April 28, 2010

British extreme metallers CRADLE OF FILTH will release their new album in October via Peaceville Records on the band's own AbraCadaver imprint. The group — consisting of Dani Filth on vocals, Paul Allender and James McIlroy on guitar, David Pybus on bass, Martin Skaroupka on drums and Ashley Ellyllon on keyboards — will enter Monkey Puzzle studios near Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk this month to start work on the follow-up to 2008's "Godspeed On The Devil's Thunder".

CRADLE OF FILTH remain stalwarts to the satanic horror ethos by again composing a full-blown concept album, this time based on Adam's first wife, the lascivious Demoness Lilith; throwing Medieval nuns, Knights Templars, Greek mythology and lashings of sex, occult lore and violent bloodshed into the smelting pot, to create a darkly erotic nightmare set to their unique scope of supreme vampyric metal. For this release, the band wanted mastery of their own destiny, choosing to release the album on their very own AbraCadaver label in conjunction with Peaceville Records, home to such illicit luminaries as DARKTHRONE, KATATONIA, MY DYING BRIDE, BLOODBATH and GALLHAMMER, among many others. Vocalist Dani Filth has described the move as being "a choice to move away from the artistic restrictions/mindless inhibitions imposed by dwelling on a major label" and cites the current financial clime as "the perfect opportunity to start doing things our own way again, with the added benefit of being a far bigger fish in a proverbial pool, surrounded by people who have been handpicked to get the job best done. And more importantly... who still are hungry for the taste of music."

Having recently published the long-awaited "Gospel Of Filth" grimoire of all things ghastly and ghoulish, the band will finish the new album, undertake its heavy press schedule and then embark on a full world tour in its support.

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