DARK TRANQUILLITY Releases Music Video For 'Eyes Of The World'

November 20, 2020

To celebrate the release of their seventh studio album "Moment", Swedish melodic death metal pioneers DARK TRANQUILLITY have dropped a music video for the song "Eyes Of The World". The clip was shot at Gothenburg's famed venue Stora Teatern, where the band will perform"Moment" live in its entirety on Saturday, November 21 at 20:00 Central European Time.

It's been four years since DARK TRANQUILLITY's Swedish Grammis-nominated album "Atoma". But the time between was creative, innovative, and adventurous. The band welcomed two top-tier guitarists — Christopher Amott (ex-ARCH ENEMY) and Johan Reinholdz (NONEXIST) — while writing a stunning cluster of songs that not only push DARK TRANQUILLITY's boundaries outward but also strongly typify the Swedes' sonic fingerprint. Recorded at Nacksving Studios and Rogue Music by Martin Brändström and then mixed/mastered by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios, "Moment" is a riveting yet challenging journey from start to finish.

Founding DARK TRANQUILLITY guitarist Niklas Sundin announced his departure from the band in March, explaining in a statement that he "always enjoyed the creative process more than the performance aspects of being in a band, and the required extensive touring held less and less appeal with every album."

Asked in a new interview with Dead Rhetoric what it was like to write an album without Niklas, vocalist Mikael Stanne said: "It was strange. There was an absence on 'Atoma' as well, as that was when he began to focus on where he needed to be, and it was a struggle to get the album done because of that. So we had to take the reins more than usual already. So going into this album, knowing that we have Chris and Johan, we had to incorporate their talents and way of playing and thinking into it. But we also had a lot of songs ready. So we had a starting point, and knowing where things were going initially. So having Johan and Chris interpret the songs, and not having a time schedule — we were not in a hurry or rush at all. We tried things out to see how they worked and went back and forth on a lot of stuff, to leave some things open to interpretation but also remain true to what is fundamentally DARK TRANQUILLITY in sound. So it was strange and weird not having that comfort, but Martin Brändström [keyboards] has grown into this role even more with this album. He took on a lot more responsibility when it comes to making sure that everyone is on the same page, keeping the songs focused and strong. He made sure the songs kept to the rules and ideas that we are about. Credit goes to Martin for keeping it all together and keeping things focused."

Regarding what Johan and Chris bring to DARK TRANQUILLITY, Mikael said: "A kind of energy, but fresh perspective into writing the songs. They can be enthusiastic and as critical about anything as we are. It has served to make these songs different in the way that we would like them to be. Sometimes Johan would do something that we thought was fantastic but didn't fit, or sometimes Chris would do something fantastic, but it wasn't really D.T. — there's this weird policing that goes along with it. But in a positive way, to retain what we are about. But having fresh ears and hands to tackle the material has really opened up new possibilities when it comes to writing and recording going forward, as well as playing these songs live."

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