DAMAGEPLAN Singer: Promo Tour Report

February 1, 2004

DAMAGEPLAN frontman Patrick Lachman (ex-HALFORD) has posted the following message to the official DAMAGEPLAN fan site www.damageplan.net:

"GODDAMN! We did it… we made it back alive… The DAMAGEPLAN promo tour was a huge success! We thank everyone at Elektra Records that was involved for their time and effort with this. Your support is priceless. Also, very special thanks to our drivers, Walter and Rich, for tag-teaming the Damagebus wheel duty all over the country. It truly was a Blessed Hellride we just pulled off….

"Here are the stats from our latest adventure:

- The tour lasted 24 days!
- We went to 38 markets!
- We visited 46 stations!
- We traveled over 6000 miles!
- Over 40 cases of Jagermeister consumed!
- 'Save Me' has jumped from #38 to #29 at radio as I write this!

"So there we were driving this big black bus with a 20' DAMAGEPLAN logo on it turning heads across the nation and leaving a trail of destruction. The results of our trip have paid off with amazing airplay and incredible buzz coming back from radio. Our 'Rockline' appearance with Bob Coburn was especially cool (thanks Bob!). We did as many as seven interviews in one day, plus phone interviews in between! This translates to lack of sleep, long days with little time off, sub-zero weather, bad road conditions and going many miles out of the way to visit places added to the schedule last minute.

"It was all worth it to spread the word about DAMAGEPLAN, and the response from the most important people — our fans — has been nothing short of incredible. The people have spoken and the 'DAMAGEFANS' are born! Everywhere we went there were always people gathered in the radio station parking lots, or even following our bus around. We did tons of interviews with contest winners present in the studio. There were several in-store appearances along the way, and one had an estimated 2000 screaming fans lined up to meet the band! We were taking photos and signing everything from pictures to tits for 5 or 6 hours! You've provided us enough video footage for 2 home vids before the tour even started! Here's a big double shot of Jager to all of you who stood in line and braved the weather to support us on every stop along the way.

"A big 'HELL YEAH!' to all of you…."

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