DAMAGEPLAN's Collaboration With JERRY CANTRELL Confirmed For 'Punisher' Soundtrack

February 25, 2004

DAMAGEPLAN's collaboration with ex-ALICE IN CHAINS guitarist Jerry Cantrell, a song called "Ashes To Ashes", will be featured on the upcoming on the soundtrack to the movie "Punisher", due on March 23 through Wind-Up Records.

The complete track listing for the album is as follows:

01. DROWNING POOL – "Step Up"
02. PUDDLE OF MUDD - "Bleed"
03. NICKELBACK - "Slow Motion"
04. CHEVELLE - "Still Running"
05. QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE - "Never Say Never"
06. SEETHER feat. AMY LEE – "Broken"
07. SMILE EMPTY SOUL - "Finding Myself"
08. TRAPT - "Lost in a Portrait"
09. DAMAGEPLAN feat. JERRY CANTRELL - "Ashes To Ashes"
10. HATEBREED - "Bound to Violence"
11. SEETHER - "Sold Me"
12. EDGEWATER - "Eyes Wired Shut"
13. FINGER ELEVEN - "Slow Chemical"
14. BEN MOODY - "The End Has Come"
15. STRATA - "Piece By Piece"
16. SEVEN WISER – "Sick"
17. SUBMERSED – "Complicated"
18. ATOMSHIP – "Time for People"
19. MARK COLLIE - "In Time"

Speaking to the Detroit radio station WRIF last month, DAMAGEPLAN guitarist Dimebag Darrell (ex-PANTERA) explained how Cantrell came to be involved with the song.

"We actually had one track laying around…," he said. "The Japanese people always like to get one extra [song for their releases]. So we'd been trying to squeeze one off for 'em. We kind of started working on putting the track together, and moving around and doing some stuff to it, and… We got it that far, and the next thing we knew, it's Turkey Day [Thanksgiving], man — it's always something, you know how quick times fly these days. Jerry came down, and it hit me, man, that night. We'd been out bowling and partying and what-not. I was like, 'Man, Jerry, you ought to sing the verses on this — this is sort of like old-school ALICE [IN CHAINS] in a weird way.' And I was like, 'Man, just go ahead and let it rip on there.' And he's like, 'I've got an idea,' and he started humming something to me. So I said, 'Hang on,' I ran upstairs, grabbed a four-track, plugged him up a 58, put it on cassette for him, and he said, 'Alright, just turn me loose.' I locked the door, put him in a room, and about an hour later, he comes out, and he goes, 'Man, here's the lyrics, c'mon in, I want you to check it out.' And that was that. And then that inspired Patrick [Lachman, DAMAGEPLAN's vocalist] to take it from there — Pat takes all the other parts of the chorus and all the bridge stuff… Anyway, man, [it was] just brothers hanging out with brothers, having a good time, all in the same boat, same game, same love for music. Anybody's welcome anytime. None of [the collaborations were] planned. It was just like one of those off-the-hook kind of things — 'We've got time, let's jam.' "

(Thanks: FH)

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