CHEVELLE Drummer Not Afraid Of KORN Fans

October 10, 2004

Although KORN has one of the most fanatical audiences around, CHEVELLE drummer Sam Loeffler told Launch Radio Networks that he welcomes the challenge of playing for those fans when his band opens for KORN next month.

"It is actually challenging, but KORN's been around long enough now that I think the rabid fan base, that was sort of the SLAYER-esque fan base, has really gotten watered down a little bit," he said. "And now I think that KORN has a more general audience. Like, everybody knows KORN songs. So I think that it's a lot easier to be able to open for them now than it would have been, say, six years ago."

CHEVELLE will play a combination of headlining dates and radio festivals until teaming up with KORN, SKINDRED and BREAKING BENJAMIN, beginning on November 12th. The trio's next show is in Washington D.C. on October 16.

CHEVELLE are promoting their newly released third album, "This Type Of Thinking (Could Do Us In)".

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