio Fredman and will be mastering the effort on September 17th at Finnvox Studios in Helsinki. However, the group's previously announced cover version of FAITH NO MORE's 'Falling To Pieces', which was planned to be included on the Japanese version of the CD as a bonus track, will now be left off the finished album because the group were apparently not satisfied with the end result. Another, as-yet-undetermined song will appear in its place. Meanwhile, SINERGY frontwoman Kimberly Goss has posted the following update via the group's official web site at


“YES!!!!!! Great to be back home! (many bills and tons of dust to greet us, but what the hell) Me and [guitarist] Alexi [Laiho] were the only ones in the band who stayed the entire 6 weeks in Göteborg, so we were really wanting to get home!


“The album is a MASTERPIECE (if I may say so). This weekend was sooooooo awesome when we had journalists from around Europe (and a Canadian as well!) in the studio for a listening session. THEY LOVED IT!!!!!! And if you don't believe it, then see it for yourselves in upcoming issues of... Hard N' Heavy (France),Metal Invader (Greece),Metal Hammer (Italy),BW&ampBK (Canada),Hammer (Germany),Heavy Oder Was (Germany),Metal Heart (Germany) and the SPANISH Rock Hard! We had such a blast! First we listened to the album, then me and Alexi did the interviews, after that we went out to dinner, went to a metal bar where we met up with some guys from IN FLAMES, WITCHERY, DARK TRANQUILLITY (among many others). When that closed, we went to 2 more bars and the survivors (only six of us) went back to the studio at 6 AM to continue drinking. It was the most fun I've had in ages! (I haven't been partying that much in recent times) And it was all paid by Nuclear Blast (so that makes it nice for our wallets)!


“Today I received emails from 4 of the journalists telling me once again that the album is amazing and they were really glad to be with us this weekend!


“On a final note, I have been talking with a new drummer now for the last 2 weeks (He was a student at M.I. in Los Angeles) and he is Swedish. Myself, Alexi and Marco watched an 8-minute promo video of this guy and we were all blown away!!!!! This guy was extremely talented and very technical, but at the same time HE ROCKED!!!!!!! The best thing about him is that he doesn't even play in any other bands at the moment!!!! He will most likely be having an audition with us sometime within the next 2 months. If everything goes well, I'll let you know. As for now, this is NOT CONFIRMED, I just wanted to update you on what's happening!”

Germany's KREATOR played a free Open Air concert in their hometown of Essen, Germany on August 31st in front of 12,000 people. It was the group's first hometown appearance in 12 years. In other news, KREATOR, in co-operation with Zwini (who was responsible for the 'Death Metal Fans Against Fascism' campaign),are planning on printing a special editon of the Pleasure To Kill T-shirt artwork including the slogan 'Thrash Metal Fans gegen Faschismus'. Also on the KREATOR front, the band are about to lens a promo clip for the title track of their upcoming CD, entitled Violent Revolution, which is scheduled to be released through SPV/SteamhammerRecords on September 24th. A limited edition of Violent Revolution will also be in the stores on the same day, featuring bonus tracks and a special packaging that is said to be “pretty unique for a metal release”.

The release date of QUEENSRYCHE's upcoming Operation: LIVECrime DVD has been pushed back until November 20th. In other news, here is the official track listing for both the Live Evolution double CD and DVD/VHS.


Live Evolution Double CD


Disc 1

EP/Warning/Rage Suite

01. NM 156

02. Walk in the Shadows

03. Roads to Madness

04. The Lady Wore Black

05. Take Hold of the Flame

06. Queen of the Reich

07. London

08. Screaming in Digital

Mindcrime Suite

09. I Remember Now

10. Revolution Calling

11. Spreading the Disease

12. Electric Requiem

13. Spreading the Disease (Part II)

14. The Mission

15. Suite Sister Mary

16. My Empty Room

17. Eyes of a Stranger


Disc 2

Empire/Promised Land Suite

01. I Am I

02. Damaged

03. Empire

04. Silent Lucidity

05. Another Rainy Night

06. Jet City Woman


07. Liquid Sky

08. Sacred Ground

09. Falling Down

10. Hit the Black

11. Breakdown

12. The Right Side of My Mind


Live Evolution VHS/DVD


EP/Warning/Rage Suite

01. NM 156

02. Roads to Madness

03. The Lady Wore Black

04. London

05. Screaming in Digital

Empire/Promised Land Suite

06. I Am I

07. Damaged

08. Empire

09. Silent Lucidity

10. Jet City Woman


11. Hit the Black

12. Breakdown

13. The Right Side of My Mind

Mindcrime Suite

14. Revolution Calling

15. Suite Sister Mary

16. My Empty Room

17. Eyes of a Stranger


18. Take Hold of the Flame

19. Queen of the Reich

SEPULTURA have added a few more dates to their previously announced South American tour. The revised schedule is as follows:


Sept. 27 - Buenos Aires, ARG @ Estadio Obras

Sept. 29 - Sao Paulo, BRA @ CrediCard Hall

Sept. 30 - Rio De Janeiro, BRA @ ATL Hall

Oct. 02 - Santiago, CHL @ Estadio Chile

BRUCE DICKINSON recently told The Bruce Dickinson Wellbeing Network that work is progressing on the material for his upcoming solo album, with the vocalist once again collaborating closely with longtime guitarist Roy Z on the songs for the as-yet-untitled effort. When asked if there were “any other new musical areas” that he would like to explore on the forthcoming CD, Bruce stated that “Me and Roy are working on a few things that I'm quite interested in. Funnily enough, when we get together I always go 'Wow, great, let's so some 14 minute thing,' and Roy is going 'We're gonna have four or five rockers on there as well,' and I'm like 'Why don't we do, like, one huge 30 min song,' but Roy always says, 'we've gotta have some rockers on there,' so anyway... We do actually have two or three fairly lengthy tracks that are pretty cool and we've got another six or seven ideas, or songs in fact, demos, that are OK but we think they could be better. You know, nothing wrong with them, but we're just looking for some really good stuff. At the moment, Roy is tied up full time with HALFORD and when he gets to the end of it, he's gonna need a bit of time to chill out before starting writing. I hope we're gonna get this new album done before the spring which would mean that we could release it, say, in the autumn. And that would be about the same time that I'd be going in the studio with MAIDEN having written over the summer. That's in an ideal world. Anything can go wrong, you know... HALFORD could put the album back, they would have to remix it, Roy is tied up until February or March, all kinds of stuff could happen between now and then.”

SOILENT GREEN have confirmed via their official web site that they are no longer part of the upcoming Metallenium Tour. Bands still scheduled to take part in the tour include SIX FEET UNDER, DIMMU BORGIR, WITCHERY, GOD FORBID, LAMB OF GOD, NAPALM DEATH and DARKEST HOUR. In other news, SOILENT GREEN will reportedly be going into the studio soon to record another new track for a split 7” single with fellow New Orleans sludge-meisters EYEHATEGOD, who will also be recording a new track.

KISS' Paul Stanley recently made the following comment on the movie Rock Star, the film currently playing in the theatres that was loosely based on the life story of JUDAS PRIEST frontman Tim “Ripper” Owens (as reported by The New York Post): “It does glorify rock and roll, but why not? The '80s concerts deserve to be immortalized. It was a time when performers really gave audiences their money's worth. Not today—not when kids get up in cutoffs and hiking boots and turn out looking average. We should give a wake-up call to some modern bands. Tell them that they must give what we came to see!”


In other news, KISS bassist Gene Simmons posted the following “open letter” to the group's fans via the band's official web site at




“When we first started KISSNATION years ago (our original website),it was intended as a place where you and we could have direct contact. The idea was for you to have instant access to us without manager, bodyguards and the like.


“It worked, for a short time. You asked us how we felt about certain things and we tried as best we could to answer. Initially, the spirit of the site was great. But, it quickly became a place where gossip and innuendo replaced fact... and it quickly became a place where 'The Few' thought they were the voice of the masses.


“We stopped logging on. The site kept going downhill. 'The Few' saw it as a forum where they could vent their feelings about what was wrong with KISS. The site became a chat room. The few times I logged on to read what was being discussed, I was disappointed. I soon lost interest in the site and thereafter it was shut down.


Kiss Otaku, the site Mike Brandvold started and ran, seemed a better place. Something about the 'tone' of it seemed to reflect the voice of the masses, rather than the few. When we started talking with (Sony) Signatures about starting our own site, we needed someone to run it. I suggested Mike. I called him at home, we had a meeting of the minds and he literally picked up house and home and left for San Francisco. He has been at the helm of ever since.


“The reason for this message is that both you, the fan, and we, the band are caught in a catch 22. Here it is in simple terms: You want a site that gives you news and all the rest... but more importantly, you want a place where you can have instant access to KISS. Guess what? That's what we want too. We want a place where you can reach us, voice your opinions good, bad or otherwise and have us respond.


KISS started about thirty years ago as a band. Four guys. Four destinies. All for one and one for all. But, it became immediately obvious that reality was nothing like the dream. I know you are uncomfortable hearing this. Too bad. We all have to grow up sometime. KISS was equally owned for all of us. Democracy was what we initially set up. The problem was, equal work, equal responsibility for equal pay didn't seem to apply to everyone.


“We kept saying this over and over in countless interviews about how KISS was like a team — it's the Olympics. In sports, if one member isn't cutting it, he's gone. The same rules apply for everyone on the team. With KISS, you think different rules should apply. We've heard you say over and over again, that no matter what the problems are, nothing should change.


“We disagree. Families break apart for much less. Start your own band and see if you would be any different.


“So, by 1980, we had enough of the torture and changes were made within the band. Over the next twenty years, we would make numerous changes. During the years the original line-up was not together we carried on nonetheless. We took the point of view that the whole was greater than any of its parts. We knew you would think it wasn't like the TRUE original line up. But we knew that too. Our only choice was, do we die with the original line up, or do we carry on?


“We brought in new members, we dropped our makeup and then put it back on again. And, reunited with our original line up. And, here we are today.


“But, guess what? The same rules apply. If you snooze, you lose. Everyone has to carry the weight.


KISS is a band that you want to consist of Peter, Ace, Paul and Gene. And, that's fine with us. That's what we wanted all along. Remember, we were the ones who initially picked that line-up to begin with.


“The future? There will be lots of it. We've always done things our way... some of it you liked and some it you hated. The question has always been, when you say YOU hate it, why do you think it reflects the rest of the fans? Why is it that, when 'I Was Made For Lovin' You' came out and you cried 'Sell Out', 'KISS goes disco, etc.', it nonetheless became our biggest single. AROUND THE WORLD. You hated it, but the rest of the KISS fans loved it. Or, are you trying to tell me YOU are a real fan and the rest of the fans aren't? Me? I was never crazy about the song. But, so what? NO ONE'S OPINION SPEAKS FOR EVERYONE.


“And, therein lies the problem. There are a few of you, perhaps a few hundred, who have the time to log on day in and day out. You voice your opinions and you do it often. And, that's fine. But, you do not reflect the KISS nation. You are 'The Few'.


“You don't like Eric Singer wearing the cat make-up, but KISS fandom have no problem with it, otherwise they wouldn't have come to the concerts. You hated us for coming clean about substance abuse by members of the band and called us liars... until you read interviews by they guys admitting they had used for decades. You hate the KISS toys and games. But, the world loves them. They buy them. By the millions. You think Gene is greedy. You are right. I want as much as I can get before they put me six feet under. And, if you tell me you are any different, I will call you a liar to your face. Everyone wants to win the lottery and are thrilled if they do. I'm no different. Just because 'you' have small dreams is no reason to take it out on anyone else.


“ 'The Few' are also rude. In particular, when KISS girls decide to send in beautiful photos of themselves to our site, they are sending it to YOU. You respond by being rude and insulting their beauty. Low class. Just because you're not getting any, is no reason to take it out on the girls. They are all beautiful and we love them all.


“So, why write this to you in the first place? Because, believe it or not, we still wanna talk to you. We DO care what you have to say. We were never interested in anything but an honest relationship with you. When you say you didn't like a song, that's fine. Maybe we agree with you, maybe we don't. But if you say that songs suck, as if it's a fact, WHO'S saying that? The entire KISS nation? Are you their spokesperson?


“It's time to be responsible. Be as brutal about your opinions as you want to be. But, be clear, IT'S ONLY YOUR OPINION. And, you certainly have a right to it.


“It's time to be polite. If you don't think someone is particularly beautiful in your eyes, KEEP IT TO YOURSELF. Who asked you in the first place?


“It's time to separate gossip from fact. You know the difference. Don't foist one off as the other. You're smarter than that.


“We'd love to have chats with you. Just you and us. But, not until things change. You wouldn't go into someone's home if you heard all kinds of screaming coming from inside... even if you're invited.


“We hear alot of screaming coming from inside KISSONLINE... but only from 'A FEW.'


“Now, let's see what you have to say about all of this...


Gene Simmons

KITTIE have announced the details of their upcoming promotional trek, during which they will travel to cities across the US and signing autographs at in-store sessions. The tentative dates are as follows:


Oct. 21 - San Francisco, CA

Oct. 22 - Phoenix, AZ

Oct. 23 - Minneapolis, MN

Oct. 24 - Chicago, IL

Oct. 25 - Detroit, MI

Oct. 26 - Philadelphia, PA

Oct. 27 - Boston, MA

Oct. 29 - New York, NY

Nov. 01 or Nov. 02 - Los Angeles, CA

Nov. 03 - Dallas, TX





As a result and in observance of the recent tragedy, The Pledge Of Allegiance Tour—featuring co-headliners SLIPKNOT and SYSTEM OF A DOWN, two of rock's most cutting-edge and acclaimed groups—has postponed its kick off date to September 21 in Denver, CO at the Denver Coliseum. At the same time, the multi-band arena Pledge Of Allegiance Tour is dedicating the trek to the innocent victims and their families. Named in honor of the fans who have fiercely expressed their support and loyalty to uncompromising bands like SLIPKNOT (who will close the show) and SYSTEM OF A DOWN, the tour and its name have taken on an expanded meaning for the bands in light of this week's horrific events.


The 30-show tour was set to launch September 14 in Chicago, IL. The scheduled shows in Chicago IL, St. Paul MN, Madison WI and Cedar Rapids IA are being moved into October, while the itinerary still culminates on Halloween (October 31) in East Rutherford, NJ at the Continental Airlines Arena. The other bands appearing on the lineup are RAMMSTEIN and MUDVAYNE, along with alternating opening acts NO ONE and AMERICAN HEAD CHARGE.


The Pledge Of Allegiance Tour is the brainchild of such music industry innovators as Steve Richards of No Name Management and No Name Recordings, David “Beno” Benveniste of StreetWise Concepts &amp Culture/Velvet Hammer Music, Happy Walters of Immortal Entertainment Group and Dave Kirby of The Agency Group.


You can pledge your allegiance at the tour dates below…


Sept. 21 - Denver, CO @ Denver Coliseum

Sept. 22 - Colorado Springs, CO @ World Arena

Sept. 25 - Portland, OR @ Rose Garden

Sept. 26 - Tacoma, WA @ Tacoma Dome

Sept. 28 - San Jose, CA @ Compaq Center

Sept. 29 - Los Angeles, CA @ LA Forum

Sept. 30 - San Diego, CA @ Cox Arena

Oct. 03 - Phoenix, AZ @ America West Arena

Oct. 05 - Oklahoma City, OK @ Myriad

Oct. 06 - Dallas, TX @ Reunion Arena

Oct. 07 - San Antonio, TX @ Alamo Dome

Oct. 09 - Chicago, IL @ Allstate Arena

Oct. 11 - St. Paul, MN @ Xcel Energy Center

Oct. 12 - Madison, WI @ Alliant Energy Center

Oct. 13 - St. Louis, MO @ Savvis Center

Oct. 14 - Cedar Rapids, IA @ US Cellular Arena

Oct. 16 - Baltimore, MD @ Baltimore Arena

Oct. 17 - Philadelphia, PA @ First Union Spectrum

Oct. 19 - Hartford, CT @ Hartford Civic Center

Oct. 20 - Buffalo, NY @ HSBC Arena

Oct. 23 - Peoria, IL @ Peoria Civic Center

Oct. 24 - Cleveland, OH @ CSU Convention Center

Oct. 26 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Mellon Arena

Oct. 27 - Detroit, MI @ Cobo Arena

Oct. 28 - Grand Rapids, MI @ Van Andel Arena

Oct. 30 - Worcester, MA @ Worcester Centrum

Oct. 31 - East Rutherford, NJ @ Continental Airlines Arena


SLIPKNOT, SYSTEM OF DOWN, RAMMSTEIN &amp MUDVAYNE are on all dates. NO ONE opens the first half of the tour (exact dates TBA). AMERICAN HEAD CHARGE opens the second half of the tour (exact dates TBA)

SPIRITUAL BEGGARS have entered the studio to begin work on their brand new album, which is tentatively due to be released early next year. The as-yet-untitled effort is reportedly being produced by guitarist Mike Amott, although an outside person may end up mixing it.

DREAM THEATER and their label, Elektra Records, are said to be contemplating the recall and replacement of their just-issued Live Scenes From New York CD, the artwork for which features the New York City skyline, including the now-destroyed Word Trade Center towers. At the moment, it appears that certain chains and other outlets (such as CDnow and have already taken it upon themselves not to carry the CD with its current artwork, while others are waiting for an official word from the record company on how to proceed.

On October 8th, MARILYN MANSON will be giving a special end-of-tour performance celebrating his successful tour with this summer's Ozzfest. The entire performance, to take place at downtown Los Angeles' Grand Olympic Auditorium, will be filmed for release on an upcoming live DVD. Tickets for the event go on sale this Saturday, September 14. All tickets will be $15.00.

SKINLAB have backed out of their involvement with the upcoming NOTHINGFACE tour because the band needed to 'hold off until everything is in place with proper marketing strategies that they and Century Media have in store for the tHEreVOLTINGROOM…dISTURBING tHE aRT oF eXPRESSION,” according to an official statement by bassist/vocalist Steev Esquievel. “Like we have said all along, this is the most important record of our lives and we want to make sure that every little piece of the plan is well thought out, this means not touring without the proper promotional tools. As much as we want to get out there and bust our asses, it will be well worth the wait.'

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