BELPHEGOR Working On 'Furiously Heavy' And 'Fierce' New Album

January 20, 2017

European diabolical death/black metal commandos BELPHEGOR have returned to the studio to record their as-yet-untitled eleventh album. The follow-up to 2014's "Conjuring The Dead" will be released in September through Nuclear Blast, followed by an intense touring cycle worldwide.

BELPHEGOR frontman/founder guitarist Helmuth Lehner comments: "The drums and bass guitar have been executed masterfully by Serpenth (bass, screams) and German maniac drummer Bloodhammer. A new chapter, a new challenge."

Serpenth added: "We've once again created an LP with two different tunings in the manner in which we did 'Pestapokalypse VI' (October 2006). We've added a lot of new elements and structures to our trademark sound and tuned the guitars down to achieve even more brutal and obscure effects. These are the most furiously heavy, fierce and superior nine sound collages we have ever written and recorded."

A clip of BELPHEGOR playing "Totenkult - Exegesis Of Deterioration", recorded live inside their rehearsal bunker, can be seen below. This scorching death/black metal track will be included on the upcoming album.


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