AXL ROSE Condemns DONALD TRUMP's Choice Of JEFF SESSIONS For Attorney General

November 18, 2016

GUNS N' ROSES singer Axl Rose has condemned president-elect Donald Trump's selection of Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions as attorney general in his upcoming administration.

Sessions, who has been a key adviser to the Trump campaign from very close to the beginning, has distinguished himself in the Senate for his hard-line stance against both legal and unauthorized immigration.

The Senate rejected then-president Ronald Reagan's nomination of Sessions as a federal judge in 1986 after colleagues testified about racially offensive comments Sessions made as a U.S. attorney in Alabama.

Earlier today, Rose took to his personal Twitter account to slam Sessions as a poor choice to head a department charged with protecting voting rights and running immigration courts.

The singer wrote: "Good people don't listen to, acknowledge, nominate or elect people like Senator Jeff Sessions."

During a rare 2012 interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Rose semi-endorsed President Barack Obama but revealed that he wasn't exactly the voting kind. "I haven't really voted," Axl admitted. "Well, I'm in California, and it usually leans Democratic, and that's usually where I'm leaning anyway." Rose later offered his Obama endorsement. "I would lean Democrat. I would lean Obama," he said.

GUNS N' ROSES recently concluded the North American leg of the "Not In This Lifetime" tour and is now performing in South America. A European trek is reportedly planned for next summer.

"Not In This Lifetime" features classic GN'R lineup members Slash, Duff McKagan and Rose backed by drummer Frank Ferrer, guitarist Richard Fortus, keyboardist Dizzy Reed and new second keyboardist Melissa Reese.

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