BUCKCHERRY's JOSH TODD Talks New Album, Go-Kart Racing

July 23, 2015

According to The Pulse Of Radio, BUCKCHERRY is promoting their upcoming album, "Rock 'N' Roll", set to drop on August 21, and designed to get the band back to its roots. Frontman Josh Todd spoke with Loudwire about the single from the album, "Bring It Back", his obsession with go-kart racing and his love of old-school AEROSMITH.

Todd told Loudwire the album aims to get back to real rock. "When we started in 1999 with our first rock record, people were telling us, rock 'n' roll is dead, you can't sell rock records," he said. "And then we put out another record, and they said the same thing. And it was like, every record cycle they're telling us the same thing, you know? … Everybody's so terrified of rock 'n' roll, and, so we decided it was the perfect time to put out a record that says rock 'n' roll."

He went on to say that AEROSMITH fans may recognize the spirit of the horn riffs in "Tight Pants". "We're big fans of [AEROSMITH's 'Pump']," he said. "That was actually Keith's [Nelson, guitar] idea. He's, like, 'Hey man I got this idea for this horn section on 'Tight Pants'. And I'm, like, 'Okay, let's hear it, and if we don't like it we can always take it out.' He put it in, and we would sit around and listen to the rough mixes of that for so long before he actually mixed the record, and we're just, like, 'We can't hear the song without it now.'"

The singer also sees a link between real rock and real car racing. "We got word to his people, and the crew guys say that when they're in the garage they blast ['Bring It Back'], when they're working on their cars," he said. "Not at the track. And then Kurt comes in and he digs the song. It's actually about the Busch brothers, Kyle and Kurt. I just love those guys, I love the way they drive, I love what they bring to the sport. I think they're the last outlaws, because you know, these new school racers, they're so clean cut. They all say the right things, they're very politically correct because all the sponsors want them to be that way because they're selling products and these guys just want to race, so they'll do whatever they have to do to have a ride. So Kurt and Kyle, they're a little rough around the edges, they're very aggressive, they're not afraid to speak their minds, and that's why I love them."

"Rock 'N' Roll" track listing:

01. Bring It On Back
02. Tight Pants
03. Wish To Carry On
04. The Feeling Never Dies
05. Cradle
06. The Madness
07. Wood
08. Rain's Falling
09. Sex Appeal
10. Get With It


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