British Heavy Metal Musicians Offer Tips For Creating Perfect Cup Of Tea (Video)

May 27, 2016

According to Mirror, two members of the British metalcore band HUNG have created hilarious new video with tips on making the perfect cup of tea.

Barnaby Oakley and Paul Benford shot the clip called "How to make a METAL cup of tea, with Barnaby roaring: "Take your sacred bag of tea, one's all you need not two or three. Pour your boiling water in. Burn its body and wait for a min."

Barnaby wrote on his Facebook page: "Me and Paul Benford are here to teach the world how to make a brutal cup of tea... with the aid of metal music."

He added: "I'm sick of seeing people slaughter this beautiful British beverage, help us educate the public and share this around."

According to The Washington Post, tea consumption in the United Kingdom per person has fallen considerably in the past four decades, dropping from almost 68 grams per week in 1974 to only 25 grams per week in 2014. The huge decrease is being blamed largely on the fact that tea drinking has fallen out of favor with younger people who don't have the time or the interest to prolong the tradition.

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