February 15, 2003

Sweden's DAMNED NATION, featuring former SKINTRADE/JAGGED EDGE frontman Matti Alfonzetti, have inked a deal with Italy's Scarlet Records and are currently finishing up work on their fourth album, "Sign Of Madness", for a fall release. According to the band, "the recording of the album started about a year ago but had to be cancelled due to problems with the former label. Since then the band have been struggling to clear out the problems and to be able to move on and find a label that took their work seriously...

"After negotiations with several labels, Scarlet Records proved to be the best choice for the band," the group added in an official statement. "They come highly recommended and their promotional campaigns and distribution are very extensive. We are proud to be in their roster and we are looking forward to working with Scarlet!

"As soon as the contract was signed the band took up the recording right where it stopped some year ago. The album is being recorded in the famous Sunlight Studio in Stockholm. So far the drums and most of the guitars are recorded and the results so far can only be described as amazing!

"It is by far the heaviest material ever penned by the band and producer Tomas Skogsberg (BACKYARD BABIES, ENTOMBED) has really found the core of the bands music and pushed it to the limit. The melodies is still there and combined with the voice of singer Matti Alfonzetti and the heavy production it looks to be a promising start with new label!"

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