DARKTHRONE: 'Dark Thrones And Black Flags' Mini-Site Launched

October 7, 2008

A mini-site for "Dark Thrones and Black Flags", the new album from the Norwegian black metal band DARKTHRONE, has been launched at this location.

"Dark Thrones and Black Flags" is scheduled for release on October 20 through Peaceville. The follow-up to 2007's acclaimed "F.O.A.D." LP will be made available in three formats: a regular edition in super jewel case; a vinyl edition; and a special edition in a slipcased super jewel case package with exclusive new video footage featuring DARKTHRONE in the studio — "Fucking Around Version 1" and "Fucking Around Version 2."

A new track from DARKTHRONE is available for free download by subscribing to the Peaceville Records mailing list at this location.

In a recent interview with UK's Terrorizer magazine, DARKTHRONE's Fenriz stated about the philosophy behind the band's deliberately underground sound, "Things changed around '89/'90 and especially in the mid '90s, where everyone could get, like, a pro sound. Our first album, we just paid 1,000 quid for that studio session, and then we had that ENTOMBED sound: that was like being professional. In the '80s, you had underground sound until you 'made it.' That all changed when you could get good sound for very little money. Once that happened, overground and underground became a choice, like you would choose to have underground sound, or you would choose to have overground sound. Then everybody could choose to be underground or overground sound. . . We're deliberate underground now. Basically, we just record in the way a demo would have been recorded in the '80s. Our albums now are just 35- or 40-minute long demos."

On the approach that other bands choose to take with their music, Fenriz said, "A lot of bands chose to think, 'Oh, 'Transilvanian Hunger'! If you play that twice the speed, with synthesisers, and a professional sound, it will be three times as good!' They make Disney version. When I first heard 'In the Nightside Eclipse' [EMPEROR's full-length debut], I was just like, 'Turn this off!' Everyone else was just like, 'What!? Don't you like this?' And I was just thinking to myself, 'Okay, we're on a different ballpark here.' And I just stick to myself and listen to thrash."

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