DARKTHRONE: 'The Cult Is Alive' Listening Session Report

December 13, 2005

Roy Kristensen of Norway's Imhotep attended a listening session for the new DARKTHRONE album, "The Cult is Alive", on Saturday, December 10 in Oslo. Check out his report (including photos) at this location.

As previously reported, DARKTHRONE will be releasing "The Cult is Alive" in February 2006 via the group's newly rekindled partnership with Peaceville Records. A single, "Too Old, Too Cold", will precede the album in January. The track listing for both releases is as follows:

"Too Old, Too Cold" single (projected release date: January 2006):

01. Too Old, Too Cold
02. High on Cold War (feat. Grutle from ENSLAVED on guest vocals)
03. Love in a Void (SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES cover)
04. Graveyard Slut

"The Cult is Alive" album (projected release date: February 2006)

01. The Cult Of Goliath
02. Too Old, Too Cold
03. Atomic Coming
04. Graveyard Slut (Fenriz on vocals)
05. Underdogs And Overlords
06. Whisky Funeral
07. De Underjordiske
08. Tyster På Gud
09. Shut Up
10. Forebyggende Krig

Both releases will also be available on DMM (Direct Metal Mastering) pressed vinyls.

Peaceville Records have just released a special edition boxset of DARKTHRONE's "Preparing for War" anthology (originally issued in 2001),which covers more rare tracks and includes a DVD of rare interview and live footage. It is only available for pre-order online from Peaceville's online store at this location (product will ship from December 14).

"Preparing for War" special edition boxset features two CDs and a DVD and comes in a clam box, complete with poster and booklet containing an in-depth interview with the band, conducted by U.K. journalist James Hinchliffe.

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