Archive News Sep 28, 2001

September 28, 2001

LIMP BIZKIT will be issuing a remix album entitled Remizkit, in the near future, featuring remixes by DJ Premiere, Timbaland, LIMP BIZKIT frontman Fred Durst, LIMP BIZKIT's DJ Lethal, LIMP BIZKIT guitarist Wes Borland, P. Diddy, The Neptunes, William Orbit, Josh Abraham, and including appearances by BUBBA SPARXXX, 8 BALL, E40, and other “special surprise guests” that have yet to be revealed. Also planned is a DVD release, which will reportedly contain “all the ill home footage from the beginning till now, all the videos, new remix versions of the videos, never-seen takes from the videos, hidden passageways to unseen video, hidden levels almost impossible to find with even more private footage, dope screensavers, and wallpapers,” according to Durst. Meanwhile, the singer is still hard at work on the “rock” version of the Marvin Gaye hit “What's Going On”, which he's producing at an unspecified Los Angeles studio. In his latest posting, Durst states that “here I am in the studio working on the new-school rock version of 'Whats going on'. It's sounding pretty f.cking tight!! Elijah Blue from DEADSY came in and put his amazing voice on the track. His album is coming out on Elementree Records soon and he's performing on the Family Values tour with STAIND, LINKIN PARK, and STP. Bono did his vocals this morning from France over the Internet and it sounds un-f.cking-believable!! That man is a living legend. He has really tapped into the pulse of the world. It's crazy for me to get calls at my home from 'Bono from U2'. It's like, 'Hello..... Hello Fred, its Bono'..(holy sh.t),'Hey Bono, did you like the track?'....'It's so real!! I hope you like what I did in the bridge'....(he hopes Ilike what he did?) 'I'm sure it's off the hook'… (he then plays me his vocals over the phone)..'Oh, my God, Bono, its absolutely perfect'. And that it was!! I can't believe how good that man is. Anyway, people, this track is gonna touch you the right way, I just feel it in my heart. The proceeds will go to aid the relief the WTC tragedy and the disturbing AIDS plague in Africa.”

SUICIDAL TENDENCIES have pulled out of their scheduled appearance at the upcoming Smokeout Festival tour. No official reason was given for the cancellation, but this latest development is presumably related to the group's earlier announcement that “due to the tragic and senseless events of [September 11th], the band has temporarily, shut down all activities.”





Nearly a year after it was filmed, METALLICA's installment of the 'Classic Albums' series will be released, in the US, on DVD. The street date for the release is November 6th, 2001. In late 2000, METALLICA and producer Bob Rock hooked up in Los Angeles to revisit the making of 1991's mammoth Black Album. Over the course of two days, the band looked back at old demos, different mixes, and discussed the recording of METALLICA's biggest hit record. The liner notes sum up the DVD quite nicely: 'The story of the making of this remarkable album is told here via exclusive interviews with band members James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett and Jason Newsted, archive footage and performance, and contributions from producer Bob Rock. We revisit the original multi-tracks of the album, as well as listen to previously unheard demo recordings. Featuring the five singles from the album, 'Enter Sandman', 'Sad But True', 'The Unforgiven', 'Wherever I May Roam' and 'Nothing Else Matters', this is the compelling story of one of the biggest selling albums of all time, a true Classic Album.'


In other METALLICA-related news, drummer Lars Ulrich has posted the following message in the members-only area of the web site: “So I want to reach out to you guys and tell you, first of all that I really appreciate everyone's concerns about our physical well being in the aftermath of the attack. Secondly, that I really wish METALLICA could be there for all you guys right now by playing music for the people who wanna hear it and for all the people who've done so much to help other people in past two weeks. Hang in there, be f.cking nice to each other and please respect that we wanna keep a hate-free zone. Please take that with you everywhere you go and we'll all get through this together. C-ya in a bit. Love, Lars

SYSTEM OF A DOWN will embark on a short UK tour during November. The dates are as follows:


Nov. 22 - Manchester, UK @ Academy

Nov. 23 - Birmingham, UK @ Academy

Nov. 25 - London, UK @ Brixton Academy

Nov. 26 - Nottingham, UK @ Rock City

Nov. 27 - Glasgow, UK @ Barrowlands

NAPALM DEATH and DEFENESTRATION have been added to the bill of the Tattoo The Planet show at London's Wembley Arena on October 14th. NAPALM DEATH and DEFENESTRATION will be the third and first bands on the bill, respectively, with the rest of the line-up scheduled to include SLAYER, BIOHAZARD, CRADLE OF FILTH, THERAPY? and RAGING SPEEDHORN.

VOIVOD drummer Michel Langevin (aka Away) told a Montreal newspaper in an article that was published September 21st that the group's next studio album—which will include appearances by former METALLICA bassist Jason Newsted and returning frontman Denis “Snake” Belanger—will feature a “return to the psychedelic metal from the trilogy Nothingface, Angel Rat and The Outer Limits” and will contain a “more punk” direction than the group's last few offerings. The as-yet-untitled effort is due to arrive in mid-2002.

Reports from the studio where QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE are recording their latest album indicate that FOO FIGHTERS mainman Dave Grohl will be playing the drums on “more than just a few songs” on the album, and that he may in fact lay down all the drums on the effort, tentatively entitled Songs For The Deaf. Produced by Eric Valentine (SNAKE RIVER CONSPIRACY, SMASH MOUTH),Songs For The Deaf is scheduled for a late 2001 / early 2002 release through Interscope Records, and will be the group's first with longtime band collaborator and former SCREMING TREES frontman Mark Lanegan in the role of the group's official vocalist.

NECROPHAGIA's planned split 7' with Japan's SIGH has a tentative release date of early 2002. In related news, the debut release from ENOCH— a “horror-movie soundtrack-type music” collaboration between SIGH's Mirai, Killjoy (NECROPHAGIA),Phil Anselmo (PANTERA),and Opal Enthroned (VIKING CROWN)— will tentatively be finished in December.

Sweden's reformed GRAVE have posted the following short update via the group's official site at “To keep you up to date here is a quick flashback. About two years ago we got a new bass player in the band. Freddan Isaksson has played in various Stockholm bands, most known would be THERION. The old bass player Jonas Torndal has joined the band again and now plays second guitar. 4 new songs are written and will be recorded this fall and possibly released. In the meantime we concentrate on writing more new stuff and do some gigs in Sweden (or anywhere else if you set us up). At the 14th of September, GRAVE played a show at Machine Bar, a club located at the Hard Rock Cafe in Stockholm and got a massive response. It was the first live show in a lot of years and the first ever with the new lineup. If U want to book a show drop a line to: [email protected]

Örebro, Sweden's WOLF's forthcoming album, entitled Black Wings, will be issued shortly through No Fashion Records. Produced by Peter Tagtgren at the Abyss Studio, the full track listing for the effort is as follows:


01. Night Stalker

02. Demon Bell

03. I Am the Devil

04. Venom

05. A World Bewitched

06. The Curse

07. Unholy Night

08. Genocide

09. A Dangerous Meeting (MERCYFUL FATE cover)


In other news, WOLF have just finished recording covers of THE RAMONES''I'm Not Afraid of Life' and SLAYER's “Die By The Sword” at Soundlab Studios with engineer Miezko Talarczyk of NASUM the former track will be issued on a RAMONES tribute album, which is set for release on April 15th, 2002, while the latter song is set to appear as a B-side on WOLF's as-yet-unspecified new single.

The UK act AREA 54 will be supporting SAXON on their upcoming UK tour. The dates are as follows:


Oct. 11 - Milton Keynes, UK @ Woughton Centre

Oct. 13 – London, UK @ Mean Fiddler

Oct. 15 – Cambridge, UK @ Junction 15

L.A. shred kings RACER X, featuring guitarist Paul Gilbert (ex-MR. BIG),vocalist Jeff Martin (ex-BADLANDS, BLACK SYMPHONY),drummer Scott Travis (JUDAS PRIEST) and bassist John Alderete (ex-THE SCREAM),have entered the Japanese album charts at #30 with their latest release, a live CD/DVD of their May 25th reunion show at the Whisky A-Go Go entitled Snowball Of Doom.

French “brutal death metallers” VORACIOUS GANGRENE have issued a brand new four-song CD of “intense and ultra brutal-death metal, more powerfull and apocalyptic than ever”. For more info, visit the band's official web site at this location or write to them at: [email protected]

In honor of all of the victims in the tragedy of September 11th, GODHEAD has posted for download their version of 'Amazing Grace' on the group's official web site at this location. Recorded several years ago for a movie soundtrack, the song has never been available in its complete form until now.

MASTERS OF REALITY have made available for download a track entitled 'High Noon Amsterdam', taken from the new MOR album Deep In the Hole, on the group's official web site at this location. “High Noon Amsterdam” features MOR's Chris Goss and QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE's Mark Lanegan on vocals, Goss, QOTSA's Josh Homme, and A PERFECT CIRCLE's Troy Van Leeuwen on guitar.

ELLIS, a three-piece band fronted by Stacey Ellis, will shortly be issuing their new CD, entitled Ellis Three (E-III), featuring a duet with former DEEP PURPLE/BLACK SABBATH vocalist on the track 'Growing Wise”.

Atlanta's SEVENDUST have firmed up the track listing for their third full-length CD, entitled Animosity, which is due through TVT Records on November 13th. The details are as follows:


01. Tits on a Boar

02. Praise (first single)

03. Trust

04. Crucified

05. Xmas Day

06. Dead Set

07. Shine

08. Follow (with Aaron Lewis of STAIND)

09. Damaged

10. Live Again

11. Beautiful

12. Redefine

13. Angel's Son

SEETHINGS, the new Swedish band of former DARKANE vocalist Lawrence, are hard at work laying down the bass tracks at their home rehearsal studio for the group's upcoming debut album, the bulk of which is being produced by Daniel Bergstrand (i.e. STUCK MOJO, STRAPPING YOUNG LAD) at Bergtrand's Dug-Out Studios in Uppsala, Sweden. SEETHINGS will re-enter Dug-Out on Monday, October 15th to complete the vocal tracks and mix the album, which is scheduled to be finished by November 4th. An early 2002 release through an as-yet-unspecified label is expected.

ANNIHILATOR guitarist Jeff Waters has posted the following update on the band's activities via the band's official web site: “Hmmmm! Well what has been going on in the ANNIHILATOR/Waters camp? Done the writing for the next CD. Got the rhythm guitars/bass/most leads recorded. Randy Black just arrived from Berlin to start drum tracking tomorrow. Joe 'Toe' Comeau arrives a week later to start vocal tracks. This will be a first other than when I was the singer, this will be the first time in ANNIHILATOR's history that a singer has lasted more than one CD in a row! (better knock on wood and not count my chickens [and corn], as he ain't here yet! HA!). I will finish up some leads and other tracking at the end of October and then November will be mix and master time. If all goes well, we hope for a mid-spring release.


“I am really digging this CD. Ok you knew I was gonna say that, BUT, on a very personal note, this is definitely the most difficult ANNIHILATOR CD to play on the guitar! Thank my buddy Paul Blake and Rob Malbeuf for that they both told me: 'Jeff, write the fastest, hardest riffs you can come up with'. Once again, my right arm/neck were f....d for a few weeks after tracking as the picking on this new one is insane!


“Ok so that doesn't mean s..t if the tunes aren't any good! They are. Wickedly cool production a very big change in styles for me as well as for the guitar sound.


Joe has written some good lyrics on this one, as he did on the last CD.


“Looking forward to working with Randy Black in the studio (tomorrow!). He is a very seasoned pro who is very open-minded to trying different things always a bonus in a studio situation.


“Will let you know how it goes next week! 'Hello' from all of us and we sure hope you appreciate our next offering!


“Cheers: Jeff and crew”

KUSH, the long-running project of FEAR FACTORY bassist Christian Olde Wolbers, FEAR FACTORY drummer Raymond Herrera, DEFTONES guitarist Stephen Carpenter and CYPRESS HILL frontman B-Real, will be appearing at the October 6th Glen Helen Blockbuster, Devore, California date of the Smokeout Festival tour at 4:20 PM. Other artists appearing on the bill include CYPRESS HILL, DEFTONES, ARMAND VAN HELDEN, METHOD MAN, REDMAN, FEAR FACTORY, DJ SNEAK, ERICK SERMON, LONG BEACH DUB ALL-STARS, KEITH MURRAY, KOTTONMOUTH KINGS and AFROMAN.

HARDCORE SUPERSTAR's Thank You (For Letting Us Be Ourselves) CD will be released in Japan on October 28th. The Japanese version will include as a bonus a track called 'Long Way To Go', featuring former HANOI ROCKS frontman Michael Monroe. The album will receive a Swedish release on October 15th and the rest of Europe will see it on October 22nd.

KAMELOT vocalist Roy Khan will fly from his native Norway to Florida this October to start work with guitarist Thomas Youngblood on the follow-up to Karma and to play the Prog Power Fest in Atlanta on November 9th. Thom is also planning on flying to Roy's home country Norway to work on material this December all this hard work writing should pay off in a September 2002 release for their next album. The band is also mulling over some touring options for the US that would see them hit the road between November and December. Stay tuned for more information.

IRON SAVIOR is confirmed to play Germany's Bang Your Head Festival next year. The band has also started work on the follow-up to Dark Assault, tentatively titled Condition Red.

SEVEN WITCHES, featuring SAVATAGE guitarist Jack Frost and ex-CRIMSON GLORY singer Wade Black, have been busy working on material for the group's Noise Records debut, which is tentatively due to be released in North America by early spring. No album title has yet been chosen, but the band has announced the song 'Metal Tyrant' as the possible first single.


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