BEARTOOTH's Next Album Will Be 'A Lot More Intense, Says CALEB SHOMO

March 5, 2020

Ahead of BEARTOOTH's February 29 concert at the Roundhouse in London, England, singer Caleb Shomo spoke to the Eyes Closed blog about the progress of the songwriting sessions for the band's fourth studio album.

"Being on the road and writing is very new, 'cause I've always kept the road and writing separate; I would always write at home at my studio there," Caleb said (see video below). "Doing it on the road, I feel like it's just made me a lot more creative in certain ways. When I'm home, I feel like I'm just so burnt out, I don't really wanna do anything for a long time, and then it takes me a while to get ready to write. But being out here, just being surrounded by music constantly and playing a show every night, it just kind of gives me more fuel to be, like, 'All right. This would be a great riff live.' It's made the writing process a lot more live show-centered, and that's probably the main difference I've noticed. But, yeah, I've been really motivated — it's just flying, going really fast."

According to Shomo, the music for BEARTOOTH's next LP is "very close to being done — it's very close. The reality is, is it really ever done? I mean, you just kind of keep writing until you have enough, and then the deadline hits and you make a record," he explained. "But I definitely have way more than enough material. In my head, I have kind of like a record done — musically. So, really, what I have to do is just write the vocals and track them. That's the only thing I can't do on the road, just because I've gotta sing every night.

Asked about the lyrical themes covered in BEARTOOTH's new songs, Caleb said: "That stuff I don't really wanna give away yet; I want that to come with the rollout. But I'll say so far, the way I've put it is I feel like 'Disease' was more of like a rock and roll kind of forward album; this one seems a bit more like heavy metal forward. It's definitely a lot more intense — for sure."

BEARTOOTH's latest release was the folk- and country music-inspired "The Blackbird Session" EP, which came out last September.

The band's third album, "Disease", was released in September 2018 via Red Bull Records. The disc was recorded at BlackBird studio in Franklin, Tennessee with producer Nick Raskulinecz (DEFTONES, KORN, FOO FIGHTERS).

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