November 29, 2002


DARK FUNERAL and MNW/No Fashion Records would like to announce that effective IMMEDIATELY they are no longer contractually bound to Necropolis Records. Official termination of contract papers were delivered to Owner/Operator Paul Thind of Necropolis Records as of week ending 11/22/02, officially ending DARK FUNERAL's tenure with said record label. This is a result of Necropolis Records' deliberate breach of contract with the band DARK FUNERAL and MNW/No Fashion Records. DARK FUNERAL waited patiently for Necropolis Records to honor their agreement with them, and after many failed attempts by the band to legally force them to make good on their agreement, the band and record label had no other choice than to choose this course of action.

DARK FUNERAL guitarist and spokesman Lord Ahriman had this to say about this development: "Before we signed this North American deal with Necropolis Records, we were warned by pretty much everybody to not sign with them. It is apparently well known within the scene as well as between various business associates that Paul and his Necropolis record label have routinely not paid most they have worked with. They have defaulted on payments towards their artists, for studio sessions, to their distributors etc. We had heard these rumors, and the warnings coming in to us, but we didn't want to judge anyone before we had investigated it further by ourselves. Usually there are too many rumors circulating out there and it's way too often they lack evidence and/or any substance. After many discussions and meetings with Paul Thind, we, the band, and our label MNW/No Fashion Records decided to sign and license 'Diabolis Interium' for North America to Necropolis Records. Since we had our suspicions, we protected ourselves by inserting an extra [clause] into the contract that would get us out of it easily if a breach occurred. It didn't take long before the first breech did occur. And so it has continued. Paul and Necropolis have pretty much failed to honor each and every [clause] in the contract. Therefore we had no option but to terminate the deal."

DARK FUNERAL would like to put this unfortunate incident behind them now and move on to the future. DARK FUNERAL is eager to get started with writing and rehearsing new material and hoping to record again in 2003. Any parties interested in negotiating for rights to license or distribute 'Diabolis Interium' or are interested in working with them for future recordings are encouraged to contact Lord Ahriman ([email protected]) and or Emperor Magus Caligula ([email protected]).

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