June 17, 2017

Metal Wani's Laura Vezer recently conducted an interview with former SLAYER and current SUICIDAL TENDENCIES and DEAD CROSS drummer Dave Lombardo. You can now listen to the second part of the chat below. A couple of excerpts follow.

You been playing with SUICIDAL TENDENCIES for more than a year now and you played on the latest record, "World Gone Mad". Fans are loving every bit of SUICIDAL on road as well as the record. How has it been so far with Mike [Muir] and the other guys?

Lombardo: "It's been amazing working with Mike Muir and the rest of the band. I've been a fan of SUICIDAL TENDENCIES since probably '82 when I first saw them play in Orange County, a neighboring city. And working with them now, listening to the music and the style just brings back a lot of memories — really good memories — of the SLAYER/SUICIDAL years, when we used to tour together and just enjoy SUICIDAL's music, let's say. In the van, when SLAYER would travel across the country in a van, we'd listen to SUICIDAL, and other punk bands as well, but I remember in particular [Jeff] Hanneman [late SLAYER guitarist] and I trading off lyrics, singing along to SUICIDAL records. Very, vert good memories. And even on stage right now performing with them, it's just a lot of fun. It's just a great band, a great organization. And I love the 'World Gone Mad' album. It taps into a different style that I'm able to play — a little more groovier, funkier, but still [with] the punk edge. So it's just another perfect album to add to my list of albums I've recorded."

Mike recently said "World Gone Mad" is probably the last SUICIDAL album although you keep asking [him to] write new music. Do you think there will be another SUICIDAL album in the future?

Lombardo: "I hope. I really hope. I feel like that guy has a lot more creativity in him and a lot more energy than to throw in the towel. I feel Mike is on top of his game, and he's got a great band and great history with this band and I think that we should keep going, and I hope he does. And I'm not gonna stop asking him to record. I'm going to make sure that I keep bugging him: 'Man, we've gotta record. Let's do some recording. C'mon, let's record another album. Why not?' I try to motivate the musicians I'm with because there's no reason to stop. You've gotta keep recording, you've gotta keep creating. It's what we do for a living."

In a recent interview with The Salt Lake Tribune, Mike Muir called the 2016 addition of Lombardo to SUICIDAL TENDENCIES' lineup "literally… just a power kick in the butt." The vocalist said: "Dave's a little different than me. I think every show might be the last one, not in a defeatist type of way, but I take that approach; I learned a long time ago there's no five-year plans… But we take it tour by tour, and I think that's a good approach. Dave's kinda like, 'I'm gonna be playing drums 'till I'm 85.' That's how he lives his life," Muir added. "And it's different, but it's a similar kind of approach. I think that every show is very important. And his whole thing, as a truly legendary drummer, people are gonna see him play, and he wants to be there and blow people away. We've kinda intersected at a great point, where we're here to blow people away rather than be nostalgic."

"World Gone Mad" was released last September.

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