DAGOBA: 'Yes We Die' Video Released

February 20, 2014

"Yes We Die", the new video from French metallers DAGOBA, can be seen below. The song is taken from the band's fifth album, "Post Mortem Nihil Est", which was released in Europe on May 27, 2013 via Verycords. The cover artwork for the CD was created by Seth Siro Anton.

Produced by former MACHINE HEAD/SOULFLY guitarist Logan Mader in Los Angeles, "Post Mortem Nihil Est"'s two grand opening tracks, "When Winter..." and "The Realm Black", raise the bar for the rest of the album yet the remaining songs are definitely able to match the high standard. "Kiss Me Kraken", with its strong, harmonious chorus, blends perfectly with the hard black metal, whereas the single, "The Great Wonder", confirms that "Post Mortem Nihil Est" contains a whole arsenal of heavy weapons ready to destroy everything in its path.

"Post Mortem Nihil Est" track listing:

01. When Winter...
02. The Realm Black
03. I, Reptile
04. Yes We Die
05. Kiss Me Kraken
06. Nevada
07. The Great Wonder
08. The Day After The Apocalypse
09. Son Of A Ghost
10. Oblivion Is For The Living
11. By The Sword

In a recent interview with Suicide Scriptures, DAGOBA vocalist Shawter Oymyakon stated about the songwriting process for "Post Mortem Nihil Est": "For this album, I composed the songs in short time… in about 10 days. A song a day.

"I was out from a very obscure and sad time of my life, and I wanted to end this… kinda depressurize composing new stuff.

"For the first time in our career, we decided not to change a single note from the songs I wrote. I guess the record couldn't be more sincere."

He added: "Each record is a new adventure. And, of course, we want to improve ourselves each time. We give our best from gig to gig, record to record, and I hope our next album we'll be better again."

Oymyakon also commented on the band's decision to work with Los Angeles-based producer Mader this time around, saying: "Of course it was an artistic reason first. We're not a big or a rich band, so, believe me, if Logan could have been my neighbor… but still, now that the job is done, we're really happy that the U.S. market got an eye on us."


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