BILLY, DIGIORGIO, TRAVIS To Begin Tracking Debut CD Shortly For Fall Release

February 16, 2002

The new as-yet-unnamed project featuring TESTAMENT/SADUS bassist Steve DiGiorgio, SADUS frontman Darren Travis and TESTAMENT vocalist Chuck Billy are still in the songwriting stage and expect to enter the studio in the next couple of months to begin laying down their debut album for a fall release through an as-yet-undisclosed label. According to DiGiorgio, “I'm psyched on how these are turning out. It's going to be a very 'hard' album, it's totally heavy, brutal, fast...I know those are totally lame cliché terms but what else do I have to use until the album is out and you can decide for yourselves..? We're just working with my drum machine for now. Jon Allen (TESTAMENT/SADUS) might come play drums later, but we're still in writing mode. There might even be another drummer sharing in the recording and possibly another guitarist (for some solos).

“Working with Chuck has been awesome,” the bassist added. “We've [SADUS] never had a real singer, I mean Darren can belt it out with the best of them, but c'mon... Chuck is a classic. We were lucky to hook up with him. We're learning a lot from his input. We [Darren and I] have put SADUS on the backburner again...but this time it's for a good reason, and this time it'll be worth it.”

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