CARL DIXON's Wife Says Injured Ex-CONEY HATCH Member Is 'Out Of A Coma'

April 25, 2008

Betty Ujvari, the wife of former CONEY HATCH member Carl Dixon who was critically injured on April 14 in a head-on collision in Australia has issued the following update on his condition:

"It worked! All of your good wishes, prayers and positive thoughts have paid off.

"As I mentioned, Carl is very strong both physically and mentally. He successfully pulled himself out of a coma to consciousness, was taken off medically assisted breathing, and began to talk. His first words were, 'I love you', and 'Did the soundtrack turn out all right?' Thats my Carl; a devoted husband and father and a consummate professional passionate about music.

"Carl has become very popular in ICU because he has defied the odds. Everyone wanted to catch a glimpse of him from the first to care for him to those who repaired him. When asked by one of the nurses how he was feeling he said, "Happy to be alive."

"We are all very happy Carl is alive.

"Carl has a long road ahead of him to gain his strength back. The continued support from all of you coupled with the love and support of his family will fuel the healing journey."

Carl Dixon was driving back from a recording studio where he was working on an album to the familys other home in Daylesford, about a 90-minute drive from Melbourne, when the accident occurred, his daughter Carlin told the Toronto Star.

The album is related to a popular Australian children's television program, "The Saddle Club", in which Dixon's other daughter Lauren, 12, plays the lead role of Stevie.

Carlin, 15, said her mother called to tell her Dixon had "broken bones and bumps and bruises," but no internal, spinal or head injuries.

Read more from the Toronto Star.

CONEY HATCH's "First Time For Everything" video:

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