AXL ROSE: 'Make The White House Great Again'

February 11, 2020

Axl Rose has broken his three-month social media silence to once again bash the Trump administration.

The GUNS N' ROSES frontman took to his Twitter account on Monday to share a photo of a New Hampshire voter wearing a hat that reads "Make The White House Great Again."

Although Axl chose not to caption the picture, the response from other Twitter users was predictably mixed, with one person tweeting "Make Axl's Singing Great Again" and another adding "Make GNR great again." A third Twitter user wrote: "The only way to [make the White House great again] is to fumigate it. The current infestation is out of control, the cockroaches and snakes have taken over the premises."

Rose has been extremely vocal in his distaste for the current U.S. president, having taken to Twitter a number of times in the past few years to slam Trump, his administration and his policies.

Back in November 2016, Rose condemned then-President-elect Donald Trump's choice for U.S. attorney general, and berated Trump for demanding an apology from the cast of the Broadway show "Hamilton" after then-Vice President-elect Mike Pence was booed when he attended the musical. One month later, Rose invited fans at a GUNS N' ROSES concert in Mexico City to beat the crap out of a large piñata designed to look like Trump.

In January 2018, Axl blasted the Trump administration as the "gold standard of what can be considered disgraceful." Nine months later, he urged his fans to go with Democrats in the midterm elections that year.

"As far as I'm concerned anyone can enjoy GNR 4 whatever reason n' there's truth 2 the saying 'u can't choose your fans' n' we're good w/that," he tweeted at the time. "Having said that my personal position is that the Trump administration along w/the majority of Republicans in Congress n' their donors that support him 4 their own agendas r doing r nation a disservice."

"We have an individual in the WH that will say n' do anything w/no regard for truth, ethics, morals or empathy of any kind, who says what's real is fake n' what's fake is real. Who will stop at nothing 4 power feeding off the anger n' resentment he sows 24/7 while constantly whining how whatever doesn't go his way is unfair," Rose wrote.

"Most of us in America have never experienced anything this obscene at this level in r lifetimes n' if we as a country don't wake up n' put an end 2 this nonsense now it's something we definitely will all pay hard 4 as time goes on," he warned.

Also in November 2018, when Trump blamed the "costly" California wildfires on "gross mismanagement of the forests," adding "Remedy now, or no more Fed payments!", Rose responded, writing: "'s a lack of federal funding that's at the 'root' of the purported forest mismanagement. Only a demented n' truly pathetic individual would twist that around n' use a tragedy to once again misrepresent facts for attempted public/political gain at other's expense"

Earlier this month, GUNS N' ROSES announced a run of North American stadium dates this summer, starting on July 4 at Milwaukee's Summerfest and ending on August 26 in Missoula, Montana.

The Los Angeles-based band will also be the first rock act to play its hometown's new SoFi Stadium after it opens this July. The first performer to play the venue — the new home of the Los Angeles Rams — will be pop star Taylor Swift.

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