BRIAN MAY Still Discovering Unheard FREDDIE MERCURY Material

December 2, 2013

According to The Pulse Of Radio, Brian May says that there's far more unreleased Freddie Mercury material than originally thought. May has been restoring the unfinished Mercury music with producer William Orbit and "transferring the material from tape to digital at the highest resolution available so that they can work with the tracks and for archiving purposes." May told Mojo, "There's more in there than we thought, in the QUEEN source archive. We've found some Freddie vocals, some demos. . . at the moment we're working on spinning some new music around those, which is what we did for the [posthumous 1995] 'Made In Heaven' album, which was possibly the best QUEEN album we ever made. . . I'm a little nervous of saying there's an album there, but there's certainly a few tracks."

May and drummer Roger Taylor recently put finishing touches on some of Mercury's 1983 demos with Michael Jackson. In addition to that, the other "lost" Mercury tracks in the QUEEN vaults include collaborations with David Bowie, Andy Gibb, and Rod Stewart.

Shortly before his death, Freddie Mercury was amazed by QUEEN's longevity and massive global fanbase. "I must say, I didn't really think we were going to last that long," he said. "You never think about it. You don't get up every morning and think, 'My God, this is going to be over.' You just carry on and come up with fresh ideas and think about what to do. So, as long as we don't take it too seriously. Earlier on we used to take it very seriously and I think it got a bit tooserious. And I just thought to myself, we should try and inject some fun into it, y'know?"

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