CALL ME NO ONE: Track-By-Track Descriptions Of Entire Debut Album (Video)

June 7, 2012

Track-by-track descriptions of all the songs that appear on "Last Parade", the debut album from CALL ME NO ONE — the new project featuring SEVENDUST drummer Morgan Rose and guitarist Clint Lowery — can be seen below.

CALL ME NO ONE's lineup is rounded out by bassist Rek Mohr (HURT) and guitarist Alan Price (SOULS HARBOR, SHINEDOWN).

"Last Parade" arrived on June 5. The CD's first single, "Biggest Fan", was made available to purchase on iTunes on April 24.

"Last Parade" track listing:

01. The World Is Dead
02. Thunderbird
03. Soapbox
04. Hillbilly
05. All's Well
06. Biggest Fan
07. Pleased To Meet You
08. Broken Record
09. War Song
10. Last Parade

Lowery posted an emotional dedication online Tuesday (June 5) to mark that day's release of "Last Parade". He wrote, "I just lost my father, Willie Lowery — the reason I do this in the first place. He played music his whole life, believed he was gonna make it to the next level his whole life. I watched him play his guitar in an assisted-living home as if he was playing to a sold-out crowd in a stadium. He never lost hope; he was on the sunset of his life and believed in music — it never abandoned him and he never stopped playing it. When I think about doing something else or getting jaded or bitter at this business, I think of him."

Lowery closed by dedicating the album to his father, his wife, his son and "to God for giving me life, love and music."

Rose told The Pulse Of Radio how the seeds for CALL ME NO ONE were first planted. "You know, we'd write songs for SEVENDUST records, and sometimes we'd write stuff and go, 'Man, that's such a cool song, you know. I don't know if that's really a SEVENDUST song, but it's cool,'" he said. "And we started talking real serious about putting some songs together, and when we had the time, put them together, throw 'em on the Internet, put 'em on iTunes, you know, and let people hear that we could do something different."

Lowery recently described the sound of CALL ME NO ONE as "kind of NINE INCH NAILS meets FOO FIGHTERS."

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