CRIMSON GLORY Frontman's New Solo Album: Pre-Order Details Revealed

April 29, 2006

CRIMSON GLORY frontman Midnight will be accepting pre-orders for his new concept album, "M2 - Decending into Madness" (D.I.M). 112 copies of this concept album will be unique from any and all others, after which that master will be destroyed. In order to preserve his vision for this album, these 112 will be produced in-house, partially due to the fact that the manifacturers are reluctant to mass-produce some of the content within the album, and partially due to the fact that 48 of the first 112 will be very special and must be hand-made to include the following:

01. Studio outtakes (conversations and strange sounds Midnight produces between takes)

02. One handwritten autographed page from Midnight's personal lyrics used to create the album. There are NO copies — these are the original scribblings. Each of the 112 will be the only ones in existence. Some will contain lyrics that were never used in the actual songs and some will also have poetry doodilings/art. The lyric sheets will all be personally signed by Midnight.

03. Each of the 112 CDs will be numbered and encoded for authenticity..

04. 12 of the 112 albums will contain a "platinum ticket CD" (these will be the only 12 copies in existence in the world). The packadge will also contain a lifetime free access/backstage pass to all CRIMSON GLORY, MIDNIGHT and BEN JACKSON GROUP festivals and/or concert events worldwide for you and a guest.

05. Another group of 12 of the 112 will contain a "golden ticket CD" (the only 12 copies in existence in the world). This package will also contain an invitation for you and a guest to attend a personal reunion party with all the members of CRIMSON GLORY, BEN JACKSON GROUP and the MIDNIGHT band... free food/drink/jam sessions (and other assorted party favors) and digital photos from your visit to Sarasota, Florida will be provided. The 12 will contain a secret e-mail address and the CRIMSON reunion party will be coordinated as closely as possible around the winners' combined schedules.

06. Another group of 12 will receive a "silver ticket CD" (the only 12 copies in existence in the world). These will contain a handwritten certificate good for one free "D.I.M." (Decending Into Madness) straitjacket replica long-sleeve t-shirt.

07. Another group of 12 will contain an "aluminum ticket CD" (the only 12 copies in existence in the world). These will contain a photo of Midnight in the studio. Each of the 12 will be different and the negatives burned.

08. ONLY these 112 CDs will contain special segue soundclips between songs.

09. The first 112 will have 12 different cover designs and different art on the CD itself... all unique from each other. They will NEVER be reproduced again. (no one will know which they will receive.)

10. The 112 will also have a live recorded clip of one of Midnight's split personalities interviewing himself. (Don't ask.)

11. The first time Midnight produced a limited release that wasn't even an album but an EP (the EP entitled "M"),it soon became a collectors' item and was selling for upwards of $200 per copy on eBay.

12. In case you live under a rock, Midnight has also rejoined CRIMSON GLORY for a reunion album/tour... coming soon. The resurgence of this magical group will only increase the value of "M2".

13. There is no 13. What else do you want?

14. Your odds of winning an EXTREMELY rare CD is almost 50/50 and ALL of the 112 CDs will surely become collectors' items very quickly. You have Midnight's personal guarantee these will be one-of-a-kind and never reproduced again EVER in this format.

Details of pre-orders and song clips for "D.I.M." and Midnight's previous album, "Sakada", are avaliable at

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