BATTLE BEAST Frontwoman: 'I Now Have The Courage That People Like My Softer Voice'

September 10, 2019

In an interview with Kyo from Germany's Moshpit Passion, frontwoman Noora Louhimo of Finnish melodic metallers BATTLE BEAST discussed her evolution as a vocalist since joining the band in 2012. Louhimo entered BATTLE BEAST with no previous experience as a metal vocalist but quickly acclimated herself as the replacement for Nitte Valo. On the band's latest "No More Hollywood Endings" studio album, Louhimo has further expanded her vocal range, which she hopes makes for a more dynamic listening experience.

"The thing was because I had not sung heavy metal before BATTLE BEAST," she said (see video below). "I've done all these other genres, and I have all these different sounds that I can make and sing in different genres, I really wanted to show that to people in our music, and how to put all these different sounds and elements into our music. I think during the years it's been developing in that direction that now I have the courage to show that side and I can trust that people actually can like my softer voice also. It took some years because, of course, when I started in BATTLE BEAST, I didn't know… I had to develop my own style as a singer. I was kind of pushed first in that direction that I have to scream all the time, but then it's just not healthy for your voice. Also, it gets a lack of dynamics if you're just screaming. What I really want to do, I've been doing since the 'Bringer Of Pain' album, I really want to tell the story in the right way and the emotions, and be the interpreter for people that they can actually feel what the song is about by using my voice in a different way."

"No More Hollywood Endings" was released March 22 via Nuclear Blast. The album was recorded by Janne Björkroth, Viktor Gullichsen and Joona Björkroth at JKB Studio. The production and mixing duties were handled by Janne. The cover artwork was created by Jan Yrlund (KORPIKLAANI, MANOWAR),who previously worked with BATTLE BEAST on 2017's "Bringer Of Pain".

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