ARK: In The Studio Recording Third Album

November 21, 2003

ARK, the band featuring ex-CONCEPTION guitarist Tore Østby, former YNGWIE MALMSTEEN drummer John Macaluso, and ex-MALMSTEEN bassist Randy Cove, have posed the following message on their web site:

"Dear ARKpeople!

"As you know from our last note, we've been underground investigating stalactites and other natural phenomenon. We apologize for a long delay of information, but the band as well as the music had to fall from space back to nature and other earthly works. We feel it is now time to speak because we wanted things set in stone. Fans of the band will really love and appreciate the new style we have captured. The music is where we wanted it to be. After a full year of trauma, pain, joy, experimentation, love and struggle we've finally hit our mark.

"Fearing the number 3 is a very common phobia. We are gonna use this phobia in a positive sense. Our third album is our lives splattered on a round silver disc. We are extremely proud of the songs written, and totally excited being in the recording process. This album is as deep as the wholes of Galdhøpiggen to the ancient caves of Tautavel Man, which both gave inspiration to the writing (no joke). We're on our third week of recording here in New York. Again imbedded deep in the city. We found a great drum tracking team in Dynamite Sound as big, fat and tight as your aunt Betsey.

"The results are coming out fantastic!

"We would like to thank all the people still frequently visiting the website and keeping up the faith — the faith only makes us stronger!

"[Here] are some pictures from the recent sessions. We will keep you informed!"

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