CRADLE OF FILTH Frontman Talks Horror Movies

September 24, 2007

Gore/splatter film fan site recently conducted an interview with CRADLE OF FILTH frontman Dani Filth. An excerpt from the chat follows: Are horror movies, and in particular Italian horror movies, an inspiration sources for CRADLE OF FILTH's imagery, video clip and gigs?

Dani: "Horror movies feature quite prominently in the inspirational repertoire that we adhere to as a band, but they are certainly not our foremost inspiration. That comes from the literature and the environment in which we live (the 'Witch County' in Suffolk, England). I am working on two books at the moment which reflect not only these but also the horror movie genre... one ('The Gospel Of Filth') is an occult history co-written with the occult historian Gavin Badderley which is close to being finished (featuring contributions from Christopher Lee, Anton La Vey, Tom Araya, Marilyn Manson, Tim Burton, Dario Argento, Ingrid Pitt, Paul Booth, Doug Bradley, Dennis Bathory, Glen Benton, Richard Ramirez etc, etc) and the other is a yet untitled poetry book written by yours ghouly featuring dark fairy-tale illustrations by Samuel Araya. Both are set for release next year incidentally (just thought I'd throw that it there)...." You tried acting in Alex Chandon's "Cradle Of Fear". Is this an experience that you would do again like Marilyn Manson or just a unique pleasure like Dee Snider?

Dani: "Was the emphasis in that statement on 'tried?' I helped put that movie together and it was a real labor of love on everybody's behalf as it was all self-funded with the crew taking deferred payments. I would absolutely love to do something like that again and plans were afoot, though unfortunately a second movie was postponed after the potential funder pulled out and various other projects came up for both me and Alex. That doesn't rule out the possibility of it happening again in the future though. It was a gory, fun film and paved the way for other bigger movies who 'borrowed' some of the concepts like Eli Roth's 'Hostel' and 'My Little Eye'. It was never intended to rival Coppola or Scorsese, it was more like an early Peter Jackson flick." Freddy or Jason?

Dani: "Neither, they're both lackluster poofs. Pinhead for me. He is a good friend of mine and still eats children for breakfast out of the role! Oh and he appears in insurance ads too! That's pure unadulterated evil for you!"

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CRADLE OF FILTH's video for the song "The Foetus of a New Day Kicking" can be viewed below. The track comes off the British extreme metallers' seventh album, "Thornography", which was released in October 2006 through Roadrunner Records.

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