CONNY BLOOM Jams With HANOI ROCKS Members In Stockholm

October 10, 2004

Swedish guitarist/vocalist Conny Bloom (SILVERGINGER 5, ex-ELECTRIC BOYS) jammed with Andy McCoy (HANOI ROCKS) and STEVIE KLASSON'S FAT CHANCE (featuring new HANOI ROCKS guitarist Stevie Klasson) Thursday night (Oct. 7) at Tantogården in Stockholm. Conny sang "Don't Let Me Down", "Lightning Bar Blues" and the old STATUS QUO classic "Caroline", since Conny, Andy and Stevie are all fans of the early QUO stuff. Among the highlights of the show were "Queen of Hearts", a few numbers from THE SUICIDE TWINS album (McCoy's HANOI spin-off project) and a great version of the ROLLING STONES classic "Angie".

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