AT THE GATES Begins Recording 'Darker, Richer And More Raging' New Album

November 16, 2017

Swedish melodic death metal pioneers AT THE GATES have entered Parlour Studios in the U.K. with producer Russ Russell (NAPALM DEATH, THE HAUNTED, DIMMU BORGIR) to begin recording their new album. The follow-up to 2014's acclaimed comeback effort, "At War With Reality", will arrive in early 2018 via Century Media.

"We are finally hitting the studio and are super excited about this!" says AT THE GATES frontman Tomas Lindberg. "The songs have been worked on in such detail for the last seven months and we can't wait to put them down to tape.

"Russ Russell was actually the runner-up for mixing 'At War With Reality', and we really wanted to work with him on this one. He has what we are looking for when it comes to sheer loud, blunt heaviness.

"This is going to be a darker, richer and more raging album than the last one. It has so much more real AT THE GATES emotions on display, and I would say it has the same approach lyrically as the feeling of 'The Red In The Sky Is Ours'. More of a red album than a blue one. Can't wait for people to hear it!"

A first video report from the studio, featuring AT THE GATES drummer Adrian Erlandsson doing a drum set-up run-down for the recordings, can be seen below.

AT THE GATES recently announced the addition of guitarist Jonas Stålhammar to the group's ranks. He joined the band as the replacement for co-founding guitarist Anders Björler, who left AT THE GATES in March.

The band said in a statement: "We were looking for someone who had the same reference points as we do, someone from the same path, so to say, who understand the greatness of both AUTOPSY and KING CRIMSON. Of course, it was essential that our new member could fill the shoes of Anders performance-wise as well, but that was never an issue with Jonas. We were looking for someone with a deep understanding of what AT THE GATES are about, someone who could contribute creatively to the band."

Stålhammar is currently a member of THE LURKING FEAR, CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX, BOMBS OF HADES and GOD MACABRE. He previously played in ABHOTH, UTUMNO and MACABRE END.

AT THE GATES 2017 is (left to right in photo):

Adrian Erlandsson - Drums
Jonas Björler - Bass
Tomas Lindberg - Vocals
Jonas Stålhammar - Guitar
Martin Larsson - Guitar

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