BLIND GUARDIAN Explain Houston Cancellation

December 3, 2002

BLIND GUARDIAN's tour manager has issued a statement in an attempt to clarify the reasons behind the cancellation of the group's scheduled Houston show on Nov. 29 as part of their ongoing U.S. tour with SYMPHONY X. It reads as follows:

"This is Roger Smith, the road manager for the BLIND GUARDIAN tour. The real reason for the show not happening is that Bobby, the Houston promoter, did not do his job. I tried to call, e-mail and even call his house. What really sucks is that I live in that city, and I wanted the show to happen. Before I left on this tour, I told Bobby that he would have to do his best on this show. BLIND GUARDIAN needs a real house crew, and Bobby isn't a real promoter. He could not get me into the club until after 4:00 p.m., which I told him I needed a 12 noon load-in. Bobby did not do any promotions for this show. I myself and the booking agent tried calling the club and the promoter to see what the fuck is going on and did not get a reply from not one person, until 24 hours from the show happening. I'm sorry but I do not work that way. The person to blame is Bobby, the promoter from Houston."

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