BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME: Final 'The Great Misdirect' Webisode Released

August 24, 2009

The final webisode featuriing video footage from the recording sessions for "The Great Misdirect" — the forthcoming album from the Raleigh, North Carolina-based progressive metalcore quintet BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME — can be viewed below. The CD is scheduled for release on October 27 via Victory Records.

BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME vocalist Tommy Rogers recently told Noisecreep about the group's upcoming effort, "A lot of the record deals with the human brain. There's definitely a lot to do with alien abductions, and one song is about a group of people who write music in the desert, because music is outlawed across the entire Earth. I get borderline obsessed with certain topics, and that bleeds into my lyrics. During the writing of this record, I got really obsessed with the human brain, magic and code, and wrote a song about all of that. I got obsessed with freaking alien abduction and stuff like that. It's basically what's in my head. I want to create stories and lyrics that go well with our music, because it is so dynamic. I want the lyrics to follow that."

On pushing the limits of musical expression:

"When we started this band, the big goal was not having limits as far as what we wanted to do musically, and as musicians, there's a lot of freedom in this band. We're not opposed to trying anything. And I love having that freedom, to know that the limits are endless, and that we won't be afraid to try anything. It's awesome. I hope we keep evolving as musicians, and writing better and better music."

"When you try to push the envelope, that's when things can go wrong. When you're, like, 'We gotta write something that's different, that stands out,' that's when you're forcing yourself to be weird or technical, just for the sake of doing it. The reason why our music is so unique is because all five of us write and in a lot of bands, it's not like that. We all write stuff on our own, and put it all together, and it's such a collaboration of ideas. It comes out sounding unique without really trying."

"We never go in and say, 'We need this kind of part' or 'We need this kind of part.' We just write, and see what happens. It's always a fun building process, because you feed off of each other, and you feed off of other peoples' ideas. The day we start forcing things out is the day we need to stop making music. Right now, it's fun to write because it's very organic, and we're really expressing what we're feeling."

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