BIFF BYFORD Says SAXON Will Take Part In 'Quite Special' Tour In 2021

February 17, 2020

Biff Byford has spoken to Eonmusic about his solo album, "School Of Hard Knocks", the highs and lows of SAXON's career, and about a forthcoming package tour that the singer has called "something quite special" to take place in 2021.

Speaking about the heart attack that he suffered in September 2019, Biff said: "Some days are good, some days are a bit difficult, but, yeah, it’s getting better — slowly but surely."

On having his name on an album cover, rather than the band's: "It is weird, I must say. I'm getting used to it, but it's a bit weird. It's a bit strange doing interviews like, I'm No.1 on the Amazon newcomers list thing."

On the highlights of SAXON's career of over four decades: "Well, not dying last September was a good one. Yeah, we've had some ups and downs, some highs and lows, but we're still on highs. At the moment, we've sold out Hammersmith and the Manchester Apollo. I think a lot of people have come back to love SAXON again, and I think we've got a lot of new fans as well, so we're very lucky at the moment. We're as strong now as we've been in the last 25, 30 years."

Finally, the frontman noted that SAXON will take part in a multi-band tour in 2021, one that he labeled as "quite special." "We've had some big things offered for next year," he said. "I think the new album will be out next year to coincide with the tour. We've been offered something quite special. I can't tell you about it, but we might be going out with some other bands next year. Yeah, that will be happening, I think, so keep your eyes peeled."

Read the entire interview at Eonmusic.

"School Of Hard Knocks" will be released on February 21 via Silver Lining Music. The LP features Byford on vocals (and a spot of four-string thunder) along with Fredrik Åkesson (OPETH) on guitars, drummer Christian Lundqvist and bass player Gus Macricostas. The album also features guest appearances by Phil Campbell (MOTÖRHEAD),Alex Holzwarth (RHAPSODY OF FIRE and TURILLI/LIONE RHAPSODY),Nick Barker (VOICES),Dave Kemp (WAYWARD SONS) and Nibbs Carter (SAXON). The album was produced by Byford, recorded by Jacky Lehmann at Brighton Electric Studios in Brighton (U.K.) and mixed at Queen Street Studios in Stockholm (Sweden) by Mats Valentin.

Last fall, SAXON began recording its 23rd studio album with producer Andy Sneap.

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