Bomb-Sniffing Dogs A Requirement At FOO FIGHTERS Shows

December 18, 2017

According to The Pulse Of Radio, organizers of a FOO FIGHTERS concert last Saturday (December 9) in Billings, Montana scrambled at the last minute to find a bomb-sniffing dog as per the band's security requirements. Local TV station KTVQ reported that a local dog group fell through and the arena staff made calls nationwide, eventually locating one in Atlanta that would cost the venue $7,500 in additional expenses.

But when bad weather prevented the dogs from leaving Atlanta on time, the search had to start again. This time a group in Missoula, Montana was located. They were able to travel Friday night and be ready for work on Saturday, all for $2,000.

The two grand was on top of the $50,000 spent to install a dozen brand new metal detectors, another request from the FOO FIGHTERS. The venue's general manager, however, said that the metal detectors would be used for all events in the future.

MetraPark marketing director Ray Massie told the station: "It really was a team effort. It's just another thing we do to make sure that shows get to come to Billings and are comfortable coming to Billings."

FOO FIGHTERS tour manager Gus Brandt called last year for an overhaul of security procedures at venues across the country, arguing that additional measures make sense during an era of increased violence at public events.

FOO FIGHTERS will play in Las Vegas on New Year's Eve (December 31) and will launch a spring 2018 North American tour next April.

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