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September 17, 2001

SLAYER will reportedly carry on with their planned appearance at the revised dates on the upcoming European Tattoo The Planet tour, following PANTERA and STATIC-X's decision to pull out of the trek. According to reports, SLAYER will head to Europe early next week to belatedly kick off the tour on Tuesday, September 18th in Leuven, Belgium. 'I understand PANTERA's decision, but I think we'd be letting our European fans down if we cancelled the tour,' said SLAYER bassist/vocalist Tom Araya. 'We all have families, and are concerned about the potential dangers. But many kids in Europe have experienced attacks and assaults and terrorism throughout their lives, so I think SLAYER should make the effort to go over there and play for them. As a band, we simply refuse to play into the hands of these terrorists, we won't allow them to disrupt our lives any further.' BIOHAZARD, who are currently in Los Angeles, California trying to get a flight out to Europe to play the rest of the dates on the tour with SLAYER, are hoping to make it to the European continent by Tuesday. Joining the two bands on the revised bill will be VISION OF DISORDER, who are currently overseas headlining several club gigs in the place of BIOHAZARD.


The rescheduled Tattoo The Planet European tour dates are as follows:


Sept. 18 – Brabanthal - Leuven, BEL

Sept. 20 - Palavobis - Milan, ITA

Sept. 22 - Sporthalle - Stuttgart, GER

Sept. 23 - Philipshalle - Dusseldorf, GER

Sept. 25 - Spodek Sporthall - Katowice, POL

Sept. 26 - Zenith - Munich, GER

Sept. 28 - Omnisports de Bercy - Paris, FRA

Sept. 29 – Statenhal - Den Haag, NETH

Sept. 30 – Sporthalle - Hamburg, GER

Oct. 01 – Vega - Copenhagen, Denmark (SLAYER only)

Oct. 02 – Horvet - Stockholm, Sweden

Oct. 04 – Ishallen - Helsinki, Finland

Oct. 06 – Arena - Berlin, Germany

Oct. 08 – Vokhaus - Zurich, Switzerland

Oct. 09 – The Point - Dublin, Ireland

Oct. 11 – SECC - Glasgow, Scotland

Oct. 13 – Wembley Arena - London, England

Oct. 14 – NEC Arena - Birmingham, England


Meanwhile, STATIC-X have issued their own statement explaining their reasons for canceling their involvement with the festival. It reads as follows:


STATIC-X would like to offer extreme condolences and express our heart-felt support for all those affected by the disasters in New York City and Washington DC on Tuesday. We were all horrified and appalled at these events and our lives were turned upside-down.


“We had a great time on our recent tour of Europe, May-June, with SLIPKNOT. We were all looking forward to seeing our friends and fans there, and were excited about the prospect of touring with PANTERA, SLAYER, and CRADLE OF FILTH. But we made the decision to cancel our participation in the 'Tattoo The Planet' tour, scheduled to begin on Sept. 14.


“The past four days have been spent making arrangements and accommodations to try to do this tour. We were all waiting to fly to Europe. Due to safety, financial and scheduling reasons culminating today, we made the decision to pull out of the tour. We look forward to coming back to Europe in the near future in support of Machine!


Wayne StaticKen JayTony CamposTripp Eisen

MEGADETH's Dave Mustaine on a mystery “former bandmate” (presumably Lars Ulrich) via a posting on MEGADETH's official web site: “A very special friend from SF called me today and we are going out tonight to talk about what it used to be like when we were in a band together. It is times like the past few days when one really realizes that all we have is each other.” Mustaine later revealed in his Tour Diary that was posted at Metal Sludge that the mystery person was in fact “an ex-drummer from an ex-band up here in SF”, making it clear that he was in fact talking about Ulrich. No information is presently available about the contents of the duo's conversation over dinner, but based on Mustaine's recent track record, we will not be kept waiting for very long to find out all the juicy details, if there are any to be reported.

Ex-METAL CHURCH frontman David Wayne has once again slammed his former bandmates in his latest posting on the official REVEREND web site (Wayne's post-MC project that preceded his current WAYNE solo group). Here is the singer's statement in its entirety:


“Well, well, for the umpteenth time and the last, all the fellows in METAL CHURCH gave me their blessing to carry on with the TOTAL name of the band [for my new project] but due to a lot of misguided b.s. from one and only one person in said band (listen to 'The Choice' on the new CD),I chose to merely title the CD and NOT the band: Metal Church. Again, I had the blessing of the band to use the entire name but chose not to, since Mr. V. [Kurdt VanderhoofMC guitarist] began his sadly jealous attack on me, some of you think I'm some kinda name stealer. Relax, folks, let's all just enjoy the music and know that the next CD will have no links to a band with a confusing sense of past loyalties. Oh and Mr. Kirk Arrington [MC drummer], who was the only person in the band to come and visit you when you were in jail? David Wayne” Ouch.

Brazil's ANGRA will be issuing their latest studio album, entitled Rebirth, on October 29th. The group's first release with new members Edu Falaschi (vocals),Aquiles Priester (drums),and Felipe Andreoli (bass),Rebirth was produced by Dennis Ward, who had previously worked with ADAGIO, PINK CREAM 69 and VANDEN PLAS, among others. Falaschi, along with founding guitarists Kiko Loureiro and Rafael Bittencourt, is presently in the middle of a promotional trip in Europe, where the band are apparently receiving highly enthusiastic reactions to the new material.

Hard rock “news” as reported in yesterday's edition of The New York Post: “Heavy metal has-beens QUEENSRYCHE are exploiting the World Trade Center tragedy in their tacky bid for a comeback. The operatic hard-rock outfit—best known for 1987's overblown opus Operation Mindcrime—is holding a blood drive in its hometown of Seattle on Sept. 25. We salute QUEENSRYCHE for giving blood, but couldn't help groaning when we learned that their drive coincides with the release of the band's CD, Live Evolution, and is followed by an album release party, where the band will be on hand to autograph copies.” Never mind the fact that this blood drive was actually planned PRIOR to the World Trade Center tragedies (as originally posted on QUEENSRYCHE's official web site on Saturday, September 8th). Oh, well…

AC/DC have received a platinum award for European sales of Stiff Upper Lip in excess of one million copies.

ARCH ENEMY have rescheduled their previously-cancelled Japanese tour, which was postponed as a result of vocalist Angela Gossow having developed nodules on her vocal cords. The new dates are as follows:


Mar. 09 - Osaka, JAP @ On Air Osaka

Mar. 12 - Nagoya, JAP @ Bottom Line

Mar. 13 - Nagano, JAP @ Junk Box

Mar. 15 - Tokyo, JAP @ Akasaka Blitz

Mar. 18 - Tokyo, JAP @ Astro Hall

AT VANCE have parted ways with Shark Records “after fulfilling [their] contract” with the company (an experience that the band describe as being “everything else than satisfying” in an official statement) and have signed a new deal with AFM Records. The group's first album for the label will be entitled Only Human, and it will be released in early 2002. A 4-5 week European tour in support of the album will follow shortly thereafter.

The UK Satanic black/death metal band AKERCOCKE have completed writing seven new songs out of a projected ten for their third album, which is tentatively due for release in 2002. According to the band, 'the new material is more harrowing and disturbing then any other music ever before created, and will shock the listener into realizing the true force of the master SATAN.'

Drummer/vocalist Jeff Martin has commented on the recent cancellation of MSG (MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP)'s Japanese tour (originally planned for December) with the following official statement that was posted on the message board of the RACER X web site: “Michael is a musical genius, it was a joy working with him. Unfortunately, I left due to his problem with drinking and yelling at people at the wrong time. It's a shame, as you will hear, the new MSG is one of the best. I sing on three tunes and play drums on all. Chris Logan, the singer on all the rest, did an awesome job and is a new shining voice on the scene. Mr. Schenker is working on his problems and I wish him the best.”

SAVATAGE appeared live on on September 10th and played an acoustic version of 'The Rumor' for the first time. You can now listen to this track by downloading the mp3 at this location.

SICK SPEED, featuring former STUCK MOJO guitarist Rich Ward on vocals/guitar, Mike 'Happy' Schneider on guitar/vocals, ex-STUCK MOJO bassist Dan Dryden, and ex-STUCK MOJO drummer Bud Fontsere, have issued the following statement via the group's official web site: “With the government rallying the other world leaders to support the US in the impending strike against the terrorists who took close to 5,000 lives in New York and Washington, D.C., SICK SPEED is trying to help the victims' families and the families of the firefighters, police officers and rescue workers by producing a single for 'Those Were The Days' (with 'Hero' as a b-side) to distribute on a nationwide basis! ALL proceeds will go to these charitable organizations. Plans are being executed (like a few organizations will be!) to find a sponsor for such a large task, hopefully major sponsors will realize what a great idea this is and jump on board! With the songs already recorded, we just needed a cover and a sponsor to fund the project. Ed ( stepped up and brought us the cover below! We're just waiting on the rest of the details to fall into place! We'll have more information as this unfolds!”

SPYS4DARWIN, the new project consisting of the ALICE IN CHAINS rhythm section of Sean Kinney (drums) and Mike Inez (bass),ex-SPONGE vocalist Vin Dombroski, and ex-QUEENSRYCHE guitarist Chris DeGarmo, have issued the following statement on the recent tragedy that shook America and the rest of the world: “We join the majority of our world citizenry in condemning the terrorist attacks of this last week. The magnitude of this loss is overwhelming to absorb. Our hearts are heavy with sympathy for the innocent air crews, passengers, employees both civil and government, and rescue workers who lost their lives Tuesday Sept. 11th, and to their families whose pain we share. It is clear we have a collective task to endeavor that will challenge ours and future generations. Our response as a world community must be coherent and unified. We are one world. Let our combined voices and actions of reason find our way to secure a world of recognized interdependence, celebrating our diversity, and free of hate.”

A new, as-yet-unnamed project was formed in Norway, consisting of three musicians who performed on the upcoming solo album from former YNGWIEMALMSTEEN singer Jorne Lande (entitled Worldchanger and due out on October 24th through the Now &amp Then/Frontiers label)—Sid Ringsby (bass ex-TINDRUM/STONEFLOWER),Tore Moren (guitar) and Hellhammer (drums MAYHEM, KOVENANT)—plus vocalist Michael Abraham (of the AC/DC cover band BIG BALLS). Featuring a musical direction that is being described as in the vein of SKID ROW's Slave To The Grind, the new band are currently in pre-production for the recording of their debut album, which is expected to surface sometime next year. In related news, Sid, Tore and Hellhammer will be joining the aforementioned Lande at this year's The Gods Festival, which is scheduled to take place in Wigan on November 3rd.

Swedish “gothic metal” act BESEECH have acquired a new singer by the name of Erik Molarin and have made available for download three brand new songs via their page at at this location. BESEECH are no longer signed to Pavement Music and are currently seeking a brand new record deal.

TYPE OE NEGATIVE have confirmed ten headlining shows as part of their annual Halloween jaunt beginning October 24th. The dates are as follows:


Oct. 24 – Palladium - Worcester, MA

Oct. 25 - Lupo's - Providence, RI

Oct. 26 - Birchill - Old Bridge, NJ

Oct. 27 - Chance - Poughkeepsie, NY

Oct. 28 - L'Amour - Brooklyn, NY

Oct. 30 - Crocodile - Rock Allentown, PA

Oct. 31 - Trocadero - Philadelphia, PA

Nov. 01 - Northern - Lights Albany, NY

Nov. 02 - Toad's Place - New Haven, CT

Nov. 03 - Metropol - Pittsburgh, PA


TYPE O NEGATIVE are currently demoing songs for their next studio album, which is scheduled to emerge in early 2002.

OTEP are due to enter the studio next month to begin work on their debut album, tentatively entitled Sevas Tra, with producer Terry Date (i.e. PANTERA, DEFTONES, MACHINE HEAD). An early 2002 release through Capitol Records is expected.

Existing copies of DREAM THEATER's Live Scenes From New York three-CD set, with the “Flaming Apple” artwork are being recalled in the wake of the World Trade Center tragedy. The album will be re-released as soon as possible with a new cover. Meanwhile, DT guitarist John Petrucci has posted the following message on his official web site regarding the recent events in New York: “Hello everyone. Everybody in our family is OK. We are completely devastated and appalled by these events, as all are all Americans at this time. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who have lost their lives, to those with missing loved ones and to those whose families have been shattered. We search for the words to explain this to our children and we search for a way to accept this. As we have police and firemen in our families, we recognize and praise them for their heroic efforts. As New Yorkers, the whole thing is incredibly numbing. Just Monday morning I drove into NYC admiring the skyline for the first day of mixing. As I hesitantly went back Thursday morning to resume mixing the new CD, the skyline had eerily changed. Even while walking the streets of Manhattan around Times Square, I could sense the tension and urgency about the city. The magnitude of these attacks and devastation and imminent response is far too great to comprehend. God bless us all. John Petrucci and family”

According to YNGWIE MALMSTEEN's official web site, the guitarist's South American promoter spent 10 hours at Miami Airport on Thursday, September 13th trying to secure flight arrangements for YNGWIE's band for either Friday or Saturday, with no results. None of the airlines could reportedly guarantee flights and/or confirm that they would be able to accept the 22 cases of musical equipment as extra cargo, which are needed for the group's scheduled South American tour. Additionally, many cargo companies are using a priority basis for shipments, which possibly precludes that option. This would seem to rule out the last possibility of getting the tour started this weekend. A new plan has been put into place.... The current strategy is to try and reschedule the tours for next week. The promoter has already spoken with the representatives from one of the five countries involved and they have confirmed that a one-week reschedule is okay by them. As of 1:00 PM EST on Friday, September 14th, YNGWIE manager Mike Spitzer and the promoter were due to be speaking about the results of these inquires. If all the areas can reschedule the tour to begin next week, the band may leave Miami as early as Tuesday, September 18th. The revised tour route should be nearly identical to the first plan, starting September 19th instead of the originally planned September 12th. According to former RAINBOW vocalist Doogie White, who was tapped to handle the lead vocals on the upcoming tour, “the band has been in the studio working really hard. Everybody has pulled together to make sure that the audiences in South America will not be let down. YNGWIE has been a joy to be around and is very enthusiastic for this to work. Everyone is relaxed and enjoying the extra time to work, although we would all have preferred it to be in different circumstances. I have many friends and colleagues in NYC and can only hope that they and their families are safe.'

JUDAS PRIEST have issued the following statement regarding the recent postponement of their US headlining tour: “Due to, and with respect for the dreadful events which took place in the USA on Tuesday, we have rescheduled the JUDAS PRIEST tour which will now take place in January/February 2002. We are sure everyone will understand the reason for this and it goes without saying that our hearts go out to America and those who have suffered. Dates will be announced as soon as they are finalized and all tickets already bought will of course be valid.” Meanwhile, ICED EARTH, one of the projected openers on the original tour, have released a statement of their own. It reads as follows: “Greetings, I'm sure by now you've heard that the tour has been postponed. I'm not sure what that means for ICED EARTH at the moment. We are trying desperately to get something else going and if all else fails we will at least do some regional headlining shows. Of course we are all saddened as we've been waiting for a break like this for over a decade. However, ours is a very small problem in the grand scheme of things. Right now we must unite and let our patriotism shine like never before. We will keep you posted. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!! Jon &amp ICED EARTH


Having previously postponed their European headlining trek to January/February in order to accommodate their support slot on the aforementioned PRIEST US tour, ICED EARTH are now faced with the unenviable task of possibly having to postpone their European tour a second time, assuming that they are still offered the opening slot on the rescheduled PRIEST US dates. Although no official announcement has yet been made regarding the status of ICED EARTH's rescheduled European tour, the group have released all the new dates via their official web site, indicating that they are still planning on going ahead with the revised trek. The details are as follows:


Jan. 18 – Belgium, Antwerpen, Hof Ter Lo

Jan. 19 – Netherlands, Tilburg, 013

Jan. 20 – UK, London, TBA

Jan. 21 – Germany, Bochum, Zeche

Jan. 22 – Germany, Köln, Live Music Hall

Jan. 23 – France, Paris, Elysée Montmatre

Jan. 25 – Spain, Barcelona, Razzmatazz

Jan. 26 – Spain, Bergara, Sala Jam

Jan. 27 – Portugal, Porto, Hard Club

Jan. 28 – Spain, Madrid, Revolver

Jan. 29 – Spain, Valencia, Republicca

Jan. 31 – France, Lyon, Rail Theatre

Feb. 01 – Switzerland, Pratteln, Z7

Feb. 02 – Germany, Kaufbeuren, Zeppelinhalle

Feb. 03 – Germany, Nürnberg, Z-Bau

Feb. 04 – Germany, Lange, Stadthalle

Feb. 05 – Germany, Stuttgart, Longhorn/LKA

Feb. 07 – Austria, Salzburg, Rockhaus

Feb. 08 – Hungary, Budapest, Petofi Hall

Feb. 09 – Austria, Wien, Planet Music

Feb. 10 – Italy, Milan, Rolling Stone

Feb. 12 – Germany, Halle, Easy Schorre

Feb. 13 – Germany, Hamburg, Markthalle

TBA – Greece, Athens, TBA

TBA – Greece, Thessaloniki, TBA

LIZZY BORDEN is in the planning stages of a full headlining tour which will include the singer's full theatrical stage show. In other news, plans exist to reissue the band's catalog in the spring, complete with the addition of new songs from old demo tapes and live rehearsals. More information as it becomes available.

A message from MACHINE HEAD regarding the recent events that transpired in America: “MACHINE HEAD would like to extend our heartfelt condolences and deepest sympathy to those affected by Tuesday's tragic events. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends of the victims and those missing, and we wish you the utmost strength and courage in your time of sorrow. Our nation will be forever scarred by these atrocities, but one thing that will never be destroyed is our spirit. During this, the darkest hour in our nation's history, Americans have stepped up and donated their time, their blood, their money and their heart to the cause. Humanity was not lost Tuesday, it stands stronger than ever - here in America, and throughout the global community. For those that have expressed concern, we thank you all sincerely, and want you to know that we are safe, at home with our loved ones. We are all reminded once again of how precious life is, and how important it is to appreciate the things that make it worth living. Stay strong. Stay proud. —The MACHINE HEAD Family”

SKYCLAD, featuring new vocalist Kevin Ridley (who replaced Martin Walkyier earlier in the year),will release a new single, entitled “Swords Of A Thousand Men”, through Demolition Records on October 22nd. 'Swords…', which was originally recorded by TENPOLE TUDOR in 1981, was released as a bonus track on SKYCLAD's last studio album Folkemon (with Martin on vocals),and it includes a guest appearance by TENPOLE TUDOR mainman Eddie Tenpole. Also featured on the single is a reworked version of 'The Widdershins Jig', a SKYCLAD standard that showcases the band's progression over the last few years. Both tracks are taken from the band's new album No Daylights... Nor Heeltaps, due for release in November, which is a collection of reworked SKYCLAD favorites inspired by their successful stints of 'unplugged' shows across Europe.


SKYCLAD begin their The Same But Different tour with the following dates in October:


Oct. 06 - Schloss Glauchau, GER @ Orkus Herbsnachte Fest.

Oct. 19 - Hamburg, GER @ Headbangers Ballroom

Oct. 20 - Bad Salzungen, GER @ Kalle Werk

Oct. 21 – Essen, GER @ Musikpalette

Oct. 23 - Nurnberg, GER @ Hirsch

Oct. 24 - Stuttgart, GER @ Limelight

Oct. 25 - Karlsruhe, GER @ Substage

Oct. 26 - Offenbach, GER @ Hafenbahn

Oct. 27 - Pratteln, SWI @ Z7


In other news, SKYCLAD have released their first official live CD this month. Recorded at the Dynamo Festival in Holland in 1995, the album features the following track listing:


01. Intro

02. Another Fine Mess

03. Cardboard City

04. Art-Nazi

05. The Wickedest Man In The World

06. The One Piece Puzzle

07. Still Spinning Shrapnel

08. Just What Nobody Wanted

09. Sins Of Emission (bonus)

10. Land Of The Rising Slum (bonus)

11. Alone In Deaths Shadow (bonus)

12. Spinning Jenny (bonus)


The above “bonus” cuts were taken from the ultra-rare Outrageous Fortunes EP.

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