BURNING HUMAN's 'Tormented Mind' Video 'Too Violent' For MTV2's 'Headbangers Ball'

August 7, 2009

"Tormented Mind", the "controversial" new music video from BURNING HUMAN — the resurrected death metal band featuring SHADOWS FALL drummer Jason Bittner — was reportedly "banned" by MTV2's "Headbangers Ball" for being "too violent" for airing.

Commented guitarist Mike Stack: "As much as we love 'Headbangers Ball', we think it's way more metal to be banned by MTV! So [click below] to watch the video of 'Tormented Mind' that MTV didn't want you to see, and decide for yourself."

"Tormented Mind" comes off BURNING HUMAN's debut album, "Resurrection Through Fire", which sold around 190 copies in the United States in its first week of release, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

"Resurrection Through Fire", came out on April 21 through E1 Music (formerly Koch Records). The CD was produced and mixed by James Murphy (DEATH, OBITUARY, TESTAMENT) in his SafeHouse Productions studio in central Florida.

"Resurrection Through Fire" final track listing:

01. Throes of Dementia
02. Tormented Mind
03. As Good As Dead
04. Chemical Experimentation
05. Guilty of Insanity
06. The Final Conception
07. Self-Inflicted Crucifixion
08. Mass Murder
09. Imminent Demise
10. Resurrection Through Fire

Cover artwork for the CD (see below) was handled by Björn Goosses of Killustrations. "We are very excited to have Björn accept our request for artwork," said Bittner. "He has done some amazing artwork for some incredible bands, such as ABORTED, DEW-SCENTED, CARNAL FORGE and ZYKLON, just to name a few." The remaining layout for the CD was constructed by Kim Crosland of ChaosArt. "Kim did some art for our MySpace page and we were impressed with her work, so we decided to incorporate her talents and artwork into this project as well," says Jason.


Jason Bittner (Drums)
Jonah Radaelli (Vocals)
J. Sunkes (Guitar)
Jay VanDervoort (Bass, Vocals)
Mike Stack (Guitar)

In the latter half of the 1990s, BURNING HUMAN was a deathcore/death metal four-piece from the "Capital District" region of New York (Albany, Troy, Schenectady). Ignited in 1995, BURNING HUMAN's lineup consisted of Bittner (currently in SHADOWS FALL, ex-STIGMATA, CRISIS) on drums, Jason Sunkes (currently in DEAD RABBITS, ex-STIGMATA) on guitar, Jay VanDervoort on bass, and Jonah Radaelli on vocals.

Shortly after forming, BURNING HUMAN recorded and released a seven-song demo tape titled "Death is Mercy". These songs were later released on a compilation CD titled "We the People: A Compilation of Upstate NY's Hardest" with three other bands from the Troy/Albany, New York area (WAR-TIME MANNER, POLITICS OF CONTRABAND, DYING BREED). Although the band never issued a full-length album, a number of additional tracks were recorded and released on various compilation CDs, including a song called "Hazards to Humans" on a sampler titled "Capitol Punishment" in 1997. In addition, two songs — "As Good As Dead" and "Tormented Mind" — were featured on the "Frozen Dawn IV" compilation CD in 1998, and "Self-Inflicted Crucifixion" appeared on "United We Stand, Divided We Fall" in 1998.

For more information, visit the BURNING HUMANMySpace page.

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