Colorado Dance Troupe Performs To Sounds Of APOCALYPTICA

August 4, 2003

Aircat Aerial Art, a Boulder, Colorado-based dance troupe that prefers performing in the air rather than on the ground, will dance to the sounds of Finnish string combo APOCALYPTICA at the Frequent Flyers Productions' Aerial Dance Festival, currently being held at Dairy Center for the Arts in Boulder.

Aircat will perform a piece called "Trycaliptica", named for the music of APOCALYPTICA, according to Rocky Mountain News. These unique musicians bring together the disparate worlds of classical music and heavy metal.

The music seems appropriate considering that the 10-minute piece merges dance with acrobatics.

"This is a very passionate and sensual piece. And a lot of music that you'll find in aerial dance is what I call 'airy fairy', or new age," said Cathy Gauch, Aircat's director. "We wanted something with more strength and depth for this festival.

"Trycaliptica" is a tale of transformation. It could be the tale of how aerial dancing was created by dancers trying to break the boundaries of the horizontal space, reaching for new, vertical challenges. Freed from the ground, the dancers explore the body's defiance of gravity. Read more.

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