BLOODBATH To Make Live Debut Next Year

September 27, 2004

KATATONIA frontman Jonas Renkse recently spoke to Denmark's Antenna webzine about the new album from his BLOODBATH side project, entitled "Nightmares Made Flesh". Several excerpts from the interview follow:

Antenna: How did you hook up with (singer) Peter (Tägtgren, HYPOCRISY, PAIN) and was he the first choice [to replace previous vocalist Mikael Åkerfeldt)?

Jonas Renkse: "Yeah, I think he was the first choice actually because Dan [Swanö], he's a friend of Peter and he proposed that we should talk with Peter and try him out and as everything went so smoothly with Peter there was really noting to discuss and we were all very happy with him. My first thought when Mikael said he wouldn't be a part of the band anymore I was like thinking for myself maybe we if we can get a lot of money maybe David Vincent from MORBID ANGEL can do it but it would take so much time and probably a lot of money as well."

Antenna: Is BLOODBATH strictly a studio project or is there a possibility of seeing you play live at some point?

Jonas Renkse: "I think now that we've done two full-length albums and we heard the recent demands for us playing live. We have been talking about and I think it all comes down to the members different schedules. Everyone in the band [has] other bands but we are definitely going to try our best to play live maybe not a full tour but at least some gigs sometime next year hopefully".

Antenna: So BLOODBATH is a band that we can expect more from in the future?

Jonas Renkse: "Yeah, I hope so… That's what I hope for because I'm dying to play this kinda music live I've never done it, so it would be killer."

Read Jonas Renkse's entire interview with Antenna at this location.

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