COREY BEAULIEU Says Next TRIVIUM Studio Album Probably Won't Arrive Before 2020

November 24, 2018

Chris Annunziata, host of the 90.3 WMSC radio show "The Metal Teddy Bear Experience", conducted an interview with guitarist Corey Beaulieu of Floridian metallers TRIVIUM prior to the band's October 13 show at Franklin Music Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with AVATAR and LIGHT THE TORCH. You can listen to the entire chat below. A few excerpts follow (transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET).

On selecting strong support acts for their tours:

Corey: "With the amount of bands that are touring these days, and the amount of bands overall, there's just so many bands and so many tours and stuff, some people have to pick and choose; they can't go to every show. So we always try to make sure that we bring out or tour with bands that we feel our fans would be really excited to see, and bands that we're a fan of. When we look at the bill, we're, like, 'That's a pretty rocking tour.' I really dig it and I think our fans will. 'Cause usually, with our fans, it's, like, if the band is vibing off of something, usually our fans are pretty open-minded to kind of giving it a listen. And same thing with the last tour; we had FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY. Them and LIGHT THE TORCH have been saying that our fans are very receptive to what they're doing and [they] had some of the best reactions and are doing really well with merch and just people buying the record and stuff. So it's cool to see our fans embracing the newer bands that we bring out that we really feel that people need to hear. So that's kind of how we go about our bill. We just, as a fan, wanted to bring out cool stuff that we like, that we can kind of expose and hopefully help them get some fans out of it."

On saying in a previous interview that TRIVIUM was considering making its music available in formats other than digital or physical:

Corey: "At that time, the idea that we were throwing around… I made a chart, and almost every album that we've put out has come out in October or… 'Shogun' was September 30, so almost October. It's, like, man, we've been on the same cycle of tour and then make a record, and then it comes out in October, two years after the previous one. So we were just trying to do something to break up that kind of cycle. So, at that time, the idea we were talking about doing was after the tour, 'cause we have months and months off for a while, recording an EP, a three-song EP of new material, and just putting it out. But then we started to re-think the idea of what we wanted to do. So we're still gonna start writing some stuff and see what happens, but we don't have any recording plans or putting anything new out. 'Cause we have some other stuff. We have a 'Record Store Day' TYPE O NEGATIVE split ['I Don't Wanna Be Me'], so that will be something new. And then hopefully we can… We have some other stuff that might go on Spotify. Who knows? We have covers, B-sides, we have another song that we recorded from 'The Sin And The Sentence' that's an original song that hasn't been used for anything… We always have extra tracks, 'cause we kind of have to. Back then, the label would always have the special editions and all that stuff, so you had to have more tracks to make the special edition worth charging more. But now, with streaming and stuff, you don't really need 15 songs on an album. So we had these songs that we just kind of had extra — we just did them for fun — and they've just been kind of sitting in the back pocket. We did the TYPE O NEGATIVE cover just for fun, to have a bonus track or just have something useful for whatever, and we just had that kind of hanging out, and then Roadrunner decided to… It was 15 years since [the original version of] that song came out. So they were just, like, 'Hey, we should do this split thing for the 15-year anniversary of the song.' And we had the song, so they sent it to the TYPE O guys, and they gave the blessing; they liked the cover. So that's gonna be something cool. It's a limited-edition vinyl, so I'm sure the song is gonna go up on Spotify. So that song will probably pop up on Spotify not too long after that. So if anyone can't find the actual collector's 'Record Store Day' vinyl, they can at least listen to the song. So that's cool."

On who might produce TRIVIUM's next studio album:

Corey: "We definitely wanna work with Josh [Wilbur] again. We had a blast with Josh. For a long time, we were… Basically, since 'The Crusade', 'Ascendency', we worked with [Jason] Suceof for a couple of records, and then, after that, it was, like, every record was somebody different. With Josh, we really love the way he mixes and makes everything sound. Once we worked with him and became friends with him, his personality and his vibe and energy is the perfect combo with how we are as a band and how we like to work and how we like the vibe of making a record. He fit right in. He had the same… Like, if he was in our band as an actual band member, he would fit in perfectly with like the chemistry of the band. So we had a really fun time working with him. And he's also from Maine, like me, so we got along really well. Everyone in the band, as soon we finished that record, we were talking about wanting to do… 'Can't wait to do another record with you.' So that's definitely the plan, whenever that is. We always are writing during downtime, so there's always demos of riffs or songs or half a song. So we do have stuff to get started on, but we still have more touring later next year for this record. So, realistically, there probably won't be anything until the following year. But maybe there will be a single for the record whenever — some time later in the year. So we're definitely excited to start on new material, but we're not gonna rush anything out at the moment. Matt's [Heafy, guitar/vocals] having kids, so we got parental leave from touring for a little while."

Heafy left the band's recent North American headlining tour to be at home with his wife while they awaited the birth of twins. In his absence, TRIVIUM played all scheduled shows with assistance from former KILLSWITCH ENGAGE and current LIGHT THE TORCH frontman Howard Jones, YouTube comedian/musician Jared Dines and AVATAR frontman Johannes Eckerström.

TRIVIUM's trek with LIGHT THE TORCH and AVATAR wrapped November 3 in Berkeley, California.

"The Sin And The Sentence" was released in October 2017 via Roadrunner. The LP features the band's first recordings with drummer Alex Bent, who joined TRIVIUM in 2016.

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