Archive News Sep 17, 2001 - update 2

September 17, 2001

Sweden's MARDUK have announced the updated itinerary for their upcoming American trek. The dates are as follows:


Oct. 05 - Aurora, IL @ Riley's

Oct. 06 - St Louis, MO @ Creepy Crawl

Oct. 07 - St Paul, MN @ The Lab

Oct. 09 - Winnipeg, CAN @ Royal Albert Hall

Oct. 10 - Saskatton, CAN @ Wash n' Slosh

Oct. 11 - Edmonton, CAN @ The Rev Cabaret

Oct. 12 - Calgary, CAN @ Warehouse

Oct. 13 - Vancouver, CAN @ Studebakers

Oct. 14 - Seattle, WA @ Ballard Firehouse

Oct. 15 - TBA

Oct. 16 - San Francisco, CA @ The Pound

Oct. 17 - Anaheim, CA @ Chain Reaction

Oct. 18 - TBA

Oct. 19 - Phoenix, AZ @ Mason Jar

Oct. 20 - Alberquce, NM @ Launch Pad

Oct. 21 - El Paso, TX @ E-9

Oct. 22 - TBA

Oct. 23 - Edingburg, TX @ Trenton Point Hall

Oct. 24 - Houston, TX @ Cardi's

Oct. 25 - TBA

Oct. 26 - Tampa, FL @ Brass Mug

Oct. 27 - Ft Lauderdale, FL @ Metal Factory

Oct. 28 - Jacksonville, FL @ Imerial Lounge

Oct. 29 - TBA

Oct. 30 - W. Springfield, VA @ Jaxx

Oct. 31 - TBA

Nov. 01 - TBA

Nov. 02 - Brooklyn, NY @ Lamour

Nov. 03 - Toronto, CAN @ Kathedral

Nov. 04 - Montreal, CAN @ Foufounes

Nov. 05 - TBA

DEF LEPPARD frontman Joe Elliott has written and issued the following statement in the hours following the World Trade Center tragedy on Tuesday, September 11th : “Today, I was supposed to sing. It was going to be a good day as I would have finished another lead vocal for the new album. I'm holed up in Dublin, Ireland, my adopted home, with producer Pete Woodroffe &amp engineer Ronan McHugh. We normally start vocals about 2:30 PM, after a spot of lunch. Not today though. News started to break of an explosion in New York, in the World Trade Centre. We all watched in horror as the reality of what had happened set in. When the second plane hit, we just looked at each other in total disbelief. It didn't seem real, almost Hollywood-like, as that is the only yardstick we had to compare it to. Emotions were bouncing around the room like some manic rubber ball, leaving us all speechless. My first reaction was to call everybody I knew in New York. I couldn't get through to anybody, which didn't surprise me knowing how strong the American/Irish connection is.


“Our management office is just round the corner from where it happened, as is our record company's. I have many friends in New York, all unreachable. I still can't believe what's happened, 12 hours later. I have, through the beauty of email, managed to send messages to most of the people I know. Thankfully, I have received replies from most of them. I truly hope and pray that all the people you know who could have been affected by this terrible tragedy are safe &amp well also.


“The good weather is nearly gone over here, so tonight we had a BBQ, it seemed like an 'American' thing to do. I guess it was some kind of sub-conscious paying of respects. I didn't feel much like eating though, as I couldn't stop thinking about all those people on the planes, in the buildings, and on the ground. And what about all their relatives waiting for some kind of news of their loved ones?


“Tomorrow, we can go back to work and finish the song. We're the lucky ones because tomorrow, I believe, as the true horror of what has happened kicks in, a lot of people won't find it so easy to do the same. Whatever your beliefs, say a prayer, light a candle and thank your higher power for the gift of life, because as we have seen so graphically today, it can be taken away in the blink of an eye.


“At times like this, music seems so unimportant.


“Luv 'n' PEACE, JOE

MOTORHEAD mainman Lemmy has also spoken out about last week's events. Here's his statement on the matter: “Since I've been coming to America to tour since 1973, I feel kind of like an adopted American in a lot of ways, and this atrocity hit me too. The cold-blooded way these assassins used passenger flights (and whatever creed these people follow, there were surely some of the same creed among the passengers) is unforgivable. They need to be certainly identified, and then blasted and razed from the face of the earth. This is one instance where revenge is inevitable - just make sure they're the right guys and then erase 'em. All our condolences to the relatives and friends - all my disgust for the perpetrators.'

DESTINY'S END, featuring HELSTAR frontman James Rivera (currently in FLOTSAM AND JETSAM),are rumored (and I repeat, this is ONLY a rumor right now) to have been dropped by Metal Blade Records due to “poor record sales”. No official statement has yet been issued on the matter.

Here is the track listing for PINK CREAM 69's upcoming Endangered effort, which is due at the end of October:


01. Intro

02. Shout

03. Promised Land

04. Trust The Wiseman

05. Don't Need Your Touch

06. He Took The World

07. Enslaved

08. In My Dreams

09. High As A Mountain

10. Shadow Of Time

11. Pinball Wizard

12. One Time Is Not Enough (bonus)

The UK act PITCHSHIFTER have just launched a new web site that sells strings online. According to the band, 'we set up 'Strings-2go' for musicians who are pissed off with paying too much money for strings. We offer free U.K. Delivery at low prices.' For more info, go to:

Danish metallers KONKHRA are hoping to begin recording their as-yet-untitled fifth album shortly at Starstruck Studio, which has apparently been booked for the next few months as the band complete work on the material for the effort. So far, eight songs have been finished, among them the following:


01. Parasite

02. Hellhound On My Trail

03. Grapes Of Wrath

04. Shut Up


A mid-2002 release through an as-yet-undetermined label is expected.

THE HUGHES TURNER PROJECT, featuring vocal giants Glenn Hughes and Joe Lynn Turner, will begin recording its debut album this week in Los Angeles. According to Hughes, “we are both really excited about it. No one has recorded the 'two lead singers' album in years maybe since David [Coverdale] and I [in DEEP PURPLE], so it is gong to be special.”

HEAVEN AND EARTH, featuring former BATON ROUGE/JOHN NORUM vocalist Kelly Keeling and guitarist Stuart Smith (a Ritchie Blackmore protégé),will be performing at Pleasures in Pasadena, California on September 29th. Also performing on the bill will be guitarist Iain Ashley Hersey.

Here's a poem written by WARRIOR SOUL's Kory Clarke following last week's tragic events in New York and Washington:


Blind To Joy

by Kory Clarke


It's amazing how sad this moment

Touches fantastic hearts that merely need

A soft touch of sympathy to hold on

The existence torture pleads its necessity

And through it we live contrast

That otherwise would be blind to joy

Living being caress sorrow and soon

To live the dream made beautiful

On banks of warm rivers in perfect sun

Star light bleeding heat to divine face

You possess joy eternal souls to wander

Empty spaces on green worlds kissed by god

THERAPY? have announced the schedule for their upcoming European tour in support of the brand new Shameless CD. The dates are as follows:


Oct. 17 - Coliseum, Coventry, UK

Oct. 18 - University,Newcastle, UK

Oct. 19 - Garage, Glasgow, UK

Oct. 21 - Hop &amp Grape, Manchester, UK

Oct. 22 - Concorde 2, Brighton, UK

Oct. 23 - Zodiac, Oxford, UK

Oct. 24 - Waterfront, Norwich, UK

Oct. 30 – Max, Amsterdam, NETH

Oct. 31 – Vellinx, Tongeren, BEL

Nov. 02 - Pepsi Music Club, Vienna, AUS

Nov. 03 – Frison, Fribourg, SWI

Nov. 04 - Abart Club, Zurich, SWI

Nov. 06 – Kontine, Koln, GER

Nov. 07 - Zecke Carl, Essen, GER

Nov. 08 – Tivioli, Utrecht, NETH

Nov. 09 – 013, Tilburg, NETH

Nov. 10 – Nighttown, Rotterdam, NETH

Nov. 12 - Grosse Freiheit, Hamburg, GER

Nov. 13 – Traumfabrik, Kiel, GER

Nov. 14 – Modernes, Bremen, GER

Nov. 15 – Lagerhalle, Osnabruck, GER

Nov. 16 – Outpost, Grottingen, GER

Nov. 17 – Columbiahalle, Berlin, GER

Nov. 19 – Rohre, Stuttgart, GER

Nov. 20 – Batschkapp, Frankfurt, GER

Nov. 21 - Heidelburg

Nov. 22 – Salzburg, AUS @ TBA

Nov. 23 - Innsbruck, AUS @ TBA

Nov. 25 – Prague, CZ @ TBA

Nov. 26 – Munich, GER @ TBA

Nov. 27 - ZwolenHeiden

Nov. 29 – Ocean, London, UK

Australia's SILVERCHAIR will collaborate with renowned Californian musical force Van Dyke Parks on string and brass arrangements for three new songs for the group's forthcoming studio album, which is currently being recorded in Sydney with producer David Bottrill (i.e. TOOL, PETER GABRIEL, KING CRIMSON). Van Dyke Parks had previously worked with the BEACH BOYS' Brian Wilson on the legendary Smile sessions before going on to collaborate with many other important West Coast artists including Tim Buckley, THE BYRDS, Ry Cooder and LITTLE FEAT. In more recent years Van Dyke has lent a hand with string arrangements on U2's Rattle &amp Hum as well as scoring numerous feature films and reuniting with Brian Wilson for their widely acclaimed album Orange Crate Art. “We're excited about having Van Dyke be part of these songs', said SILVERCHAIR vocalist/guitarist Daniel Johns. 'Like lots of people I'm a big fan of his distinctive approach to orchestrations and I'm really looking forward to working with him on these tracks.' Van Dyke Parks commented: 'I'm honored to be a part of this group's new project. It is a milestone from [SILVERCHAIR's] first CD (that throbbed through our home when my son and daughter first fell in love with them). When I got the new material, I was astounded by the musicality, the lyrics, brimming with enthusiasm and a life force that guarantees this group as a continuing major force in music… Daniel Johns and David Bottrill have put much trust in me. We'll be using a large string compliment with blown instruments and percussion, bringing this group into a tradition continuing from the lettuce days of pop music when analogue orchestration added new dimension to the works of Phil Spector, Brian Wilson, and THE BEATLES.' SILVERCHAIR plan to complete recording in Australia in October and then plan to venture to the U.S. for mixing. The album is expected to hit the shelves early next year.

Finland's THE 69 EYES have entered the studio with producer Johnny Lee Michaels to start work on their forthcoming CD, which is tentatively due to be released early next year. Meanwhile, the group's last album, Blessed Be, is still in the Finnish Top 40 Pop Album chart, where it has been for 17 weeks now.

BATHORY will be releasing their latest opus, entitled Destroyer Of Worlds, on October 8th in Europe and October 23rd in the US. The full track listing and running times for the songs included on the effort are as follows:


01. Lake OF Fire (5:43)

02. Destroyer Of Worlds (4:51)

03. Ode (6:22)

04. Bleeding (3:53)

05. Pestilence (6:50)

06. 109 (3:35)

07. Death From Above (4:34)

08. Krom (2:50)

09. Liberty &amp Justice (3:50)

10. Kill Kill Kill (3:09)

11. Suden Death (3:19)

12. White Bones (8:32)

13. Day Of Wrath (8:11)


The total running time for the Quorthon-produced effort is 66:01.

Jörg Michael, the German drummer of the Finnish neo-classical metal act STRATOVARIUS, is the proud father of daughter Lia Michael.

GAMMA RAY's No World Order is scheduled to receive a US release on November 13th.

Contrary to various online reports, DEVIN TOWNSEND will NOT be playing the UK part of the FEAR FACTORY-headlined Can't Take Me Apart Euorpean Tour due to “other commitments”.

SOILENT GREEN have cited the departure of guitarist Ben Stout as the primary reason for their decision to pull out of the Metallenium Tour, which is scheduled to go ahead with DIMMU BORGIR, NAPALM DEATH, LAMB OF GOD, DARKEST HOUR, SIX FEET UNDER, WITCHERY and GOD FORBID on the bill. 'Stout was dismissed for his lack of dedication to SOILENT GREEN and the touring commitments that being in this band entails,' vocalist Benjamin Falgoust told Digitalmetal. SOILENT GREEN will reportedly not tour without a second guitarist, forcing them to cancel their involvement with the aforementioned trek. The band are currently auditioning for a second guitarist, and expect to find a replacement for Stout shortly. The band are, however, confirmed to appear on the Holidays In Hell tour with MORBID ANGEL, DEICIDE and ZYKLON starting November 20th in Houston, Texas. SOILENT GREEN's A Deleted SymphonyFor the Beaten Down comes out September 18th on Relapse Records.

Brazil's KRISIUN will embark on a three-date Japanese tour in early October. Support at all shows will come from RITUAL CARNAGE. The dates are as follows:


Oct. 05 - Osaka, JAP @ Nanbarockets

Oct. 07 – Tokyo, JAP @ Shibuya Cyclone

Oct. 08 – Nagoya, JAP @ Club Rock'n'Roll

Sweden's RUNEMAGICK will be issuing a split 7” single, also featuring SOULREAPER, through Bloodstone Entertainment in the near future.

Serial killer metallers MACABRE are said to be working on a professional video for the track “Drill Bit Lobotomy”.

Former MEGADETH guitarist Chris Poland's OHM project, a Los Angeles-based jazz rock trio consisting of major label and studio musicians, have completed six tracks for their new CD. In other news, Chris is offering for sale a Menatone Howie Pedal (which, according tio the guitarist, gives an Eric Johnson-type sound with passive pickups) for $175. If you are interested, please send an e-mail to Steve Bauer at [email protected].

DEEP PURPLE bassist Roger Glover, former WHITESNAKE/BLACK SABBATH bassist Neil Murray, ex-WHITESNAKE guitarists Micky Moody and Bernie Marsden and several other musicians will partake in the Hell Blues Festival in Norway today, September 15th. The trio will appear as part of the All Star Tribute to Tony Ashton. More information (in Norwegian) is available via :

Swedish pop-punkers MILLENCOLIN have completed five days of pre-production at guitarist Mathias' studio, Soundlab Studios, and have made their way to Little Big Room Studios in Stockholm, Sweden to begin recording their brand new album with American producer Lou Giordano (i.e. SAMIAM, HUSKER DU, LEMONHEADS, SSD, LIVE, GOO GOO DOLLS etc.). 17 were written during the songwriting sessions for the new CD, but several will likely be left off for use as B-sides and bonus tracks. Among the tracks that are due to be laid down is a re-recording of the song 'Kemp' with new lyrics, likely to be titled 'Kemp II'. A March 2002 release is expected. In other news, MILLENCOLIN will be performing at The Falls Festival in Lorne, Victoria, Australia on New Year's Eve (December 31st). The band will take the stage at midnight sharp.

MR. BIG bassist Billy Sheehan's previously planned Japanese tour with his '80s hard rock outfit TALAS has been put off until next spring “because of terrorism in the States.” Meanwhile, MR. BIG have announced the dates for the Farewell tour, which is scheduled to take place during January/February. The details are as follows (venues to follow shortly):


Jan. 14 – Tokyo, JAP @ TBA

Jan. 15 - Tokyo @ TBA

Jan. 17 - Hamamatsu @ TBA

Jan. 18 - Nagoya @ TBA

Jan. 20 - Kanazawa @ TBA

Jan. 22 - Osaka @ TBA

Jan. 23 - Osaka @ TBA

Jan. 25 - Fukuoka @ TBA

Jan. 27 - Tokyo @ TBA

Jan. 30 - Sendai @ TBA

Jan. 31 - Morioka @ TBA

Feb. 02 - Sapporo @ TBA

Feb. 03 - Sapporo @ TBA


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