March 8, 2002

CELTIC FROST/APOLLYON SUN mainman Tom Gabriel Fischer recently commented on his contribution to the upcoming PROBOT project, led by former NIRVANA and current FOO FIGHTERS frontman Dave Grohl, in the form of a track called "Big Sky", the final recordings for which were delivered over a year ago. According to Fischer, I haven't heard from Dave's representatives in a while, and the album was originally supposed to have come out already. We submitted our recordings for PROBOT in January 2001, and that was late already we had asked for and been granted an extension. We had been working on new APOLLYON SUN songs, and had to fit the PROBOT track somewhere in-between our already-booked studio time.

I hear that Dave Grohl is currently working on a new FOO FIGHTERS album, and I suppose that will most certainly get preferred status over the PROBOT album. However, I also hear that PROBOT will be out this year. So who knows! I'm quite sure it will be an interesting album, to say the least.

[When I was] originally approached [about contributing to the PROBOT album], I was to write the lyrics and sing over music provided by Dave. However, after some inquiries I was told that we could actually do whatever we wanted to do. The track earmarked for me was excellent in our opinion (it was an unedited rough mix, I haven't yet heard what it sounds like now) and certainly didn't need any fiddling about. But we wanted to give it some melody and color with the lead guitar, which is what [APOLLYON SUN guitarist/programmer] Erol [Unala] did after I laid down the vox.

As previously reported, PROBOT's upcoming CD will include a dozen-or-so tracks featuring some of metal's most celebrated and respected vocalists, including Fischer, Lemmy, Cronos (VENOM),King Diamond (MERCYFUL FATE/KING DIAMOND),Snake (VOIVOD),Eric Wagner (TROUBLE),Tom Araya (SLAYER),Max Cavalera (SOULFLY),Mike Dean (C.O.C.),Wino (ex-THE OBSESSED) and Lee Dorrian (CATHEDRAL). Among the tracks that are set to appear on the effort are the following:

01. Dictatorsaurus (feat. Snake)
02. Centuries Of Sin (feat. Cronos)
03. Access Babylon (feat. Mike Dean)
04. Sweet Dreams (feat. King Diamond)
05. Ice Cold Man (feat. Lee Dorrian)
06. My Tortured Soul (feat. Eric Wagner)
07. Big Sky (feat. Tom G. Fischer)
08. Emerald Lies (feat. Wino)
09. Shake Your Blood (feat. Lemmy)

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