Archive News Sep 18, 2001

September 18, 2001

In what is yet another RoadrunnerRecords first, SLIPKNOT will be gracing the cover of the next issue of Rolling Stone magazine, which is due to hit the newsstands this Friday, September 21st.

ENTOMBED's brand new studio opus, entitled Morning Star, will be released through Koch Entertainment in the US on January 23rd. A bonus disc containing music from other acts on the Music For NationsRecords roster, such as OPETH, GODFLESH, ANATHEMA and more, will likely be included in the CD's packaging.

MACHINE HEAD have been added to the October 6th Glen Helen Blockbuster, Devore, California and October 13th Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, California dates of the upcoming Smokeout 2001 tour, featuring CYPRESS HILL, DEFTONES, BUSTA RHYMES (Oakland show only),NOFX (Oakland show only),ARMAND VAN HELDEN, METHOD MAN, REDMAN, FEAR FACTORY, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, DJ SNEAK, ERICK SERMON, LONG BEACH DUB ALL-STARS, KEITH MURRAY, KOTTONMOUTH KINGS and AFROMAN.

Seen at MEGADETH's headlining show in Hollywood, California a couple of nights ago were former MEGADETH drummer Nick Menza, MOTORHEAD guitarist Phil Campbell and ex-KISS skinsman Eric Singer. Menza reportedly came to the show without alerting his former bandmates and made his way backstage, where everyone “had a chance to get caught up on the past and present”, according to bassist Dave Ellefson.

Los Angeles' MEDICATION, featuring former MACHINE HEAD / SOULFLY guitarist Logan Mader, ex-UGLY KID JOE / LIFE OF AGONY vocalist Whitfield Crane, ex-ADAYINTHELIFE guitarist Blunt, have released a brand new promotional photo and the promotional poster for the group's upcoming UK tour, which is scheduled to take place during November. The photo can be viewed here and the poster at this location. As reported here several days ago, MEDICATION are currently in the studio mixing a self-financed five-song EP with producer Bill Kennedy (i.e. MEGADETH, MORBID ANGEL, TESTAMENT),which they're planning on releasing through their own label and presumably making available at the aforementioned shows.

German power metallers METALIUM have reportedly found a replacement for departed drummer Mark Cross (who left to join HELLOWEEN) in the shape of an as-yet-undisclosed longtime friend of METALIUM bassist/founder Lars Ratz. According to the group's official web site, the new skin pounder is “not just an incredible player with perfect skills for METALIUM but also a good songwriter!” METALIUM is due to enter the studio within the next few days to begin recording their new album, tentatively entitled Chapter III, for an early 2002 release.

KITTIE have pushed back the release date of their sophomore full-length album, entitled Oracle, until November 13th. No reason was given for the delay. In other news, the band have announced the dates for their forthcoming UK tour, which is scheduled to take place during February. The details are as follows:


Feb. 02 – Glasgow, UK @ Queen Margaret Union

Feb. 03 – Wolverhampton, UK @ Wulfrun Hall

Feb. 04 – Manchester, UK @ Hop And Grape

Feb. 06 – Portsmouth, UK @ Wedgewood Rooms

Feb. 07 – Bristol, UK @ Fleece and Firkin

Feb. 08 – London, UK @ Electric Ballroom

MARILYN MANSON has issued the following statement in response to the announcement by US President Bush that the country was “at war” with terrorists: “We all knew this day would come. My best wishes go out to those families who lost their loved ones. I also have friends in NY and of course here in LA that I am still concerned about. The only thing we can do now is to stick together. If it takes something this terrible to unite us, so be it. America hasn't always stood by me, but I will surely stand by America. Let's never forget how lucky we are to have so much freedom.” In other news, MARILYN MANSON's October 8th concert at downtown Los Angeles' Grand Olympic Auditorium, where MANSON will be giving a special end-of-tour performance celebrating his successful tour with this summer's Ozzfest (and which will be filmed for release on an upcoming DVD),is now completely sold out.

NAPALM DEATH outspoken frontman Mark “Barney” Greenway has issued his own statement in response to the tragic events that transpired last week. Here is Barney's statement in its entirety:


“Hi everybody,


“Just wanted to add my two cents to the topic which, inevitably, everyone's gonna be talking about for months to come and to which end people have already been posting on [NAPALM DEATH's official web site].


“It was a terrible thing and we cannot begin to imagine what the people must have been going through when those planes hit, or when the others were falling out of the building. My friend was working in the building next to it, saw everything and is pretty traumatised. But he's OK physically at least.


“But, as much as it might be hard to think of anything else right now, we have to look at the wider picture. If it was someone from the Arab world (and last time in Oklahoma when the US tried to make out as such, it turned out to be one of their own - McVeigh),then if you really think about it, you couldn't deny that this was a kind of an inevitability.


“The US administration and NATO (inc. Britain) have consistently and arrogantly interfered in other nations' affairs, making themselves out to be saviours when they are in fact selfishly pushing their own interests. The Gulf War was about oil stocks - don't think otherwise. The bombing of Yugoslavia - same sh.t as NY if you think about it - was possibly the biggest, most misdirected waste of time since Britain's own Falkland War, killed many innocent Yugoslavians and really was a token flexing of military muscle because they didn't know what the else to do and almost did it for the sake of just doing something, anything. Except the Yugoslavian incident achieved little in paralysing the countries overall infrastruture. In comparison, The NY incident has severely damaged the economic heart of America and beyond.


Bush is scum. Like Reagan was scum — but probably worse. The disdain in which he deals with environmental issues, helps to squash the Palestinian territory until it is no more (good old ethnic cleansing),then wants to build a missile system in space and point warheads at any country he feels like. I mean, come on. Are people naive enough to believe that everyone will sit there and take that sh.t? That's besides his unsavoury attempts to with all of us by trying to sever ties with companies involved in Birth Control (a lovely old policy from the Conservative Christian movement) etc. And there's more.


Saddam, for one, is a f.cking nut. But Bush is just as bad, albeit in a more sly, more acceptably 'Western' fashion. There's already been talk of Bush authorising random attacks on places before they can even prove who did it. That is just lunacy, and it affects all of our lives because they really could kick-start a war. And this time, it'll be more than Hiroshima or Nagasaki. It doesn't help when people when get into that 'bomb the bastards' mentality, as, in truth, I've seen on [NAPALM DEATH's own site].


“So, I say RIP the NY victims, but I wish they'd flown a plane right up Bush's arse!



Here are the air dates for VH1's Behind The Music special on JUDAS PRIEST:


Sunday, Sept. 23: 11 AM ET

Sunday, Sept. 23: 9 PM ET

Sunday, Sept. 23: 11 PM ET

Tuesday, Sept. 25: 9 PM ET

Wednesday, Sept. 26: 6 PM ET

Saturday, Sept. 29: 9 PM ET

Monday, Oct. 01: 2 AM ET


According to VH1's official web site, “this episode chronicles the colorful history of the quintessential hard-rock band of the ྌs. Four guys from working-class England rose from the smoke of their heavy-industry town in the late ྂs to become pioneers of 'the New Wave of British Heavy Metal'. JUDAS PRIEST washed ashore in the U.S. in 1977 and catapulted to popularity to become one of the biggest bands in the world. The history of JUDAS PRIEST spans 30 years and includes a well-publicized 1990 court case centered around subliminal messages the 1992 departure of lead singer Rob Halford after 20 years with the band and his surprising coming out in ྞ as a homosexual the rebirth of JUDAS PRIEST with a new singer, Ripper Owens and the return to metal by Rob Halford with his current band, HALFORD. In spite of everything, the band continues to rock on with its latest album, Demolition. Interviews with Rob Halford, Glenn Tipton, K.K. Downing, Ian Hill, Scott Travis, new singer Ripper Owens, management, family, and friends flesh out this hour-long documentary on JUDAS PRIEST.”

Former FAITH NO MORE and current FANTOMAS frontman Mike Patton will be providing lead vocals for an upcoming DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN EP, which is scheduled to be 18 minutes long and which will feature two new songs and one cover. No release date has yet been set.

Here is how the metal/hard rock genre has fared in the German Media Control (Top 100) charts for the week ending September 17th:


03. H.I.M. - Deep Shadows And Brilliant...

08. STAIND - Break The Cycle

10. IN EXTREMO - Sünder ohne Zügel

13. LINKIN PARK - Hybrid Theory

14. SLIPKNOT - Iowa

47. RAMMSTEIN - Mutter

52. SYSTEM OF A DOWN - Toxicity

53. BIOHAZARD - Uncivilization

55. BLINK-182 - Take Off Your Pants And Jacket

56. JIMMY EAT WORLD - Bleed American

57. BON JOVI - One Wild Night - Live

64. LIMP BIZKIT - Chocolate Starfish...

67. CLAWFINGER - A Whole Lot Of Nothing

73. BÖHSE ONKELZ - Wir Schrieben Geschichte

78. LIFEHOUSE - No Name Face

79. MOONSPELL - Darkness And Hope

80. MOTORPSYCHO - Phanerothyme


Despite postings by frontwoman Kimberly Goss to the contrary, Finland's SINERGY are still searching for a replacement for drummer Tommi Lillman, who left the group in order to concentrate on his work with TO/DIE/FOR. According to the band's official web site, “SINERGY is looking for a permanent new drummer to join them on all upcoming tours and future recordings. If you or someone you know is interested, then please send us an e-mail at [email protected] or a letter Jakob Lindström, Peuramäentie 3 a 1, FIN-02750 Espoo, Finland listing all the reasons why we should pick YOU over everyone else. You must have the following qualifications:


“1. You must be able rehearse on a regular basis with the band in Helsinki, Finland (if you live out of town or out of country you must be willing to relocate).


“2. You must have your own drum kit with double bass drums.


“3. You must not have anything holding you back from touring or recording with us (jobs, bands, girlfriends/boyfriends, etc...). Of course you can have them (most of us do),just don't let them hold you back!


“4. You must have plenty of POWER (pound on those drums, don't tap them lightly!) as well as good technique and the ability to groove.


“NOTE 1: If you can't meet ALL of these qualifications, then please don't waste your time or ours.


“NOTE 2: Stage and recording experience is a big plus! If you have demos, CDs, videos and/or photos of you playing, please send them at Jakob Lindström, Peuramäentie 3 a 1, FIN-02750 Espoo, Finland. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY”

Former VOIVOD and current E-FORCE bassist/vocalist Eric Forrest will be performing a show with his fun cover band named THAT 70s BAND (also occasionally referred to as THE 70's SHOW) at the Jailhouse in Mt-Royal, Quebec, Canada on Thursday, September 20th. As previously reported, THAT 70s BAND—which also includes former members of ENTROPY and HOMICIDE—jams out “heavied up” renditions of tunes by the likes of BLACK SABBATH, THE RAMONES, SEX PISTOLS and JUDAS PRIEST at various bars around Quebec.

WESTWORLD have cancelled their scheduled appearance at Don Hill's in New York City on Wednesday, September 19th. The band will be announcing a benefit concert for the victims of the Trade Center tragedy very soon.

BIOHAZARD guitarist/vocalist Billy Graziadei has posted the following message via the group's official web site yesterday, September 17th: “Last night we played a benefit show in boston put on by WAAF for the American Red was an honor to be on stage in front of some 10,000 people and incredible to play and share our aggression with so many people. We, as a society, nation, world MUST move on and stand up against terrorism. Bowing down and living in a cave only gives 'them' a win, and we are not losers! We WILL BE the LAST MAN STANDING!”

Sweden's ZONATA have acquired former CONVICTION guitarist Niclas Karlsson. According to the group's official web site, they are “convinced that Niclas will bring new stunning songwriting, crazy guitar playing, more metal and longer hair into the band.” Karlsson himself goes on to say that “I am just about 30 years old. I have been playing guitar for about 10-15 years. I love melodic heavy metal and classical music and I'm very dedicated to it, it's almost like my religion. It started when my uncle showed me the beginning of 'Beyond The Realms Of Death' with JUDAS PRIEST and then I started to learn more and discovered how fun it was. My favorite bands are JUDAS PRIEST, BLACK SABBATH, RAINBOW, CRIMSON GLORY, QUEENSRYCHE, MANOWAR, ACCEPT , HELLOWEEN and IRON MAIDEN but I also like newer bands as RAGE, BLIND GUARDIAN, SYMPHONY X, etc. My favourite guitar players are Yngwie Malmsteen, John Petrucci, Michael Romeo and Michael Shenker. Before I joined ZONATA I played in a band called CONVICTION and before that I started the band CRYSTAL EYES together with Mikael Dahl. Apart from guitarplaying and songwriting I also enjoy fishing, motorbikes, computers, cars and working out.” In other news, ZONATA is planning some gigs around Sweden this winter and are writing new material for a third album, which will likely be recorded at Studio Underground in early 2002 for a mid-year release.

The American BLACK SABBATH cover band AFTER FOREVER (not to be confused with the Dutch “gothic metal” band of the same name) have recorded a new “retro demo” containing cover versions of “War Pigs”, “Cornucopia”, “Tomorrow's Dream” and “Into the Void”. For more info, visit:

PLATYPUS have officially split up, with the individual members going on to form two separate entities, THE JELLYJAM and JUGHEAD. Consisting of KING'S X's Ty Tabor, DREAM THEATER's John Myung and former WINGER drummer Rod Morgenstein, THE JELLYJAM will continue in a similar vein to PLATYPUS but will be a little more song-orientated. The group's self-titled debut is due for release through InsideOut Records in early November. JUGHEAD, on the other hand, consists of Ty Tabor, former DREAM THEATER keyboardist Derek Sherinian, Matt and Greg Bissonette, and the group's music is reportedly “full of hooks and unashamedly pop/rock driven in a MUSTARD SEEDS/FOO FIGHTERS vein”. JUGHEAD's debut album appears set for an early 2002 release early through Ear Candy Records.

Swedish “black/death/thrash” metal act SATANIC SLAUGHTER have finished composing eight new songs for the group's upcoming studio album, which will be recorded at Studio Helltower in the near future. In the meantime, SATANIC SLAUGHTER have been confirmed for the Motala Metal Fest in Sweden, where they will be appearing alongside IN FLAMES, BLAZE, FREEDOM CALL and others.

BORKNAGAR will play a headline gig on November 18th at Studentersammfundet in Trondheim, Norway. In other news, BORKNAGAR guitarist Jens Ryland has joined DHG (formerly known as DØDHEIMSGARD) on a part-time basis. Commented Jens: 'Yes, I have started to rehearse with them, it's no secret really, we've just been holding back the news until I'm 100% sure this is working out. You know, DHG work in a totally different tempo than the well-oiled BORKNAGAR machine. The next album is written and the only thing that prevent us from booking a studio now is that we don't have a place to rehearse. As soon as that is taken care of we will start rehearsing rather intense and enter a studio as soon as possible. I also hope to bring DHG on the road sometime next year, but first we need to record the album.'

A BLIND GUARDIAN tribute album, consisting mostly of “amateur bands” such as Turkey's ACRIMONY ('And The Story Ends'),Germany's FADING STARLIGHT ('Banish From Sanctuary'),Czech Republic's HASTY HERALD ('Bright Eyes'),Czech Republic's HORROCKS, and SAGENT ('Time What Is Time'),is currently being put together. For more info, visit:

According to the group's official web site at, Atlanta's SICK SPEED, featuring former STUCK MOJO guitarist Rich Ward on vocals/guitar, Mike 'Happy' Schneider on guitar/vocals, ex-STUCK MOJO bassist Dan Dryden, and ex-STUCK MOJO drummer Bud Fontsere, will NOT be playing the rescheduled CMJ Music Conference (which was postponed following the recent World Trade Center bombings) for a couple of reasons: 1: one of the music industry's largest music publishers, ASCAP, was sponsoring their showcase which would have been an extremely important show for SICK SPEED and for the rescheduled conference ASCAP was unable to so 2: CMJ takes approximately nine months to plan, getting record industry personnel, performances and club schedules together and having the conference rescheduled about a month later it is VERY unlikely that CMJ would have the same amount of personnel, magnitude and exposure that the original dates in September would have been able to provide for SICK SPEED. Since the band had to drive and stay in New York at their own expense the second reason was the one of the main deciding factors. The band does hope to make it to New York for a show of their own in the not-too-distant future. In other news, SICK SPEED has been busy composing new material, including tracks that are currently going by the working titles of 'Getting Closer' and 'Yesterday'. According to Ward, 'Yesterday' has '...atmospheric verses with very cool choruses that would have easily fit into the [STUCK MOJO] Declaration of a Headhunter line-up.'

COMPANY OF SNAKES, featuring former WHITESNAKE guitarists Bernie Marsden and Micky Moody plus ex-SNAKES IN PARADISE singer Stefan Berggren, will release their brand new album, entitled Burst The Bubble, at the end of January 2002. The tentative track listing for the CD is as follows:


01. Intro

02. Labour Of Love

03. Sacrificial Feeling

04. Ride Ride Ride

05. What Love Can Do

06. Burst The Bubble

07. Little Miss Happiness

08. Back To The Blues

09. Kinda Wish You Would

10. Those Days

11. All Dressed Up

12. Can't Go Back

13. Hurricane Love

14. She

15. Outro





Technological expressionism and primal inspiration will unite in universal harmony, when, on October 23rd 2001, through the exclusive North American distribution agreement with Music For Nations, KOCH Records unveils the latest crushing release from British industrial metal pioneers GODFLESH, simply entitled Hymns.


GODFLESH revolutionized the industrial metal genre through intense experimentation with the combination of samples, tape loops, drum effects, thick guitar and tormented vocals. The band possesses a rich history, having released 12 mind-numbing and provocative genre-splitting discs over the course of 14 years. Currently consisting of guitarist/vocalist Justin Broadrick, bassist GC Green and Ted Parsons (formerly of post-modern, exotic, Goth Rock band THE SWANS, as well as angst-driven, NYC hardcore metal heroes PRONG),GODFLESH has toured with such defining acts as DANZIG, NAPALM DEATH and SKINNY PUPPY, as well as influencing a multitude of diverse rock acts, from the likes of THE LEMONHEADS to FEAR FACTORY and PANTERA. Broadrick comments on the notion: 'I think we've definitely paved the way in the industrial scene…I take it as a compliment that a lot more of the recent bends credit us as an influence.'


It's this kind of diversity that has lent GODFLESH the ability to redefine themselves and become more intense with each progressing release. The band largely relied on synthetic drums tones prior to Ted Parsons' recruitment in 1996, after which they pushed the envelope of extreme music even further. Says Parsons: 'This is the ideal band for my style of playing. GODFLESH has been and always will be an inspiration for me. I've found my perfect home.'


Hymns, a 13-track sonic stimulant, continues the bands tradition of staying a few steps ahead of the pack. The album is a veritable Hydrogen Bomb of thunderous, cyber-organic energy, guaranteed to provide listeners with a challenging and inspirational slab of crushing industrial metal!

Polish progressive occult black metal act LUX OCCULTA is almost finished with the recording studio sessions for their fourth full-length effort, their debut for Maquiavel MusicEntertainment. Titled The Mother and the Enemy, the CD is currently under final mastering process at Studio 333 with producer Bartek Kuzniak (VADER, DECAPITATED, DIES IRAE). The final track listing for the album is as follows:


01. Breathe In

02. Mother Pandora

03. Architecture

04. Most Arrogant Life Form

05. Yet Another Armageddon

06. Gambit

07. Midnight Crisis

08. Pied Piper

09. Missa Solemnis

10. Breathe Out


LUX OCCULTA have invited producer Kuzniak, Dawid Kosiarkiewicz and Wlodzimierz Kossak to perform on the album with saxophones and trumpets as well as professional jazz vocalist India to lend her vocals to some of the new songs. The band cites the move as a “pretty brave experiment”. Renowned cover illustrator Travis Smith (OPETH, DEATH, KATATONIA, NEVERMORE) has been assigned to do the cover art for The Mother and the Enemy. Early reports indicate the cover is “extreme and sexy, but still mysterious and elegant”. In similar news, drummer Kriss has quit LUX OCCULTA midway through the recording of the album. Apparently, the band tried to convince Kriss not to leave the band until the CD was finished, but were unsuccessful in their attempts. Session drummer Gerard Niemczyk (MORDOR, HOLY DEATH) was hired to perform the remaining drum tracks. The album has a tentative release date of October 2001.

All five members of Brazil's ANGRA have issued comments with regards to the group's just-completed new album, Rebirth, which is due to be released through SPV/Steamhammer Records on October 29th. Here are their statements:


Edu Falaschi (lead vocals): “In regards to the band itself, the most important things to be stated are the real friendship and union that exist among us. We are working as a true team: dedicated, professional and pleased with ourselves. As for the songs, all I can say about them is: PURE ENERGY!”


Kiko Loureiro (guitars): “I am very happy with the final result we had in the new album. The 'ANGRA way' of doing metal remains untouchable, so I am sure the fans will just adore Rebirth. The new members perfectly understood the real meaning of our music and they are always surprising me with their professionalism and musical skills. This is just the beginning of a new and longing era.”


Rafael Bittencourt (guitars): “After a long time of waiting, the fans will now know that the Goddess of Fire still rages on. What kept this force alive is the passion for music that we have, and the same feeling of passion have grown inside the new members' hearts throughout the years they were listening to ANGRA. This 'New Era' gave the opportunity for the fans to be a part of ANGRA and Rebirth is the fruit of a very hard work of all the people involved.”


Felipe Andreoli (bass): “This is surely my favorite ANGRA's album already. The songs do reflect perfectly the current level of the band, as well as the musical and personal energy, willingness and tightness we are experiencing. And even though we are a 'new group' now, you can clearly notice the traditional ANGRA touch in each of the songs.”


Aquiles Priester (drums): “I am totaly satisfied with the album's final result. The songs kept a high energy and I believe this is the first thing the fans will notice in the new ANGRA: the energy. The band has gone through the songwriting process, pre-production and recordings in a very smooth mood and that was crucial for us to achieve our goals in a very spontaneous way.”


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