BLEED THE SKY Ready To Hit The Road

June 26, 2008

Migrating back to its place of birth after a two-year stint in Los Angeles and sporting three new band members, Oklahoma City's BLEED THE SKY has announced it's ready to hit the road in support of its "end-all, be-all" new album, "Murder The Dance", released on June 10 and produced and engineered by Christian Olde Wolbers (FEAR FACTORY),mixed by Ben Schigel (CHIMAIRA, DROWNING POOL),and mastered by Matt Rosebery. "Murder The Dance" is the follow-up to the band's 2005 debut album, "Paradigm In Entropy", which sold over 10,000 copies.

Warming up with four shows in Texas before joining STRAIGHT LINE STITCH, WITHIN CHAOS and EKOTREN on their first headlining, 26-date tour for this album cycle, BTS vocalist Noah Robinson shares some additional information about the album: "We had several guest vocalists on 'Murder The Dance'. A lot of people think that you only bring in guest vocalists when you yourself are out of ideas, but that couldn't be further from the truth. First off, we had our friend Jeremy Hall [from San Diego-based bands AUDKIK and DYING REGRET] come in to track 'The Sleeping Beauty'. Nobody understood the meaning of this song more than him, and when I explained that to him, he said he'd be honored. Once we had our vocals tracked on 'Occam's Razor', we were listening back to it and [producer] Christian [Wolbers] suggested Martina Axen [former DRAIN STH drummer] come in and guest. She was thrilled and I could not have been happier to see her in action. Last but certainly not least was our boy Jon 'The Hoff' Howard [vocalist for Canada-based labelmates THREAT SIGNAL] tracking vocals on 'Vertical Smile'. We've all been huge fans of THREAT SIGNAL even before they were signed, so we seized this opportunity to finally get to work with Jon. The new line-up is let me put it this way: Our video director David Brodsky [HATE ETERNAL, THE RED CHORD, SOILENT GREEN] beat us into the ground when were shooting for 'Sullivan', and everyone was headbanging like maniacs at 8 a.m. without an audience and without even stretching or warming up. Things can only get better once we're back on the road. I'll say it again and again I can't wait to show everyone the new BLEED THE SKY!"

Justin Warrick, formerly of the Southern California band REV, recently joined the band's ranks as their rhythm and lead guitarist.

BLEED THE SKY's new lineup is:

Noah Robinson - Vocals
Ryan Clark - Bass
Rob Thornton - Guitar
Justin Warrick - Guitar
Austin D'Amond - Drums

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